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Best collage making apps for iPhone and iPad in 2024

Collage making is popular among all age groups, whether you are a 7-year-old prepping for a school assignment, a 17-year-old manifesting your future goals, or a 70-year-old taking a trip down memory lane. On top of it all, it makes for a fantastic gift and social media post.

While the iPhone doesn’t boast such a feature yet, these collage-making apps can help you build awe-striking art with your cherished photos. So, let’s not waste a single moment more and explore some of the best collage making apps for the iPhone and iPad.

1. Picsart – Editor’s Choice 

Picsart collage making apps for iPhone

Picsart is a trendy photo filter and effects app, and it brings all that goodness to collage-making. You are privy to a variety of pre-built grids, frames, scrapbooks, and artsy templates.

What’s great is that you can select and edit individual images or apply various tools and effects to the whole collage as one. Change its perspective, stretch, disperse or clone areas, cut out people or objects, manage hue and saturation.

Plus, you can add filters, text, stickers, brushes, masks, lens flare, callout, doodle, and more. In short, you have got some professional-level tools to make your collage a piece of art.

And that’s not all; Picsart boasts an incredible community and an equally fantastic Replay feature. It allows you to see the art created by different users, get inspiration, and apply (replay) the style on your artwork.


  • User-friendly editing tools 
  • Multiple pre-designed templates 
  • Supports text addition 
  • Shareable collages in seconds 


  • Very few free effects
  • Comparatively expensive subscription

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $4.99) 


2. PicCollage – Best collage app for iPhone

PicCollage best collage making app for iPhone and iPad

PicCollage is seasoned with features favorable for beginners, pros, and everyone in between. It boasts an assorted mix of pre-made grids and templates that allow you to quickly create collages, social media posts, cards, posters, wallpapers, etc.

Plus, it even offers an empty canvas if you want to create an artwork from scratch. A host of handy tools like stickers, fonts, backgrounds, doodles, GIFs, images, etc., are available, allowing you to express yourself with complete freedom.

In addition, an intelligent cutout feature helps you trace shapes and remove background from images. And though there are just six options, you can animate your collage as well.

I love and recommended PicCollage because it’s super-easy to use and packs tons of features and free content.


  • Good for advanced content creators 
  • Wide variety of grids, ratios, and other free content
  • Cutout and animation features
  • Fun stickers that are also available for iMessage


  • Can’t remove the watermark in the free version
  • Some packs are paid, even after a VIP subscription

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


3. Canva – Most popular iPhone app for photo collage

Canva best collage making app for iPhone and iPad

Canva is amongst the most popular and simple-to-use graphic design apps out there. Whether a professional artist, social media influencer, small business owner, or student, it’s handy for everyone.

Its USP is the pre-built, stylish, and eye-pleasing templates that cover everything from photo collages, posters to social media posts. And boy, the app steps outside the box, or shall I say the grid with its unique templates for collages.

But what I adore is the ease; from replacing images to adding filters and effects, all can happen in a few taps. Plus, the app boasts an ever-expanding elements gallery packed with stickers, charts, graphics, frames, photos, audio, and more.

You can even choose to animate the collage and make it a GIF, add music to create a video, or save it as JPG, PNG, PDF, etc. The neat thing is that you can also operate Canva from a browser, and your artwork is synced across devices.   


  • Awesome templates for photo collage
  • Super-easy to use
  • Animated collages
  • Tons of free content to play around


  • The pro version is quite expensive
  • The animation options are minimal

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


4. PicMerger – Best photo stitcher app

PicMerger Edit Pics and collage app for iPhone

When it comes to collage making, PicMerger is like the jack of all trades. That is, it has almost all the features you’ll need to create a basic collage, from 200+ pre-made templates to a handy vertical or horizontal photo stitcher.

You get custom stickers (100+), frames, textures, borders, backgrounds, emoji, text overlays, and more. Plus, you can resize, crop, and markup, photos within the app with ease. But what I love the most is its photo stitching feature.

Whether screenshots, before or after photos, or others, you can combine them in one long image with just a few clicks. You can also select a shade and mark or draw over the images.

Although, if the makers could add text into the mix, that would have been a flawless feature. But overall, PicMerger is a beginner-friendly app that could be a great asset in your arsenal.


  • Beginner-friendly app
  • Photo stitcher feature
  • 200+ pre-made templates
  • Smartly saves all old projects


  • Lacks photo editing features
  • Undoing is slightly tricky

Price: Free (In-app purchases starts at $4.99/month)


5. PhotoGrid Video Collage maker – All-in-one collage maker

PhotoGrid best collage making app for iPhone and iPad

Are you looking for a good video collage maker app? PhotoGrid can be a trusted consideration for you. Packed with more than 20K attractive collage templates, PhotoGrid the best collage app for iPhone will help you create collages, social media posts, and other content forms.

Where most apps support 5-6 images in a collage, this stellar app allows you to add up to 16 photos in a single go. So, no selections are needed. You can also create a personalized scrapbook using the freestyle layout or make beautiful film strips for a movie-like feel.

In addition, the app features several preset ratios explicitly designed for Facebook, Apple Watch, and other socials. Adding stickers, backgrounds, graffiti, and curved texts can make your collages worth a watch.

PhotoGrid allows you to combine pictures and videos to make shareable video grids. You can simultaneously add up to 9 video clips and sync them to ensure timely alignment. Further, PhotoGrid also lets you chop off the video content you dislike. This multipurpose collage maker app for iPhone and iPad will serve all your purposes.   


  • Efficient video grid maker 
  • Up to 16 images in collage 
  • Customizable preset templates  
  • Easy edits 


  • Frequent ads 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


6. PiZap – Edit pictures and make collages

piZap best collage making app for iPhone and iPad

At first glance, piZap is a look-alike of Canva, including a web-based interface. However, it boasts some fantastic, note-worthy tricks up its sleeve, especially if you are a newbie or rookie.

For one, the collage templates cover many simple shapes like squares, rectangles, circles, hearts, and stars. Plus, a sprinkling of grids for several occasions from birthdays, Christmas, New Year to St. Patrick’s day.

Then you get to edit the photo to your heart’s desire, from saturation and temperature control to filters, background eraser, textures, light fx, beauty-enhancing tools, and more. Remarkably, it even houses a layering system, allowing you to manage multiple images smoothly.

But what I love most is its meme gallery! Alongside the usual library of stickers, fonts, backgrounds, etc., piZap smartly incorporates trending memes and GIFs. Although as with every other section of the app, only a few options are accessible in the freemium version.


  • Kid-friendly, intuitive UI
  • 1000’s of professionally designed templates
  • Pre-made social media templates


  • Limited free templates and filters
  • Lacks out-of-the-box  templates

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


Wrapping up

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; just imagine the power of a well-built photo collage. Well, these are some of the best collage-making apps for iPhone and iPad that I found and loved dearly. Share your favorites with us in the comments section below.

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