Best Graphic Design Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

It is challenging to create a graphic on iPhone. However, you can always use graphic design apps to create something for social media. Furthermore, large-screen iPads offer more comfort to draw with Apple Pencil. If you love to doodle on a digital canvas, you should try some of the best graphic design apps for iPhone and iPad.

#1. Photoshop Express Photo Editor

Photoshop Express Graphic Desing iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Adobe has an impressive suite of photo editing and graphic design tools. This Express Photo Editor is primarily a collage maker. You can collect all your sweet memories and create beautiful picture collages.

Trusted by millions, this editor offers a range of free photo effects and editing features. You can personalize your experiences by using borders and text. Play with myriad colors and imagery to create share-worthy moments. Premium version opens a gamut of tools to master the art of graphic design.

Price: Free (Photoshop Express Monthly – $4.99)

#2. Canva

Canva Graphic Desing iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you are an amateur designer, who fancies creative arts, Canva graphic design iPhone app is here for you. A simple and fun interface, you can use this app from ground zero. Alternatively, you can also take the help of ready-to-use design.

Canva is popular among Instagrammers, who want to share amazing stories. For professionals, the app helps them design logos.

Putting a text on photo is super easy. And probably for this reason, users like to create invitations and quotes using Canva. Once done, you can share your creations directly to Instagram, WhatsApp, or email.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)

#3. Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk Sketchbook Graphic Desing iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Autodesk Sketchbook is everybody’s app. A human brain generates countless ideas. You can draw or sketch that idea on your iPad using Autodesk.

If you are a newbie in the creative realm, you can hone your skills with sketches. Packed with powerful sketching tools, this app is an inevitable part of any creative process.

The app supports your second-generation Apple Pencil. Make the most of this feature, which also enables you to double-tap on stylus.

Price: Free

#4. Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post Graphic Desing iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Creative block is something faced even by the masters. It is no surprise if a new kid in this field is devoid of ideas. But no worries! Spark Post is here to help you with its repertoire of free Adobe Stock photos and illustrations.

Even if you have little design skill, you can use this graphic design app. Discover innovative ways to design and animate graphics, videos, and social media content.

Don’t forget to check Spark Post’s templates, filters, and icons. They are professionally designed to help you remix you photos, videos, and text.

Price: Free (Spark Subscription – Monthly – $9.99)

5. Illustrator Draw from Adobe

Illustrator Draw from Adobe Graphic Desing iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Illustrator Draw is for more serious professionals, who are vector artists. When it comes to digital drawing, this app beats others with its customizable brushes.

You can expedite your design work by using basic shape stencils. The shapes include circles, squares, French curves, and polygons. To help you design comics, the shapes also include speech bubbles.

The app is compatible with Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. Use this app on your large-screen tablet and create awesomeness on a digital canvas.

Price: Free (CC Storage (20 GB) – $1.99)

#6. Photoshop Sketch

Photoshop Sketch Graphic Desing iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Inspiration can strike any time. Your imagination is wild. Therefore, Photoshop Sketch is made to unleash your creativity on the go. Experience the powerful brush engine of Photoshop in your iPhone and iPad.

Photoshop Sketch boasts 24 brushes, which can be customized as per your need. You can adjust the size, color, opacity, and blending settings of the brush.

With a premium subscription, you can import countless brushes from Photoshop to the Sketch. You can achieve bigger results in your artwork, so much so, to printable 8k.

Price: Free (CC Storage (20 GB) – $1.99)

#7. Paper by WeTransfer

Paper by WeTransfer Graphic Desing iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Here is an award-winning immersive sketching app from WeTransfer. Paper has received appreciations from more than 25 million. Set your ideas free and sketch with confidence on your iPad and iPhone.

Instead of using distracting menus, Paper helps you with natural gestures. This ensures you never lose your creative flow once you start sketching, painting, drawing, or making collages.

Every artist faces some challenges at the beginning. And to handle this situation, Paper offers a collection of creative prompts. These include guides, tutorials, and daily activities.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $1.99)

8. Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches Graphic Desing iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Tayasui Sketches is arguably the most realistic and user-friendly graphic design app for iPhone and iPad users. After importing photos, you can use its 20 ultra-realistic tools to create magic.

Make your creation more colorful by using watercolor wet brushes, brush editor, and color eyedropper.

To make your work simpler, you can use layers. You can export them as separate PNG with transparency. After the finishing strokes, save your sketches or designs in the cloud. Showcase your portfolio to prospective clients anywhere, anytime.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $1.99)

#9. Procreate Pocket

Procreate Pocket Graphic Desing iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

A simple yet powerful graphic design app for any user, Procreate Pocket is an award-winning art app. In your iPhone and iPad, you can carry hundreds of brushes, which are pressure-sensitive.

The app is particularly helpful when you want to create expressive sketches, rich paintings, and amazing illustrations. It is your complete art studio, you can use it at beaches, in flight, or while waiting for somebody at Coffee house.

Procreate Pocket is friendlier on iPhone as you can make the most of the 3D Touch sensitivity of your device.

Price: $4.99

#10. CREATE: Graphic Design + Fonts

Create Graphic Desing iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Create is your one-stop iPhone and iPad app to create high-quality graphic designs. A single app delivers so many solutions, including graphics, UIs, logos, vector art, collages, mood boars, Geofilters, and whatnot.

Experience the power of desktop design tools on your iPhone. Create stands for precision while you are saving and sharing editable projects.

In Create, you can arrange multiple photo layers, transform shapes, save reusable components, import editable files (.create), and more. At the end of your projects, you can upload or save them in iCloud. And access from other Apple devices like Mac, in case you use drawing apps on the computer.

Price: Free (CREATE PRO – Monthly – $2.99)

Final Stroke…

If you are a professional designer, you must go for some paid graphic design apps. An iPad will offer a bigger canvas to achieve a high level of excellence. Which app do you use to create awesome graphics? Share your feedback with us in the Comments section.

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