The amount of photo filter apps on the App Store is mind-boggling. It’s like the entire Photo & Video category in the store is inundated with these apps. Nevertheless, with so many apps, one is spoilt for choice.
We covered a lot many photography-related apps for iPhone. Some were for pros and people into DSLR-photography. Here’s a collection of more cool photo filters and effects apps for the iPhone that anyone can use. Check them out.

Best Photo Filters and Effects iPhone and iPad Apps

Best Photo Filters and Effects iPhone and iPad Apps

#1. PhotoToaster

PhotoToaster iPhone and iPad App

PhotoToaster is a simple but powerful app for editing and adding filters to your photos. There are tons of awesome effects and filters within the app. The edits are non-destructive and you have multiple undos to go with it. It’s equally versatile in being a one-click auto-enhancement tool as well as a totally customizable photo filter app. No in-app purchases or limitations.

Price: $2.99
Download PhotoToaster

#2. EyeEm

EyeEm iPhone and iPad App

EyeEm packs a powerful photo filter camera and also invites you to join a global photography community. EyeEm is as much a filters app as much as it’s for inspiration. The app has a clean interface and the powerful social features make it a really cool app.

Price: Free
Download EyeEm

#3. SuperPhoto

SuperPhoto iPhone and iPad App

SuperPhoto offers 208 effects for free and you need to purchase the rest 1300+ (with HD quality and no ads) to unlock them. There are multiple categories to pick the effects from, which include 3D, combos, bokeh, brushes and more. One downside is that you need a data connection while you use this app. But it’s good for what it is.

Price: Free
Download SuperPhoto

#4. Split Pic Photo Editor

Split Pic Photo Editor iPhone and iPad App

This is a fantastic photo editor. Split Pic divides the camera into six different layouts to choose from. You can blend the image together to show as a single picture – and therefore create magic! Clone yourself, apply mirror effects, swap bodies with your friends and do much more. Split Pic is where you get totally creative.

Price: Free
Download Split Pic Photo Editor

#5. Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Photo Editor iPhone and iPad App

Fotor Photo lets you edit and add multiple effects and get creative/innovative with your photos. With a speedy and an intuitive user interface you can make a photo collage, add frames and funny/stylish quotes or captions to your photos along with many additional effects and filter features. It’s free and definitely worth downloading.

Price: Free
Download Fotor Photo Editor