Best iPhone Apps For Adding Text to Photos in 2022

Best iPhone Apps For Adding Text to Photos in 2022

We all live in a digital world, and clicking pictures and sharing them on social media has become like a second nature of ours. I love clicking Instagram-worthy pictures and posting them, but I often want them to have a personality of their own. To add that individuality to my photographs, I add text and captions to my pictures. But, it becomes challenging to use high-end photo editing apps to add text to my pictures. Thankfully I stumbled upon some of the best iPhone apps for adding text to photos.

1. Canva

Canva Add Text to Photos iPhone App Screenshot

This is, by far, my favorite app to make typographic images. Canva has tons of template options to offer, and you can customize it according to your preference.

But what I love the most about this app is the app’s versatility to create anything and everything. Don’t limit yourself by just adding captions on your photos; create your typographic images with beautiful layouts and templates.

Price: Free

2. Typorama

Typorama Add Text to Pictures iPhone App Screenshot

Typorama ‘automagically’ transforms photos and texts into beautiful designs. You won’t be needing any expert-level designing skills to create beautiful images with text over them.

This app doesn’t have any set templates; it randomly generates styles that would look good. It is a lot less time consuming than the professional and high-end software and apps.

Price: Free

3. Word Swag

Word Swag Adding Text to Photos iPhone App Screenshot

Word Swag app converts your photos into beautiful text posts. Make impressive Facebook and Instagram Stories or Quote posts with this app.

Not only does it have templates for your Social Media posts and stories, but it also has templates to create blog banners and other infographics. Make sure to try them all.

Price: Free

4. Over Edit & Add Text to Photos

Over Edit & Add Text to Photos iOS App Screenshot

Over is also amongst my favorite apps to add text over photos. It has over 10,000 beautiful templates, graphics, and fonts to make your posts stand out.

All you have to think about now is the text you would want to associate with a particular picture. Let this app suggest you some amazing designs that would go with your photo and text. The best thing about this app is that it is a lot less time consuming than most of the apps in this category.

Price: Free

5. Photo Editor

Photo Editor to Adding Text to Pictures iPhone App Screenshot

Choose from a wide range of fonts that compliment with your photo and make a powerful typographic image out of it.

Resize, rotate, and adjust the text on your photo according to your choice. The app also allows you to create text drop shadows giving a certain depth to the plain text and image.

Price: Free

6. Hype-Type

Hype Type Adding Text to Photos iOS App Screenshot

Is adding quirks to things, your second nature? Just plain stuff is not your thing, then my friend this is the app for you. Animate your text and creates these cool text animations.

Just one pro-tip – do not use this app when you want your audience to focus on that beautiful picture you want to post. Only use it when you have a blended background, and you want your users to focus on the text and not the background. Let your words go crazy (quite literally) with this app.

Price: Free

7. Phonto

Phonto Adding Text to Pictures iOS App Screenshot

Phonto app is handy to add fonts on your photos. It has a wide variety of fonts to choose from, and you could also download fonts on this app for quick access.

It would be like a playground for all those people who have a way with words. Be as quirky and unique with your fonts and give a sense of individuality to your words.

Price: Free

8. Typic

Typic Add Captions to Pictures iPhone App Screenshot

Typic app is for all those who are looking for a professional brand-building app. It’s lets you enter text on your photos with a very professional touch.

So, if you are looking for an app with professional features and details, then you should think about purchasing this app. In addition to adding text on pictures, you can also create memes and a bunch of other visual elements.

Price: $3.99

9. Quotes Creator – Quote Make‪r

Quotes-Creator-iphone-app-to-add-text-to-photos screenshot

Here’s a simple yet creative way to share your thoughts and ideas with the world. You can pick background images from the app or your photo gallery and add beautiful-looking text to share on social media. You can also add watermarks, logos, and QR codes to the image.

It’s got an intuitive UI that’s straightforward to use. Further, it boasts an extensive quotes library with beautiful words about life, love, creativity, and inspiration. There are over 100 fonts to choose from and tons of customization options to make your creations stand out from the crowd.

Price: Free ($3.99 for Pro)

10. Over: Graphic Design Maker

Over: Graphic Design Maker

This is a one-stop app for customizable photo and video templates. It helps you design beautiful images with text that stand out as impactful content. You can also add other graphic enhancements to make your content stand apart.

It’s perfect for anyone looking to build their brand, create a unified aesthetic, or grow their social media. You will surely be inspired by the templates and fonts available in the extensive library.

Price: Free

Signing Off…

These apps are sure to save a lot of your time and energy, all the while making a bomb Instagram feed for you. Give these apps a try and share your experience with me.

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