What is Action mode on iPhone and how it works?

What is Action mode in iPhone 14 and How it works

The iPhone is already known for its video capabilities, and Apple keeps innovating the cameras to stay a cut above the rest. With the iPhone 15 and 14 lineup, Apple has also introduced the Action mode – a pioneering camera feature that takes Apple’s video recording to new heights.

Curious about how the gimbal-like stabilization of Action mode works for the new iPhone 14 lineup? There’s growing talk in the tech space that this simple camera feature by Apple has the potential to kill Go-Pro. Below, I have gathered information on how the Action mode works on iPhone 14 and how you can turn it on.

What is Apple’s Action mode?

How Action Mode in iPhone 14 Works
Source: Apple

Action mode is integrated into the iPhone’s camera app itself, with the sole purpose of stabilizing videos that have heavy movements. The Action mode essentially enables you to shoot videos that resemble the output of a Go Pro.

Based on the initial impressions, it is safe to say that Action mode is a worthy addition to the already amazing modes available on iPhone’s camera app. On top of super-steady stabilization, this video shooting mode also allows you to use Dolby Vision and HDR video recording.

Which iPhone supports Action mode?

As of now, reports from Apple suggest that only the iPhone 14 lineup will have the Action mode. And on top of that, there’s no clarification on whether they’d be rolling out Action mode for other iPhones.

How to turn on Action mode on iPhone 15 and 14

Action mode is just like any other mode on the iPhone 14’s camera app. You can swipe through the modes in the slider, choose Action mode, and shoot highly-professional action videos.

  1. Open the Camera app.
  2. Switch to video mode.
  3. Select the Action mode toggle.

How Apple’s Action mode works on iPhone

Right now, we have limited information on our hand, but at the time of the launch of the iPhone 14 lineup and Action mode, Apple gave us an official statement (as confirmed by Pocket-lint) about how it works:

“It uses the full sensor with more overscan and advanced roll correction to make video look incredibly stable when you’re in the middle of the action. Simply toggle it on for great-looking, smooth video without having to carry extra gear like a gimbal. It also supports Dolby Vision HDR.”

Winding down

The Action mode that Apple introduced is pretty interesting, and in my opinion, it has the potential to kill Go Pro with its stabilization. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. My wife just bought the iPhone 14 Pro. She was hiking in Zion National Park with a friend. It is pretty intense hiking… She sent me a video where her friend was catching up to her climbing a tough part of the trail. It was as if the phone was floating smoothly behind my wife. It was absolutely incredible or “impossible”? We have always thought that iPhones capture the best photos, but the videos are impossibly great! I’ve seen plenty of movies where they would have been better off filming with my wifes iPhone.

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