The all-new MacBook Pro has got plenty to stake its claim to being the most popular laptop. The innovative Touch Bar, user-friendly Touch ID, and appealing design have left most fans spellbound-including me!

Are you planning to buy a beautiful and practical sleeve for your MacBook Pro 2016? Knowing how excited you are to have bought such a gorgeous notebook, we have made this long list of the best sleeves available in the market. With class-apart design and craftsmanship, they are worth giving a close look. Let's swim across!

Best MacBook Pro Sleeves

Best MacBook Pro 2016 Sleeves

#1. Zikee

Zikee MacBook Pro 13.3 inch Sleeve

Zikee sleeve sports a professional look. Having been carved with the premium PU and nylon materials, this sleeve is very durable. The cotton fabric lining safeguards the MacBook Pro from shock or bumps.

As it's water-resistant, you don't have to worry about your laptop if you get caught in the rain while returning from office. It features three pockets to let you keep your smartphone, mouse or tablet. The briefcase comes with a handle to let you carry it comfortably. It fits MacBook Pro 13.3-inch and is available in two colors.

Price: $14.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.
Buy it from

#2. Snugg

Snugg Apple Macbook Pro 15 Inch Sleeve

Snugg sleeve is highly fashionable. The fascinating design gives it an edge.

It has large pocket wherein you can keep your phone or charging cable. The magnetic flap keeps your notebook perfectly in place. It fits your 15-inch laptop perfectly. Moreover, this sleeve is available in nine beautiful colors.

Price: $69.98 [$29.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Buy it from

#3. Lavievert Felt

Lavievert Macbook Pro Sleeve

Lavievert Felt sleeve is pure class. It has been made of environmentally friendly material.

The compact and slim design augment its appearance. The large pocket on the front makes it easy to keep headphone, mouse or pen. The leather flap with magnetic button offers the required convenience. Better still, it is available for 11-inch, 13-inch and 15-inch laptop.

Price: $39.90 [$11.49 on Amazon while we are writing this.] Buy it from

#4. ProCase

ProCase Macbook Pro Sleeve

ProCase sleeve is super handy. Prepared with the soft and environmentally friendly material, it has a neat appearance. The briefcase can offer the essential protection to your laptop from shock, dust or scrape.

As it can be opened at 180 degrees, you can effortlessly access your notebook. The handle makes it more functional. There is a pocket on the front to keep pen, cables or charger. It comes in 13-13.5-inch and 14-15.6-inch.

Price: $18.99 for 13-13.5 inch on Amazon at the time of writing this.
Buy it from

Price: $39.99 [$20.99 for 14-15.6 inch on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Buy it from

#5. Inateck

Inateck MacBook Pro 15 inch Sleeve

Inateck sleeve has an official appearance. Impressive quality coupled with the high-quality synthetic material, it makes a great impact both in terms style and comfort.

The synthetic leather velcro closure ensures your notebook has the desired security. The finest gray felt outside and incredibly soft flannel interior provides complete care and protection to the laptop. There are two back pockets to let you store mouse, earphones or power adapter. Inateck sleeve fits 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Price: $36.99 [$15.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.] Buy it from

#6. Soyan

Soyan Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro 15 inch

Soyan MacBook Pro sleeve has elegance written all over it. It has been primed with the top notch microfiber leather. The good-looking design along with the adorable craftsmanship makes it quite stylish.

The soft microfiber interior safeguards your notebook from scratch. Being very slim and lightweight, you won't have any problem while carrying it. The sleeve features flip pad which works as a mouse pad. Soyan sleeve fits 15-ich MBP.

Price: $14.50 on Amazon at the time of writing this.
Buy it from

#7. Egiant

Egiant Sleeve for MacBook Pro 15 inch

Egiant zipper briefcase can be a beautiful companion for your laptop. This sleeve has been readied with the premium neoprene material. The top quality waterproof material, as well as superior workmanship, makes it incredibly durable.

The lightweight design and carrying handle ticks off all the requirements. It comes with a couple of small compartments to store stuff like a pen, mobile, etc. It is suitable for both 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro and available in four pretty colors.

Price: $11.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.
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#8. Sinoguo

Sinoguo MacBook Pro Sleeve

Sinoguo sleeve flaunts a minimalist profile that makes a cool fashion statement. It has been crafted with top felt and genuine leather. It sports a black and white grid cover as well as a leather strap, which enhances its appearance.

There are two small compartments for extra storage. Sinoguo sleeve is suitable for both 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pros.

Price: $46 [$12.49 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Buy it from

#9. Brenthaven ProStyle

Brenthaven Sleeve for MacBook Pro 13 inch

Brenthaven ProStyle sleeve has an exceptionally professional design. Enriched by the genuine leather and amazing workmanship, it makes your notebook feel really special.

This sleeve comes with EZ-Grip handle that makes carry a comfy affair. There is a fur-lined pocket to let you keep your iPhone. It's trustworthy enough to offer the necessary safeguard from scratch.

Price: $29.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.
Buy it from

#10. Valet Luxury Laptop

Valet Slim Portfolio MacBook Pro Sleeve

Valet Luxury Laptop (for 15-inch MacBook Pro) is really pricey. Beautifully crafted with genuine leather, it has an appealing design.

Valet Slim Portfolio (for 13-inch MacBook Pro) has a captivating look-and-feel. The state-of-the-art craftsmanship sets it apart from the rest. These sleeves keep your laptop securely inside. Besides, they offer the needed convenience to carry the notebook.

Price: $109.95 for 13-inch and $169.95 for 15-inch.
Buy it from

That's all! What are the major qualities you have liked in these sleeves? Feel free to shoot your views in the comments, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Also, don't forget to download our iOS app on your iPhone and iPad.

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