Best Standing Desks for MacBook Pro, Air, iMac, and Desktop PCs: Primed for Pro-Looking Workstation

Keep yourself proactive throughout the working hours by choosing one of the top standing desks for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac or desktop PCs. Even better, these sitting or standing desk converters can also prevent neck or back pain from hindering you to perform with the desired comfort.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Are several hours of continuous work triggering back pain or hampering your stamina from giving its best? A standing desk can play a vital role in not just getting rid of the pain but also turbocharging your energy; empowering you to stay proactive for long. On top of all, a good-looking standing desk can also give your workstation a professional look. Having browsed through a number of available options, we have assembled the best standing desks for MacBook Pro/Air, iMac or desktop PCs to help you choose a better option.

Though there are quite a few dissimilarities among the sitting or standing desks for computers, the one similarity that binds them all together is the ability to offer a more convenient height adjustment. Furthermore, all of them have been designed to be portable and get the most out of less spacious place.

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Best Standing Desks for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, and Desktop PCs

#1. Defy Desk

Defy Desk Standing Desk for MacBook, iMac, and Windows PC

Defy Desk sports a refined design which can get along with any home or office décor. With the robust steel base and a pneumatic air cylinder for convenient raising and lowering, the sit and stand desk for iMac is well-built and extremely durable.

Thanks to the ergonomic height adjustment, it allows more than 200 height adjustable positions. 16.9″ maximum height above the current desk makes the desk riser ideal for people between the height ranges of 5′ to 6’3.

With the surface size 32″x 22″, the desk converter is fully capable of supporting up to 30 lb. Moreover, it offers enough space to put two 21 inch monitors.

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USP: Ergonomic height adjustment
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#2. VARIDESK Pro Plus 36

VARIDESK 49900 MacBook Pro, iMac, and Windows PC Standing Desk

Should you wish to have a pro-looking standing desk for your iMac, give VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 a serious consideration. The two-tier design ensures you have plenty of space for your monitor on the upper surface and spacious lower surface for your keyboard as well as mouse. The upper surface is so spacious that it can comfortably hold your iMac and MacBook Pro.

Another notable feature of this standing desk is the more functional height-adjustable system. Based on your comfort level, you can adjust the height in 11 different positions.

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With the spring-loaded lifting mechanism, it can effortlessly lift up to 35 lbs. As the desktop stand is perfectly assembled, you won’t require any tool to install it.

USP: The two-tier design
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#3. BackPainHelp

BackPainHelp Standing Desk for iMac, MacBook Pro, and Windows PC

BackPainHelp is designed to be a simple sit-stand workstation. Courtesy the strong construction; this desk can hold up to 88 lbs (40kg) on the top shelf and 11 lbs (5kg) on the keyboard tray. The large surface area allows you to keep two computer monitors or laptops. The desk is 31.75″ in length and 20.5″ in deep.

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With the spring-assisted hand levers, you can quickly adjust this office desk from sitting to standing position. Boasting of durable structure, it’s the long-lasting asset for your computer. Besides, this iMac standing desk is shipped fully assembled so you won’t need to do anything to get it into the ready position.

USP: Highly durable
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FEZIBO Standing Desk for iMac, MacBook Pro, and Windows PC

Showcasing elegant design, FEZIBO is primed to be your adorable workstation. Based on your convenience, you can ideally fine-tune the height to work smoothly.

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The top surface measures 28.7″x23.3″ offering a lot of space for monitor and laptop setups. With gas spring hovering system, you can comfortably elevate (adjustable range: 6.1″ to 19.3″) it to have desired viewing angle.

When not in use, you can remove the keyboard surface to cut down some bulk. The solid steel frame structure features a non-slip base that offers more stability. Besides, the standing desk for MacBook Pro can hold up to 33 lbs weight.

USP: Gas spring hovering system
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#5. VIVO

VIVO iMac, MacBook Pro, and Windows PC Standing Desk

VIVO is specifically readied for the high-profile office environment. The biggest highlight of this standing desktop is the spacious work area. That means you won’t have any problem in keeping a single monitor, dual monitors or computer and laptop. 37.5 lbs weight capacity makes it a decent standing desk.

Thanks to the dual gas spring force, you will be able to effortlessly adjust the height to have desired viewing angle (adjustable range: 6.5″ to 16″). The two-tier design ensures you have more space to keep keyboard and mouse.

USP: Dual gas spring force
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#6. Stand Steady X-Elite Pro

Stand Steady Standing Desk for iMac, MacBook, and Windows PC

If you are looking for a minimalist standing desk, give Stand Steady X-Elite Pro a fair chance to impress you. The standing desk converter is fully adjustable and goes up/down quickly.

The 7 inches to 16 inches standing height is good enough to live up to your basic demand. The single flat surface has enough space to hold your monitor, laptop, keyboard, and mouse.
Hard-wearing steel base features pump mechanism reinforces both the durability and stability. Lastly, X-Elite Pro’s maximum load capacity is 20 lbs.

USP: Minimalist design
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#7. Pyle

Pyle Stading Desk for iMac, MacBook, and Windows Desktop

An endearing blend of simplicity and convenience, Pyle deserves to find a place in this list. Made of high-grade steel, the standing desk can hold up to massive 143 lbs weight. Its dual-tier design offers more flexibility. Even better, you can also adjust the height of each tray with the quick lock and release mechanism.

The hassle-free height adjustment ensures you can have a more comfy viewing angle. Hence, neck pain won’t hamper your work. What’s more, Pyle comes in dual packs at just one price.

USP: High-grade steel construction
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UPDEZK iMac, MacBook Pro, and Windows PC Standing Desk

With the ultra-slim surface, UPDEZK showcases a more sophisticated appearance. What I like about this standing desk is the space-saving yet capacious design. Though it’s the full monty for an iMac or MacBook Air, you can keep both of them along with your Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

You will be able to adjust its height in a flash. While the minimal height of the standing desk is 1.3 inches, the maximal is 16 inches. The 22 lbs load capacity is fine for normal use. You can choose it in two colors: black and white. Additionally, this MacBook Pro standing desk is backed by a two-year warranty.

USP: Sophisticated design
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#9. FlexiSpot M3B

FlexiSpot M3B Standing Desk for MacBook, iMac, and Windows Desktop

Your hi-tech studio would love to have a stunning standing desk like “FlexiSpot M3B.” What makes this desktop PC standing desk such a fine pick is the ultra-spacious 47″ width that can let you keep two 27-inch monitors.

Single-handle design allows you to adjust the height of the desk easily. There are as many as 12 different height levels to ensure you have the needed flexibility. The workstation rises and folds vertically, making it a handy space saver.

The spacious lower tray can comfortably fit a larger keyboard, mouse, and mousepad. With the quick-release design, you can easily remove the keyboard tray when are not using it.

USP: Spacious 47″ width
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#10. FlexiSpot (28″ and 35″ standing desk)

FlexiSpot Standing Desk for iMac, MacBook, and Windows PC

This is yet another standing desk from FlexiSpot. And, as far as design and functionality are concerned, it’s equally impressive. The large upper surface can hold a monitor and a laptop.

The lower tray is very spacious and fully capable of holding a full-sized keyboard and a mouse. Based on your usage, you can remove the keyboard tray to reduce some bulk especially when you are not performing any tasks.

Due mainly to the quick-release system, you won’t have any problem in attaching or detaching the lower tray. Additionally, FlexiSpot is available in two colors like black and mahogany; You can choose it in two sizes 28″ and 35″.

USP: Quick-release system
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#11. HeroDesk

HeroDesk Standing Desk for MacBook, iMac, and Windows Desktop PC

Great mix of comfort and aesthetic design, HeroDesk has you fully covered. Height adjustment of up to 20 inches can play a pivotal role in getting rid of neck pain. Wide work surface can accommodate two monitors.

The iMac standing desk comes with a portable cup holder which you can clamp on any side, left or right. It will prevent your juice from spilling on the desk. Anti-fatigue mat with 3/4 inch extra thick high-grade foam offers you more comfort while working. Therefore, you won’t get tired even after going through a long stint of work.

USP: Anti-fatigue Mat
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That’s it, folks!

What’s your favorite?

Guessing, you have chosen a top-notch standing desk for your Mac or MacBook Pro. Would like to tell us about the qualities you have found appreciable in that? Besides, also tell us about any desk that’s worth including in this esteemed collection.

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