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Woolnut Leather Sleeve For MacBook Pro in 2024

For my MacBook Pro Touch Bar, I was looking for a sleeve that can protect its awesomeness and enhance the style. I know it is difficult to find a cover that promises style and strength. But then there are really crazy people, who do not settle for ordinary because extraordinary is their second nature. When Woolnut sent me two sleeves for my 13-inch MacBook Pro Touch Bar, I was overjoyed as I thought my search for that elusive sleeve ends. The two sleeves are so special for me that I am inspired to share my feedback here.

Woolnut MacBook Pro Leather Sleeve

Woolnut MacBook Pro Sleeve

From the day I received an email from Woolnut (they told me in advance they were sending me two sleeves) to the day I got the parcel, I was restless. I wondered if there would be any difference between what they displayed on the website and what I would get. Thankfully, there is no difference between what they show and send.

First Impression

When I opened the parcel and took the sleeves in my hands, I was amazed by its quality, feel design, material, and style. I began to dream how I would look when I would insert my MacBook Pro in the sleeve and hold it in my hands. Genuine leather and strong stitches form an impeccable exterior, and when you put your MacBook Pro inside the sleeve, you can feel that rough kiss of wool felt.


As it mentioned on the web page, it is vegetable tanned full-grain leather. There are many methods to tan leather. Mostly, accessory makers use chrome tanned leather to manufacture products quickly. But chrome tanning uses chemicals like chromium salts, which not only spoil the environment but also cause damage to the skin of workers. Woolnut preferred vegetable tanning to chrome tanning.

Woolnut Covers MacBook Sleeve Interior

Does it make a difference? Huge. Vegetable tanning is a traditional and natural tanning method that goes on for 60 long days. Woolnut has used this vegetable tanned full-grain leather to make these sleeves.

When you touch the outside of this sleeve, you will have a dusty feel, as if the leather was covered with dust. But this is because of tanned full-grain leather.

Inside, Woolnut has used 100% natural wool felt, which gives you high quality and a long lifetime.


They say style shouts and pedigree whispers. Woolnut, for the last six years, has designed luxurious accessories for premium products like iPhones and Mac. Instead of style, this brand always thinks of pedigree. Woolnut’s emphasis on the most unassuming design stems from its ability to whisper. The sleeves, designed in Sweden, flaunt simple design with excellent stitching. And this creates a lasting impression on users’ minds.

Woolnut MacBook Pro Sleeve Design and Style

The selection of color is also part of this Woolnut “whispering.” Cognac brown and black quickly gel with your other smart products, accessories, and your apparels. Whether you have put on formals or casuals, whether you are at office or home, the sleeves with its soothing colors mingle with the milieu.


Woolnut knows that simplicity always rules. Apparently, the sleeves lack in style and still they create an irresistible charm when you hold it in your hands. Like all Apple products, the sleeves display Woolnut’s serious efforts to produce killer merchandise. And in their efforts, Woolnut’s engineers have manufactured stylish sleeves that play low profile.

How to preserve?

To preserve the original quality of the products, avoid exposure to extreme heat and damp, periodically clean the leather with a soft cloth and clean the wool lining by the use of a lint-roller or cleaning tape.

Effortlessly awesome…

Yes, they are effortlessly awesome! Woolnut gets full marks for the pain it has taken to craft two masterpieces. Protection, power, perseverance, and pedigree – all combined into this wonderful sleeve for your MacBook Pro Touch Bar. You may like to explore their Amazon store.

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You would like to buy one of the two sleeves. Once you use it, don’t forget to share your experience.

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