How to Remove Text When MacBook Delete Key Not Working

Whether a writer, student, social media influencer, or a CEO, everyone has to type documents, emails, posts, and whatnot. And the ‘Delete key‘ is an integral part of everyone’s typing routine. But what if the delete key is not working on your MacBook?

Of course, you can visit the Apple Store to get it fixed, but what about the work you are currently doing? What if you don’t have the next week free, or you are traveling? Typing without the free access to the delete key can be a bit difficult, especially when you need to send that piece urgently. Here are some workaround.

Delete Key Not Working on MacBook? Here’s What You Can Use

The most obvious solution is to use your mouse or trackpad. Select the text you want to delete and just writer over it.

Overwrite Existing Text on Mac

You can also right-click (mouse) or use a two-finger tap (trackpad) to cut the text.

Use Mouse to Delete Existing Text on Mac

Use Virtual Keyboard on Mac

With a virtual keyword omnipresent at your screen, you can use it’s ‘Delete’ button to erase the text. To access a virtual keyboard, click on the Apple() logoSystem PreferencesKeyboard.

Click on Apple Logo and then click on System Preferences on Mac
Click on Keyboard in Mac System Preferences

Here check the Show keyboard and emoji viewers in the menu bar option.

Enable Show keyboard Option in Mac System Preferences

Now, click on the Keyboard icon from the menu bar and select Show Keyboard Viewer.

Click on Keyboard icon and Select Show Keyboard Viewer

Whenever you need to delete, move the cursor on the delete button and click on it.

Click on Delete in Virtual Keyboard on MacBook

However, users who type often do not prefer these options because they have to move their hands away from the keyboard. Though just marginally, this does reduce their typing speed and could make them forget their chain of thought.

But don’t you worry, as regulars in the field of both tech and typing, we do have some trick up our sleeves. When your delete key is not working on Mac, you can use these keyboard shortcuts to avoid using a mouse.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Erase Text without Using Delete Button on Mac

#1. Control + H: Similar to the Delete button, this works as a backspace i.e., it will erase the space/text before the cursor.

Remove Text Before Cursor Using Control H Button on Mac Keyboard

#2. Control +D: This works in line with fn+Delete and will remove space or text after the cursor.

Use Control D Button on Mac Keyboard to Delete Text After Cursor

#3. Shift + Alt + Arrow Key: This one undoubtedly my favorite as this is faster than the two above. Press Shift + Alt + Left Arrow to select the word before the cursor

Use Left Arrow Key on Mac Keyboard to Erase Text Before Cursor

and Shift + Alt + Right Arrow for word after the cursor.

Delete Text After Cursor with Right Arrow Key on Mac

Type in the new correct word in place of the wrong one. Press the arrow multiple time to select more than one word.

#4. Shift + Command + Arrow Key: Want to erase the whole line after a specific word? Press Shift + Command + Left Arrow to select the full line before the cursor

Erase Full Line of Text Before Cursor on Mac

and Shift + Command + Right Arrow for the line after the cursor.

Delete Full Line of Text After Cursor on Mac

Type in the new correct word in place of the wrong one. Press the arrow multiple time to select more than one sentence/line.

Now, when such handy shortcuts are at your disposal, why worry about your delete key not working on Mac? Finish that urgent work without hiccups and then get your keyboard checked.

Happy Deleting!! 

We hope our little guide could help you. In case we missed any trick, do share with us in the Comments section below. We will be back with more; meanwhile, you can check some more articles below.

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