Best Accessories for iPhone XR You Must Have in 2019: Well-Timed Assets for Your iPhone

When you talk about the best accessories for iPhone XR in 2019, there are some usual names that come to the party automatically, while others entirely rest on your requirements. Navigate through the extensive roundup to pick out the top accessories for your iPhone XR!

The iPhone XS and XS Max may have been the big elephants in the house, however, what seems to have stolen the show is–iPhone XR! Packed in with almost all the big-ticket features like Face ID, A12 chip, edge-to-edge display, support for wireless charging and more, the mid-budget iPhone is expected to rock the sales chart.

Are you planning to buy iPhone XR any time soon and want to present it some deserving accessories? Having explored various options, we’ve rounded up the best iPhone XR accessories so that choosing the ideal assets to remain an easy task for you.

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The choice for a case or an accessory entirely depends on your needs. For instance, if you wish to keep your device protected, rugged or military-grade cases would be the right options for you. And should you want to go for turbocharging, the USB-C charger and Lightning to USB-C cable should be the need of the hour for you. Without making much ado, let’s take a quick glance at the must-have accessories for iPhone XR!

Best iPhone XR Accessories in 2019

Side note: We’ve already created an extensive list of the best accessories for iPhone Xs and Xs Max. So, if you want to get the deserving assets for these smartphones, head over to explore the lineup!

Anti-Shatter Screen Guard to Safeguard the LCD Display

The LCD display is delicate and requires uncompromised safeguard against shatter or bumps. Considering the high cost of the screen repair, it’s better to be extra cautious right from the word go.

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A high-grade tempered glass screen protector powered by 9H hardness can be an essential defender for the touchscreen. It can effortlessly fight out ugly scratches and even keep smudges at bay.


amFilm iPhone XR Screen Protector

I’ve found “amFilm” screen protector a cut above the ordinary screen guards for multiple reasons. First things first, it’s made of top-grade tempered glass and features 0.33mm thickness to endure even nasty impact.

The high-definition clarity (99.9%) boosts your viewing experience, while the TrueTouch Sensitivity makes it exceptionally responsive. With the oleophobic coating, amFilm can also resist fingerprints and keep grime away. Lastly, this reliable screen defender comes in dual packs.

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USP: TrueTouch Sensitivity
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The Defender Case to Disperse Shock

One of the first things that you may want to have at your radar to ensure your smartphone remains protected is an impact-resistant case. Just like its siblings, XR also features glass on the back and the front. Trusting the glass sandwich to fight out nasty bumps is not a smart call all, is it? That’s why you are better off having a more durable shield for your smartphone.

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Speck CandyShell Grip

Speck iPhone XR Protective Case

There are few protective cases that can look so impressive as “Speck CandyShell Grip.” This is exactly what you should use to keep the style factor alive while also putting the regular bumps at a fair distance.

Sporting double-layers of a structure with raised rubber ridges, the case fits snugly around your XR and also offers anti-slip grip. Moreover, you can choose CandyShell Grip in several attractive colors.

USP: Enhanced grip
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Bluetooth Earphones: Ramp Up Music and Hands-free Calling

Times when you want to rev up your music time or bolster hands-free calling experience, earphones come in really handy. That’s why it’s nice to have Bluetooth earphones at the disposal. The wireless headphones come in a variety of designs, pair instantly with the device and are more comfortable to wear.


Apple AirPods for iPhone XR

If you want to have highly appreciable earphones at a competitive price, Apple’s AirPods are the way to go. They pair seamlessly with the iPhone and boast impressive sound quality. Driven by the custom Apple W1 chip, the earphones take advantage of optical sensors and a motion accelerometer to detect when they are in your ears.

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With the decent battery life and the highly efficient battery case always there to deliver quick charge, you will enjoy listening music to your heart’s liking. Moreover, AirPods work elegantly with Siri to let you play and control music with ease.

USP: Work seamlessly with iPhone
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Armband for Fitness Freaks

Whether you are a fitness freak or aspire to become a super hit, an armband can be exceptionally useful. You can use it to keep your iPhone securely in place and concentrate on your rigorous workouts. Besides, you will be able to check out the latest alerts and use your device without much distraction.

Trianium ArmTrek Pro

Trianium iPhone XR Armband

Trianium’s ArmTrek Pro has got all the qualities to be your adorable armband. Made of soft neoprene material, it’s very flexible and sweatproof. With the comfortable grip, it keeps your smartphone steady on your arm.

The velcro can be adjusted to fit most arms. There is a built-in key pocket to let you store your house keys. Moreover, ArmTrek Pro comes in several color options supported by the lifetime warranty.

USP: Soft neoprene material
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Battery Pack: Power On-The-Move

iPhone XR comes with a pretty solid 2,942 mAh battery that’s strong enough to help you drive through the day and still have some gas left in the tank to wrap up the brief night session.

But if you are a power user who never seems to get enough of high-octane gaming or video watching, chances are your iPhone XR battery may fall in short. If you never want the fun to hit the bump midway, a battery case would be a wise option.


Vproof Battery Case for iPhone XR

Loaded with a massive 6000mAh battery, YISEA promises to deliver over 150% power to your iPhone XR. Thanks to the sync-through design, you won’t have any problem in syncing the iPhone with your computer via Lightning cable.

The built-in magnetic metal enables the battery case to work with magnetic car mounts as well. Therefore, you will have enhanced hands-free experience during the long drive.

USP: High-capacity battery
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Wireless Charger: Embrace the New Age Charging Technology

Just like iPhone Xs and Xs Max, iPhone XR also supports wireless charging. If you wish to embrace the new-age charging technology, wireless charging pad or stand would be a useful asset.

Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand

Anker iPhone XR Wireless Charging Stand

Anker has long been a noted charging accessory maker. Moreover, its “PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand” is one of the best wireless chargers in the market.

It allows you to charge your iPhone XR and other compatible devices both vertically and horizontally. Therefore, you will enjoy hands-free video calling or comfortably use your device even when it’s being charged up.

With the advanced protection system, it also safeguards your smartphone against dangers like short-circuiting and overcurrent. The durable build and anti-slip mat make it a long-lasting charging asset for your smartphone. Plus, Anker offers an 18-month warranty on PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand.

USP: Fast and secure charging
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Fast Charging Accessories: Go For Turbocharging

Despite the high anticipation, the iPhone XR and Xs/Xs Max haven’t come up with USB-C port. It would have made the devices fully onboard with the fast charging technologies. Nevertheless, you can still take advantage of the turbocharging by using supported USB-C power adapter and USB-C to Lightning cable.

USB-C power adapter – Anker 5-Port Charger

Anker 5 Port Charger for iPhone XR

Anker presents highly efficient USB-C power adapter. It’s very compact and comes with as many as 5 ports to let you juice up multiple devices at one go.

With the superior protection system, Anker charger provides uncompromised defense against dangers like short-circuiting and overcharging. It’s durable and made to be scratch resistant. Moreover, this 5-Port Charger is backed by an 18-month warranty.

USP: Superior protection system
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Here are more options

USB-C to Lightning cable – Metrans

Metrans USB-C to Lightning cable for iPhone XR

If you are looking for an able competitor to Apple’s USB-C to Lightning cable, go for “Metrans.” It’s not just more affordable but also fully capable of providing fast and safe charging to your smartphone.

It’s well-built and features braided nylon design. With the protective jacket, it’s designed to resist regular wear and tear. Even better, the manufacturer offers a trusted 24-month warranty on Metrans.

USP: Nylon braided design
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Power Bank: Must-Have Asset During Long Travel

Wouldn’t it be great to have a robust power bank during long travel so that you can use your smartphone with complete peace of mind without bothering about the battery life? Yeah, it would be very handy. There is a variety of power banks from the ultra-portable external charger to the massive ones with up to 30, 000mAh battery or even above. Hence, choosing the most suitable charger is never a big deal.

Anker PowerCore

Anker Portable Charger for iPhone XR

Anker’s PowerCore is an absolute beast when it comes to providing secure charging to the iPhone. The power bank is loaded with a mammoth 20100mAh and is fully capable of providing tons of extra juice to the smartphone.

Multiple USB ports make it convenient to charge multiple devices simultaneously. It takes advantage of PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies to offer fast charging. Incorporated with the superior protection system, PowerCore doesn’t allow dangers like short-circuiting to damage your iPhone XR.

USP: MultiProtect safety system
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Explore other options

Docking Station: Power Up Your iPhone Efficiently

A docking station is one of the most appreciable assets for the iPhone. I like using it for a couple of main reasons. First, it lets me charge my smartphone comfortably. And the second, it also boosts hands-free experience.

You can use a charging stand to power up multiple devices like your iPhone and the Apple Watch at one go. Even better, some docking station also lets you charge your smartphone wirelessly.

Press Play ONE Dock Beat

Press Play iPhone XR Docking Station

Press Play has long been my favorite iPhone dock maker. And its “ONE Dock Beat” has impressed me a lot. The charging stand is well-built and designed to let you juice up both the iPhone and Apple Watch at once. It also comes with a couple of extra USB ports so that you will be able to charge up to four devices simultaneously.

The adjustable Lightning port helps it work with most cases in the market. As a result, you don’t need to remove the cover before putting the iPhone XR on the charge. Besides, you can choose ONE Dock Beat in multiple color options gold, silver, black and more.

USP: Adjustable Lightning port
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Car Charger: Juice Up Your iPhone Securely On the Drive

You are on a long drive and enjoy the wonderful ride. Suddenly you find your iPhone low-in power. Wouldn’t you want to charge the device rapidly so that you can continue to use it without any interference. Based on your convenience, you can choose a wired or wireless car charger that keeps your smartphone charged up.

Belkin Boost Up

Belkin iPhone XR Car Charger

Belkin is a noted iPhone accessory maker. So, you can expect its car charger to be of top-notch quality.

It’s Apple certified and charges your smartphone up to 40% faster than a traditional car charger. The four-feet lightning cable is tangle-free and very durable. With the ultra-compact design, you can comfortably carry it.

USP: Charges 40% faster
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Car Mount: Keep Your iPhone Steady During Navigation

Just like a car charger, a car mount is an essential accessory for a more convenient hands-free use on the drive. A phone holder lets you keep the smartphone perfectly in place and also offers enhanced viewing angle. Hence, you can comfortably navigate using Apple or Google Maps without any distraction.


Winnergear Car Mount for iPhone XR

WinnerGear claims to be the world’s strongest smartphone car mount. And looking at its sturdy design and robust locking mechanism, I can say that it’s up to the mark.

The car mount features strong suction cup to get installed firmly on dashboard and windshield. Thanks to the 360-degree rotation, you can position your smartphone both in landscape and portrait mode.

Talking about the design, WinnerGear looks compact and is fully capable of resisting regular wear and tear. Besides, this phone holder comes with a reliable two-year warranty.

USP: Strong suction cup
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Wireless Car Charger Mount

If you no longer enjoy dealing with wired cables or have fully embraced wireless charging, chances are a wireless car charger mount would be your thing.

Aside from firmly holding your smartphone so that you can have a more seamless hands-free usage, it can also juice up the device. So, your extensive usage will never come to a standstill due to low power. That’s what called killing two birds with one stone!


CHOETECH Wireless Car Mount Charger

Having put my hands on the CHOETECH car charger mount, I can say that it’s good enough to work both as an efficient charger and a sturdy car mount.

It comes with 360°rotating ball joint that ensures you have a much-improved viewing angle. With the soft silicone mat, the phone holder securely holds the device. Hence, there is no fumbling.

CHOETECH supports fast wireless charging up to 10W. Aside from the speedy charging, it also thwarts dangers like overcurrent and short-circuits so that the smartphone remains safe.

USP: 360°rotating ball joint
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Bluetooth Speaker: Bolster Your Music Time

If you enjoy loud music, a robust Bluetooth speaker can be a fine asset for your smartphone. You can buy an ultra-portable wireless speaker to liven up your beach party or fun play in the swimming pool. Many Bluetooth speakers have a compact design and are water-resistant. Therefore, they can perfectly complement your fun time.

Not to forget the smart speakers like Amazon Echo, HomePod and Google Home. If you want a more functional speaker, they are the best bet. Aside from letting you stream music, they can let you set alarms, set reminders, listen to the news, control smart home devices and more.

JBL Flip 3

JBL Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone XR

Should you think of buying an ultra-compact and top-quality Bluetooth speaker, look no further than JBL Flip 3. It sports a nice-looking design and boasts an impressive sound to rev up your music time.

You can connect up to three smartphones to the speaker at a time. With the superior noise canceling technology, it provides crystal clear audio. Moreover, it’s splashproof and comes in nine attractive color options like orange, pink, red, teal and more.

USP: Superior noise canceling technology
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That’s all there is to it! Assuming, you’ve found the right accessories for your smartphone.
Your top bet?

Now that you have taken a peek at our roundup of the essential accessories let us know about the ones that seem to be more promising for your iPhone XR. Of course, no list can be complete for everyone. However, I’m sure the above one is good enough to help you choose the top bet.

Have a glance at the below lineups as well:

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