Best Battery Cases for iPhone XR in 2020: Keep Your iPhone Powered-Up

iPhone XR comes with a high-capacity battery that should be good enough for most users. However, it may not live up to the high demand of the folks who like watching videos or playing high-octane games for hours. If you belong to this group of power users, explore these best iPhone XR battery cases.

Not a great fan of bulky design? No need to worry as quite a few cases come with a bit slim design without cutting down the size of the battery. Based on your use case, you can choose the battery pack that can help your smartphone last the full tilt.

Best iPhone XR Battery Cases in 2020

If you find the 2,942 mAh battery quite sufficient but want to get one to keep your smartphone charged up during travel, some of the battery covers can also work as a decent power bank. Enough talk, jump right to check which one looks better for your requirements!

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#1. Alpatronix 5000mAH Slim Battery Case

Alpatronix 5000mAH Slim Battery Case for iPhone XR

Packed in with a robust 5000mAh battery, this battery pack is designed to provide a lot of extra power to your smartphone. The support for wireless charging makes it an excellent pick for regular usage. The CE, RoHS, and FCC certifications make BXXr very reliable.

As for design, the case doesn’t look bulky at all and features raised lip to keep the screen protected. It comes with a screen guard to provide an uncompromised defense to the touchscreen. Moreover, the manufacturer offers a trusted lifetime warranty.

USP: Wireless charging support
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#2. Apple’s Smart Battery Case

iPhone XR Smart Battery Case from Apple

Yes, a bit expensive option, but then you get an iPhone battery case made by the phone manufacturer itself. It superbly extends the talk-time up to 39 hours, internet usage, and video playback up to 22 & 27 hours, respectively.

The silky, soft-touch finish exterior makes for a superior and comfortable grip. A soft microfiber lining nestles the device cozily and safeguards from scratches and shocks. Installation and removal are made easy by an especially designed elastomer hinge. The case supports wireless charging, lightning accessories, and lightning digital AV adapters.

USP: Apple Original
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#3. Portable Battery Charger Case from Alpatronix

Alpatronix Portable Battery Case for iPhone XR

Good things sometimes come in small packages, this here is one such example. In comparison to its’ senior BXXr, this case cuts down on weight, price-point, and battery capacity. The portable battery case is around 3.6 ounces and lend a true 3500mAh juice to your iPhone.

Thanks to a certified lightning chip, the case is 100% compatibility with iPhone, Apple Pay & CarPlay. While the micro USB port enables fast charge, you can also wirelessly charge the device and case. And with the included screen protector, the touchscreen has the necessary shield against scrapes.

USP: UI certified connector chip
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#4. Snowpink Protective Battery Charger Case

Snowpink iPhone XR Protective Battery Case

I look at “Snowpink” as a complete battery pack. And the thing that has caught my eyes is this cover is the robust 5000mAh battery that can offer around 200% more charge to your smartphone. To be more precise, you will get 28 hours of additional talk time.

The double layers of structure enable this case to withstand bumps with ease. And the 360-degree scratch guard further empowers the durability. Moreover, Snowpink is powered by a lifetime warranty.

USP: 360-degree scratch guard
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#5. TAYUZH 4000mAh Magnetic Battery Case

TAYUZH 4000mAh Magnetic Battery Case for iPhone XR

The 4000mAh beast is designed to incorporate a unique magnetic suction function. Installation or removal is an easy breeze with a built-in magnetic top bracket. This bracket can also make for a stable and reliable kickstand.

Its raised bezel and rugged outer shell keep your phone’s touch screen and back protected against scratches. Inbuilt smart security chip keeps issues like short-circuit, over-charging, or over-heating at bay. Further, an advanced audio chip ensures your calls, music, or videos aren’t hindered.

USP: Magnetic properties
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#6. Newdery Slim Battery Case with Qi Wireless Charging

Newdery iPhone XR Slim Battery Case with Qi Wireless Charging

Newdery battery pack serves dual purposes, charging, and protection. First and foremost, this 6000mAh battery case provides more than double power backup to your phone. Then the soft TPU material and 0.04in raised bezels keep the screen and camera from scratches, scuffs, and damages.

The case supports lightning headphones, data sync, and both wired and wireless charging. In fact, both the device and case can be charged simultaneously, as well. The power and portability factor makes it great for daily commuters and frequent travelers.

USP: 6000mAh Battery
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#7. Battery Charging Case with Screen Protector from PEYOU

PEYOU Battery Case for iPhone XR

PEYOU presents a truly user-friendly design in a battery case for iPhone XR. But how this design helps users?. Its built-in connector is extremely strong as it does not break during installation and removal. Another impressive thing is that it comes with two tempered glass screen protectors for your iPhone XR.

Give your iPhone extra battery and extra protection with this battery pack. Four LED lights display you the battery status on the case.

USP: Comprehensive bumper design
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#8. Euhan 6000 mAH Thin Battery Case

iPhone XR Thin Battery Case from Euhan

An iPhone Battery Case that can add upto 150% extra battery. So, ease off your worry about battery drains and freely enjoy the features of your device. An advanced data sync technology allows you to connect your iPhone to Mac or Windows PC without removing this battery case.

Euhan employs high-grade materials ensuring that the iPhone is guarding against accidental drops or slips. A flexible top edge keeps the installation and removal process quite simple. This battery pack is not only compatible with headphones but also with AirPods as well.

USP: 150% extra battery
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#9. Swaller Slim and Protective Charging Case

Swaller Protective Charging Case for iPhone XR

Boasting 5000mAh battery, “Swaller” is exactly what you would want to have to ensure there is always some extra power left in the tank to enjoy gaming or movies a bit freely. It claims to offer more than 120% additional charge to your smartphone.

Along with extra battery life, this sleek battery case provides edge-to-edge protection from drops and bumps. With full access to the lightning port, you can charge, sync, take calls, and listen to music without removing the case. The case also comes with a 12 months worry-free warranty.

USP: Advanced Sync-through technology
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#10. EasyAcc Battery Charger Case

EasyAcc iPhone XR Battery Charger Case

Apple doesn’t sport a USB C Port in iPhones, but EasyAcc can bring you the benefit of one on your iPhone. The 5000mAh battery case charges your device wirelessly, instead of using the built-in lightning pin. In doing so, your lightning cable is free to be used at your will.

A special USB C port is incorporated to charge the case. This port also supports output, i.e., it can also be used to charge other devices as well. Doubling as a proper rugged case, EasyAcc offers drop-proof, shock-proof, raised bumper and soft rubber frame. To read detailed review of EasyAcc battery case, check out this post.

USP: High-quality chips
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Keep your device juiced up wherever, whenever!!

Whether you love traveling or do unwilling daily commuting, whether you are a photographer or a gamer, a 100% battery is something we all want and desire. There are several options to fulfill that wish, for one always being plugged in. Though, the more convenient option is to select one of the above listed iPhone XR Battery Cases.

Do let us know your choice in the comment section below. Here are some more accessory options for iPhone XR, for you to browse through:

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