Best iPhone XR Waterproof Cases in 2019: Enjoy Your Sporty Life Underwater

With your uncovered iPhone XR, you can swim one meter underwater. If you want to go down deeper, you need a waterproof case that has IP68 certification. Following is the list of high-quality waterproof cases for your iPhone XR. Before you place an order, check that each case has IP68 waterproof certification.

Protect your iPhone XR against water even if you are underwater. For this purpose, you need a strong waterproof case that keeps your premium phone dry. When your iPhone is with you, you can take photos and shoot videos of your aquatic sports. Without further ado, check the best waterproof cases for your iPhone XR.

Strength of waterproof cases is measured by its ability to prevent water from entering the ports and buttons of your iPhone. Since iPhone XR has an IP67 water resistant standard, you need a case that has an IP68 waterproof standard. In our current list, we have sourced all the cases with an IP68 waterproof standard to protect your phone against water.

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10 Best iPhone XR Waterproof Cases in 2019


SPIDERCASE iPhone XR Waterproof Case

When a waterproof case is tested for 1000 times, you can trust its quality and performance. Spidercase has done this with its IP68 certified case that is extremely waterproof.

This lightweight and comfortable case is compatible with wireless charging. This means you can use the case all the time even when you are not near swimming pool, river, or ocean.

USP: Supports wireless charging
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GOCOOL Waterproof Case for iPhone XR

GOCOOL’s waterproof cases take care of all the ports and buttons of your iPhone XR. In order that dust and dirt do not enter your phone, GOCOOL has sealed the mute button, volume buttons, and charging hole.

IP68 solid waterproof case fully protects your phone from water, sand, snow, and other damage. Check its built-in protector, which gives you sensitive touch. Within 15 seconds, you can install this waterproof case on your iPhone XR.

USP: Easy installation
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#3. Lanwow

Lanwow iPhone XR Waterproof Case

Can you imagine a rugged case to have a sleek and slim design? Lanwow has made it possible in this waterproof case, which flaunts a full rugged body to protect your phone from shocks and drops.

Special transparent and slim back cover does not block the wireless signal when you place the phone on a wireless charger. You can take your iPhone ten feet underwater for thirty minutes, as this case will provide great protection for your underwater activities.

USP: Multiple protections
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JUSTCOOL Rugged Holster Waterproof Case for iPhone XR

JUSTCOOL has drop-tested its case from the height of 20 feet to check the strength of this multi-layered case made of TPU and Polycarbonate materials. Check its built-in screen protector, which stops scratches and provides uncompromising sensitivity.

Supporting wireless charging, this case has slim and transparent body that showcases the real colors and design of your iPhone XR.

USP: Multi-layered TPU
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#5. Temdan

Temdan iPhone XR Waterproof Pouch Cover

There are two glaring features to notice in Temdan’s waterproof case: kickstand and float strap. You would love to watch videos and movies on your 6.1-inch iPhone by placing it on a kickstand. Its float strap prevents the phone from sinking.

This fully sealed case with IP68 waterproof standard protects your iPhone when you are using your iPhone underwater to take photos and videos.

USP: Kickstand & float strap
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#6. LifeProof

Lifeproof iPhone XR Waterproof Case

Weather is highly unpredictable, and therefore, before you leave for office or any other purpose, protect your premium iPhone XR with a weatherproof case. LifeProof’s FRE series brings the high-quality waterproof case that protects your phone from drops, dust, and dirt.

You can dive into the water and stay there for one hour at the depth of two meters. This case also endures drops from two meters and safeguards your phone’s ports, microphone and speakers. Its 360-degree protection seals your phone’s ports and stops debris, water, dirt, and snow.

USP: 360-degree protection
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#7. Catalyst

Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone XR

Catalyst uses waterproof silicone seal that allows you to use your iPhone up to 33 feet underwater. This robust case is drop tested from the height of two meters. These two qualities have made this case an industry leader in slim waterproof cases.

Acoustic performance and marvelous engineering have set this case apart from others in competition. Check that True Sound Acoustic Technology, which is patented by Catalyst to deliver excellent performance.

USP: True Sound Acoustic Technology
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#8. Hitcase

Hitcase iPhone XR Waterproof Case

Hitcase brings Splash series of waterproof cases for your iPhones. Pick up any case, and it will be your phone’s best friend forever. The cases made by Hitcase are protective as you can use your iPhone ten feet underwater.

The lightweight case is slim in profile and has soft-grip exterior, which allows you to hold your iPhone tightly while you are playing your favorite watersports. The case is made for movers, makers, and shakers, who never settle for ordinary in life.

USP: Soft grip
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#9. Mpow

Mpow Universal Waterproof Case for iPhone XR

Mpow is one of the world leaders in iPhone accessories. This waterproof pouch easily stores your 6.1-inch iPhone XR; you can operate the touch screen functions even as you are underwater. The pouch is IPX8 certified, and therefore, it is fully submersible and waterproof.

The universal waterproof pouch enables you to store other iPhones apart from iPhone XR. Among other significant features, this case is snowproof, dustproof, scratch resistant, touch-friendly, and secure lock seal.

USP: Multifunctional waterproof bag
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#10. JOTO

JOTO Waterproof Pouch Cover for iPhone XR

Another waterproof pouch for your iPhone XR. This time it is JOTO, which has carved a niche in manufacturing cases and covers for iPhones. This touch-friendly case allows you to use text, email, and other touch screen functions while you are underwater.

This case protects your iPhone against water, dust, and snow. Thus, it is your all-season companion for your iPhone XR. You can also store cash, credit cards, and documents in this pouch.

USP: 100 feet IPX8 certified
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Your favorite case…

A notable difference between iPhone XR and iPhone Xs is the waterproof standards, apart from the size and all. This slightly weak performance restricts you from taking a plunge into your favorite water sports. With high-quality waterproof cases, however, you can enjoy those adventurous activities.

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