Best iPhone XR Wallet Cases: Rich Design Meets Neat Craftsmanship

If you think of getting a complete suit, the top iPhone XR wallet cases can't be too far away from your target. When you are on the go or want to keep your tiny pocket as light as possible, they can be your go-to option!

Times when I’m on the move, wallet cases are what I mostly choose to carry things like cards, cash and of course my iPhone with complete peace of mind. Having already rounded up the best wallet cases for iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xs, I think I shouldn’t give a miss to the top wallet cases designed for iPhone XR.

The features that I have looked into the following covers are the simplicity and the ability to perfectly take care of the basic requirements. And I can say that they have lived up to the multiple demands fairly well. Not a great fan of traditional looking wallets? Worry not, this lineup has got the variety to let you discover the suit that can get along nicely with your new iPhone!

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Best iPhone XR Wallet Cases

#1. bellroy

BellRoy iPhone XR Wallet Cases

Very few wallet cases look as sleek and compact as bellroy. It feels so warm to the touch and snaps on the smartphone spotlessly. The high-quality flex polymer exterior renders it more durable.

The soft lining interior plays a vital role in preventing abrasion from harming the device. However, what ideally sets the tone for this wallet case is the concealed slot wherein you can store up to three cards.

Moreover, the magnetic closure ensures your valuables remain safe inside. Furthermore, you get five classy colors to pick from.

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USP: High-quality flex polymer material
Check out on BellRoy

#2. Bella Fino from Pad & Quill

Pad and Quill Bella Fino iPhone XR Wallet Case

Have you set your sight on presenting your iPhone XR a flagship wallet case? If yes, look no further than Bella Fino from Pad & Quill.

It’s beautifully carved out of full-grain American leather. The luxurious leather texture coupled with the precision finish gives it an executive look.

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It’s UV resistant and develops the smooth patina when gets old. That’s why it’s able to keep its famed elegance alive for long.

The case comes with multiple slots wherein you can store up to 5-7 card slots. You also have the option to stash some cash for on-the-go use. Thanks to the wireless charging support, you will just need to drop the phone on the compatible wireless chargers to start powering up your device.

USP: Full-grain American leather
Check out on Pad & Quill

#3. Silk Wallet Slayer Vol. 2

Silk iPhone XR Wallet Case

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This one is specifically designed for the folks who want to adore minimalist profile. Silk Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 looks pretty compact and features soft-textured sides. Thanks to the secure grip, your palm will feel comfortable while holding the iPhone XR.

The hidden slot on the rear side can hold up to three cards. I think it should be good enough for normal usage.

You can also prop up your card to turn it into a handy stand for a landscape mode media watching. With the wireless charging support, you won’t have to remove this cover from the iPhone before juicing it up wirelessly. Furthermore, Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 comes in multiple color options.

USP: Wireless charging support
Check out on Amazon

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#4. Maxboost

Maxboost Wallet Case for iPhone XR

Want a bit more affordable ($10.95) wallet case? This offering from Maxboost is what you should choose.

Talking about the features, it’s carved out of soft PU leather and features three cards slots and a money pocket. For basic usage, they should be up to the task.

And when you want to make the most of your videos, you can prop up the front cover to position your device in landscape mode. Aside from the features, Maxboost offers a lifetime warranty.

USP: Neat design
Check out on Amazon

#5. Arae

Arae PU Leather iPhone XR Wallet Case

Both in terms of price and features, Arae is pretty much in line with Maxboost. What I like about this case is the low-profile design that may not steal the show but gets the job done fairly well.

Another feature worth checking out is the option to carry as many as four cards and also some dollar bills. If you are a frequent traveler or have to carry multiple cards, you would like to have this case.

With the kickstand functionality always there to entertain, your media time will never go through a dull phase. Regarding durability, the soft leather exterior and TPU casing give it the needed strength to keep off minor impact. Plus, you will be able to choose Arae in color variants like black, blue and rose gold.

USP: Multiple card slots
Check out on Amazon

#6. Rugged Folio from Nomad

NOMAD Rugged Folio iPhone XR Wallet Case

The Rugged Folio from Nomad is designed to be more pragmatic. To me, what makes it a top bet for the folks who prefer simplicity and durable construction is the high-grade horween leather.

The best thing about it is that it develops a rugged patina when gets old. As a result, it’s able to retain its class for long. The inclusion of a sturdy interior enables it to resist impact with ease.

With three card slots and a money pocket, Rugged Folio allows you to carry multiple cards and cash. Moreover, it comes in two colors: black and brown.

USP: Rugged design
Check out on HelloNomad

#7. Griffin Surivor Strong Wallet

Griffin Surivor Strong Wallet iPhone XR Case

As the name itself suggests, Griffin’s Surivor Strong Wallet offers uncompromised protection to your iPhone XR. However, what makes it a little different from other protective cases is that it looks less bulky.

The dual-layered of construction wraps around the iPhone snuggly for a form-fitting design. All the four corners feature additional cushion to resist impact.

There are three slots wherein you can store your cards and cash. With the anti-slip design, you have improved grip.

USP: Drop protection
Check out on GriffinTechnology

#8. Snakehive

SnakeHive iPhone XR Wallet Case

If you admire book design, chances are you would love to buy it for your iPhone XR. It’s neatly crafted and features rich craftsmanship. The visible stitching gives it a classy look.

The European nubuck leather reinforces the construction, helping it endure impact and retain its class intact for long. One notable thing about this leather case is that it ages gracefully. The smooth patina never lets it lose its class even when it gets old.

With the inclusion of soft leather, your iPhone gets additional care from drops and scratches. Plus, Snakehive wallet case comes in multiple color variants so that choosing a vintage suit for your device remains pretty simple for you.

USP: European nubuck leather
Check out on SnakeHive

That’s all, folks!

Your pick?

Now that you have glanced through the top wallet covers, I would be glad to know your pick. Hopefully, you have found them up to your specific taste.

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