Best iPhone XR Clear Cases in 2020: Let Your iPhone Win Every Attention

Along with slim covers, transparent cases are always my first picks. It’s because they let the smartphone reveal the look and also provide basic defense from falls. Going by the wind and what my personal experience says, the top iPhone XR clear cases are going to be one of the hottest picks.

There are a variety of transparent covers available in the market right now. While some are designed to be enviably sleek, others have got some cushion to disperse shock. And based on what your requirement is, you can pick the case that can get along nicely with your new iPhone.

10 Best iPhone XR Clear Cases in 2020

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#1. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style

Supcase iPhone XR Clear Case

Great combo of elegance and protection, “Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style” lets you flaunt your new iPhone while still offering the needed defense to it.  The clear back is armored by the solid bumper that can withstand shock with ease.

Elevated edges don’t allow the LCD screen to touch the surface to prevent it from scratches. With the support for wireless charging, Unicorn Beetle Style can easily become your favorite for everyday use.

Plus, three hot colors like black, blue and pink offer you more flexibility to elect an adorable suit for your device.

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USP: Wireless charging support
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#2. i-Blason Ares

i-Blason iPhone XR Transparent Case

Want a more protective clear case for your smartphone? “i-Blason Ares” can be one of the finest contenders for your choice.

The thing that I like in this case is the extremely rugged bumper that doesn’t give any chance to accidental bumps. With the clear back, your XR is able to showcase its design.

Thanks to the presence of the screen guard, the LCD screen has the additional shield to fight out scrapes. That’s not all, you will choose Ares in four colors including black, blue, gold and the gorgeous pink.

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USP: Rugged bumper
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#3. Speck GemShell

Speck Clear Case for iPhone XR

A top-notch clear case like “Speck GemShell” deserves to get a mention in this roundup. It’s pretty slim, but you may be surprised to know that’s it offers certified military-grade protection to the iPhone.

Courtesy the soft material, GemShell  is exceptionally flexible. Thus, you won’t have difficulty while installing and removing the cover.

With the front lip on offer, the touchscreen always has the trusted defense to remain secure. Plus, the rubberized texture prevents your iPhone from falling from your hands.

USP: Military-grade protection
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KHOMO iPhone XR Transparent Case

When there is a wish to let the iPhone arrest attention without any hindrance, you need a cover like “KHOMO.” Sporting see-through design, it allows your smartphone to glow effortlessly.

The case is made of incredibly soft silicone gel and fits like a glove around the XR. With just 1mm thickness, it barely adds any weight to the iPhone. The smooth buttons and the neat cutouts ensure your time with the smartphone continues to be plain-sailing.

USP: Ultra-clear design
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#5. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone XR Clear Case

Make any iPhone case roundup, and this well-known brand will (most cases) walk into the list. Man, you’ve got to give credit where it’s due.

Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid is bang on when it comes to letting your smartphone showcase its class. However, what steals the show for it is the ability to provide the necessary protection without killing the style factor.

The impact resistant frame and raised bezel help it offer the needed care to your iPhone. Not to speak of the multiple color variants that help you choose the ideal fit.

USP: Elegant design
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#6. ESR

ESR Clear Case for iPhone XR

Blessed with a sleek design, ESR can easily catch your eyes. It’s just 1mm thick and features a remarkably flexible profile. As a result, you will be able to install or take off the case with ease.

For providing all-around defense, the cover comes with a beveled edge both on front and rear side. Therefore, the screen and camera never have an encounter with scratches. Protection aside, ESR comes in as many as five charming color variants.

USP: Flexible profile
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#7. Spigen Liquid Crystal

Spigen Liquid Crystal iPhone XR Clear Case

Don’t be surprised to see yet another clear case from Spigen in this list. “Liquid Crystal” is one of the coolest cases I’ve reviewed recently. And the feature that makes it so appreciable is the one-piece design.

Due mainly to the high-quality TPU, it boasts a rubberized texture that comes into the play when you hold your smartphone in your palm. The buttons feel smooth, and the cutouts for camera, port as well as speakers seem to be on point.

Oh yeah, you will be able to pick out Liquid Crystal in multiple color options as well.

USP: Sleek one-piece design
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#8. MoKo

Moko Transparent Case for iPhone XR

If you are looking for a slightly more affordable ($7.99) yet very functional clear cover, you shouldn’t give a miss to “MoKo.”

This case features a rugged transparent panel that is able to absorb shock. And with the addition of soft TPU bumper, it can thwart abrasion as well.

Check out the fortified corners that further boost security. Apart from defense, MoKo is available in some nice color options.

USP: Protective design
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#9. TOZO

TOZO iPhone XR Clear Case

The thing that has made me want “TOZO” is the ultra-clear and soft design. The top-grade TPU material makes it very elastic. One apparent advantage of the high-flexibility is that you have less pain while removing or putting the case on.

Expectedly, the buttons offer tactile feedback that’s so essential when you have to use the physical buttons more often. Regarding protection, TOZO is just good enough to thwart the minor impact and also resist scrapes.

USP: Smooth construction
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SNOWFOX iPhone XR Clear Case

SNOWFOX brings an innovative two-piece design in a clear case. Normally, accessory makers offer one-piece design in clear cases. But SNOWFOX presents a precisely designed transparent case with two frames. There are two covers – front and back. While front cover includes a touch-sensitive screen guard, the back cover has shock-absorbent TPU.

The best thing about this case is precisely cut out openings. Even as there are two detachable frames, users can easily access all the essential ports and buttons on their iPhone XR. The icing on the cake (or case) is its wireless charging compatibility.

USP: Two-piece design
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That’s pretty much it!

Your favorite pick?

Now that you have explored the finest transparent covers tell us about the ones that have seemed to be pretty much in line with your expectation. We would be glad to know about the type of cases you regularly use on your device.

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