Best iPhone XR Privacy Screen Protectors of 2019: Stop Strangers from Spying On Your Personal Information

It's irritating when strangers keep staring at your phone screen. Here we have listed the best iPhone XR anti-spying privacy screen protectors of 2019 to keep them at bay.

Your iPhone is one of the most private assets you own, and therefore, you always want to ensure your privacy. Screen lock prevents others from accessing your personal data on iPhone, but when you are using your device in elevators or at any congested place, people in the habit of shoulder surfing get a chance to look at your sensitive information and data. Thankfully, anti-spying privacy screen protectors keep such people at arm’s length.

Recently, we made a list of privacy screen protectors for iPhone Xs Max, and in today’s post, we have cover iPhone XR privacy screen protectors. Let’s check it out to stop people from peeping into your screen.

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Best iPhone XR Privacy Screen Protectors of 2019

#1. Ailun

Ailun Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone XR

Ailun has made a screen guard that is precisely compatible with the rounded design of iPhone XR. Since the high-grade glass does not cover the entire screen, it is friendly to the protective cases you use for your iPhone. With its 99.99% touchscreen accuracy, you would love to interact with your iPhone.

Ailun’s hydrophobic and oleophobic coating prevents oil smudges and fingerprint stains from harming your phone screen. Keep your phone screen only visible to you while you are on the bus, elevator, or metro.

USP: Rounded design
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#2. Supershiledz

Supershieldz iPhone XR Anti-Spy Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Supershiledz has mastered the art of crafting screen protector. You can trust this anti-spy tempered glass screen protector made for your iPhone XR. Its 2.5D rounded edge glass provides extra comfort to your fingers and hand.

Keep your phone screen protected against sweat and fingerprints by hydrophobic and oleophobic coating. With its 9H hardness, this screen guard provides better security from scratches and maintains the original touch experience.

USP: 2.5D rounded edge
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#3. iCarez

iCarez Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone XR

Whether you are chatting with your ex or your boss, your overly social friends and colleagues won’t be able to know your private chats. This is the power of iCarez anti-spy screen protector for your iPhone. iCarez is a popular brand, which manufactures extraordinary screen guards for smart devices. This 4-way 360-degree screen protector protects your privacy everywhere.

This anti-glare and anti-fingerprint screen guard is made of scratch-proof premium PET film material. To make it invisible to spying eyes, iCarez has used antibacterial material, which boasts TrueTouch sensitivity.

USP: Anti-bacterial material
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#4. Spigen

Spigen Anti Spying Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Spigen’s screen protector makes your life extremely easy. With its auto-alignment kit, you can achieve fail-proof installation of its tempered glass screen protector. Once you install the screen guard, you will enjoy black privacy of this screen guard, which gets partially blacked out at 30 degrees and completely invisible at 60 degrees.

The case-friendly design never comes in your way to install a protective case on your iPhone. The flawless screen protector provides amazing touch response.

USP: Better touch response
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#5. Tech Armor

Tech Armor iPhone XR Privacy Screen Protector

A screen protector should not compromise your user experience. Tech Armor knows this and therefore, it has manufactured a screen guard that offers ultimate protection to a larger HD display screen of iPhone XR. Tech Armor has added ten innovative layers to this screen guard, which provides 4-way privacy filter.

The Japanese PET privacy louver material keeps your sensitive data out of the view of identity thieves. Tech Armor’s dual-louver keeps your phone screen black no matter how you hold your device.

USP: Curved screen design
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#6. Miracase

Miracase Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone XR

Every day, you use your iPhone XR for a number of times, and each time your eyes interact with the phone screen, the light of the phone affects your eyes. To absorb the harmful glare of your device, Miracase has made a screen guard with optical eye protection.

This anti-spy screen protector precisely fits on your iPhone XR and never affects the use of cameras and sensors. Nobody can peep into your phone from a 45-degree angle. This keeps your personal information protected against strangers.

USP: Optical eye protection
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#7. Abcalet

Abcalet iPhone XR Privacy Anti-Spy Tempered Glass Screen Protector

One of the glaring features of Abcalet privacy screen protector is that the glass is much brighter than other anti-spy screen guards. Abcalet has made this high-density protector from premium tempered glass, which gives an edge to edge full coverage. This anti-fingerprint and bubble-free screen guard has 9H hardness.

With its 0.26mm thickness, this screen guard ensures extreme durability and promises full compatibility with your phone’s touchscreen sensitivity. Abcalet has used bubble-free adhesive, which makes it easy for you to install the screen guard.

USP: 0.26mm thickness
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#8. Pehael

Pehael Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone XR

Pehael’s privacy screen guard keeps your personal and sensitive data safe from strangers. The best thing about this screen protector is that you can hold your device horizontally or vertically. It’s made of 0.33mm premium quality tempered-glass, which keeps your phone screen dust- and fingerprint-free.

To make the installation process more straightforward, Pehael provides wet/dry wipes and dust-removal stickers in the package. Once you install the protector, enjoy its 9H hardness and safeguard phone’s touchscreen from scratches.

USP: 0.33mm tempered glass
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#9. FlexGear

FlexGear iPhone XR Privacy Glass Screen Protector

FlexGear presents new generation screen protector, which does not darken your phone’s screen, and therefore, you are not supposed to adjust the brightness. This way, the screen guard saves the battery life of your iPhone XR. FlexGear uses Aura Shield glass, which provides 3D touch support. Moreover, this glass has an anti-fingerprint coating, which prevents the touchscreen from getting damaged.

For maximum protection, this glass has 9H hardness and yet it is 15% thinner than other screen protectors. FlexGear gives a medium degree of darkening; hence, you need to reduce the brightness to achieve a higher level of privacy.

USP: Shatterproof glass
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#10. Cell Accessories

Cell Accessories For Less iPhone XR Anti-Spy Glass Privacy Screen Protector

Cell Accessories has come up with anti-spy glass protector and camera lens screen guard for your iPhone XR. Enjoy a full range of protection for your phone’s touchscreen whether you hold your device horizontally or vertically. Cell Accessories has designed a camera lens guard especially for iPhone XR; the camera lens is protected against damages and scratches.

The phone’s screen is directly visible and still visible within 90 degrees. This will protect your phone browsing from strangers near you. Cell Accessories has manufactured a 9H hardness tempered glass, which safeguards your phone screen from scratches, sweat, and oil residue.

USP: Camera lens protector
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That’s all, friends!

Your choice???

Anti-spy screen protectors are must-have accessories for any iPhone XR user. Protecting your sensitive and private information is your responsibility. Once you unlock your iPhone, it is exposed to many prying eyes around you. With privacy screen guards, you can stop strangers from spying on your data.

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