Best iPhone XR Cases: Potpourri of High-Quality Cases

Before you buy iPhone XR, think of its protection. And when it comes to protection, explore the best. Choose one of the best iPhone XR cases from the list given below.

iPhone XR was the most-awaited iPhone this year. This 6.1-inch iPhone is touted as flagship killer as it boasts some high-end features available in iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. Users are surely going to make beeline for this iPhone, and perhaps, for this reason, accessory makers have begun to mass-produce cases and other products for this phone. Here, we have created a list of some of the best iPhone XR cases for you.

Since iPhone is world’s best smartphone, we have picked up cases made by the best brands. You may rest assured that you will get the premium product for your premium device.

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Best iPhone XR Cases

#1. Spigen Clear Case

Spigen iPhone XR Clear Case

Spigen offers its expertise in manufacturing different cases for iPhones. This crystal clear case gives you transparency to flaunt the original phone design and allows you to envy your friends and colleagues.

Made of hybrid technology, this case has TPU bumper along with durable PC back. You get complete peace of mind as the case protects your phone from scratches and falls.

USP: Hybrid technology
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#2. Speck Tough Case

Speck Tough Case for iPhone XR

Speck uses IMPACTIUM material to make its cases stronger than other cases available on the market. There are two tough and durable layers of protection – a polycarbonate outer shell and an inner IMPACTIUM lining.

Look at the raised rubber ridges on the back, providing you a comfortable and non-slip grip. This is necessary especially for those, who have to commute every day. Speck has drop-tested this case from the height of ten feet; you may rest assured that you will get the strong case.

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#3. Casetify Geranium

Casetify iPhone XR Slimmest Protective Case

Casetify presents an impressive range of iPhone XR cases for girls and ladies of discerning tastes. Yes, the entire range is dedicated to women of substance. This Geranium case is touted as the world’s slimmest and most protective phone case. Casetify has used its innovative QitechTM technology to make this case shockproof.

To remove bulk from the case, Casetify has crafted a slim case of 1.8mm thickness. However, protection of your phone is not compromised. Casetify case offers military-grade protection to your iPhone XR.

USP: Innovative QitechTM technology
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#4. Case-Mate Crystal Case

Case Mate Crystal Case for iPhone XR

Pink highlights the feminine grace and charm, which is integrated by Case-Mate in its Sheer Crystal case. The sparkling crystals impress your eyes and keep the elegance of the case intact for a long time.

But the beautiful journey has some robust milestones as well. This case is equipped with anti-scratch technology to protect your phone from bumps and drops. The case protects your iPhone even if it is dropped from the height of ten feet.

USP: Sparkling elegance
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#5. Spigen Slim Armor

Spigen Armor Case for iPhone XR

Spigen’s Slim Armor case is one of the best cases for those who love to own wallet cases. Spigen has used the design of a bumper case to make this wallet case. Until you turn your case around, you won’t know there is a slider to push. And when you push the slider, you will find that hidden card slot.

This is an intelligent design from Spigen, a company known for high-quality cases for iPhones. Dual layers and air cushion technology are technological marvels. Your phone is well protected by shock-absorbing TPU interior and polycarbonate exterior.

USP: Air-cushion technology
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#6. Urban Armor Gear (UAG) Wallet Case

Urban Armor Gear iPhone XR Wallet Case

Urban Armor Gear boasts seven series of iPhone cases. This wallet case is picked up from METROPOLIS SERIES of the company. The case has feather-light impact resistant core. The soft felt-lined cover provides you with 360-degree protection.

This black case offers you a non-slip grip along with water-resistance. Unlike other wallet cases (which are mainly made of genuine or synthetic leather), UAG has used felt to create this case, which has enough space to store your credit/debit cards.

USP: Felt-lined cover
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#7. OtterBox Bumper Case

Otterbox iPhone XR Bumper Case

Symmetry Series of OtterBox has stylish cases, unlike its Defender series. This Aspen Gleam case is ultra-slim and easy to install and remove. The case protects your iPhone XR from drops and other damages.

OtterBox has combined style and strength in this elegant case, which showcases your iPhone and your style. Raised edges help protect your iPhone’s touchscreen when you place your phone face down.

USP: Synthetic rubber material
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#8. Mous Fully Protective Case

Mous Fully Protective Case for iPhone XR

Mous has manufactured this protective case by using its trademark AiroShock technology, which has tiny air pockets and cross-linking polymer chains. The innovative technology works like springs to protect your phone from shocks and drops.

A body of this case is made of polycarbonate and TPU. For efficient edge-to-edge swiping, Mous has lowered the lips of the frame.

USP: AiroShock technology
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#9. HelloNomad Leather Case

HelloNomad iPhone XR Leather Case

HelloNomad sources its leather from Horween Leather company, which enjoys a legacy of tanning leather for the last hundred years. This rugged case flaunts minimalist design as the brand has paid more attention to the strength.

The case is made of high-quality polycarbonate material. It is drop-tested from the height of six feet. HelloNomad case is compatible with wireless charging.

USP: Horween leather
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#10. Bellroy Wallet Case

Bellroy Wallet Case for iPhone X

Bellroy has revolutionized wallet case design. This tapered shaping keeps the case as slim as possible, and still, you can tuck one to three cards behind your phone. Crafting a magnetic closure on the premium leather and polymer is an achievement in its own right.

When you flip open the magnetic closure, you will find the card storage, wherein you can put your credit/debit cards. Surprisingly slim silhouette captures your attention as Bellroy has tapered the edges around the card section.

USP: Tapered shaping
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Summing up…

Since you have got a premium phone, you must think of its protection first. Above, we have listed the best cases for your iPhone, which may get damaged if not covered. You can take any one of the cases and keep using your device for a long time.

You can also explore the below lineups:

Which case would you like to buy for your iPhone XR? Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Download our app to explore more iPhone XR accessories.

Dhvanesh Adhiya
Dhvanesh Adhiya is our editor-in-chief and reviewer who takes care of He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.


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