There are tons of photography apps for the iPhone on the store. In fact, my head’s still spinning taking a look at all the ones that I’m not going to download, ever.

There are a handful of them which are stunning. No, I’m not talking about Instagram: I know you’ve got it already on your iPhone and if you haven’t, I wouldn’t bother about download it again.

It’s been quite a while since I came out of Instagram and found interesting alternatives. It is these that we’re going to look at.

Best iPhone Photography Apps You Must Have in 2013 Besides Instagram:

1. ISO500 for 500px

ISO500 for 500px for iPhone500px is one of my most favorite websites if I want some photo-inspiration. 500Px ain’t the usual photo website that you’d find on the web. It’s unique to the point of being cliched but a fantastic site. The ISO500 for 500px app is an unofficial but beautiful app designed to serve you all photography from 500px. New features are getting added and hopefully, you should be able to upload your photos through the app as soon as the API gets cleared.

Download 500px

2. Flickr

Flickr App for iPhoneNeedless to say, Yahoo! has been making a giant comeback after Mayers took over the CEO’s mantle. Flickr came out with an all-new app for the iPhone which has created a buzz. In our tests of the app, it performed quite well. And it can be a serious competitor to Instagram only if more users come back to Flickr. Overall, a fantastic app.

Download Flickr

3. Facebook Camera

Facebook Camera App for iPhoneYet another product from Facebook which is constantly losing its reputation, Nevertheless, Facebook Camera is a great app if you dislike the original app and its flawed photo handling.

Download Facebook Camera

4. Overgram

OverGram App for iPhoneOkay, Instagram isn’t all that evil but I really don’t like to see everyone applying default filters to their photos and showing it off as a professional thing. I mean, if that’s what you want to do, add some crazy text over it. That’s what Overgram does. It lets you add text over your photos and then share them on Instagram. Pretty simple, right?

Download Overgram

5. WowFX

WowFX iPhone App for iPhoneAdding a “Wow!” factor to your photos made simple: that’s how I’d describe WowFX to you. If you’re not impressed by Instagram’s not-quite-great filters (or may be clichéd filters), this app will make your jaws drop with the kind of effects it can produce, Unbeatable.

Download WowFX