Best USB-C Chargers for iPhone Xs Max, XS, and iPhone XR: Get On with Fast Charging

What I've found really appreciable in the following USB-C adapters is the ability to provide not just lightning fast charging but also high efficiency. Find out if they can match your specific taste!

Despite the high anticipation, Apple’s 2018 iPhones haven’t come up with USB-C port. As they are compatible with fast charging, it would have been apt to bring this much-awaited feature. However, it’s needless to cry over the spilled milk. Assuming you are willing to embrace turbocharging, we’ve reviewed the finest USB-C power adapters for iPhone Xs Max, XS, and iPhone XR available in the market right now.

To get on with the fast charging, you also need a USB-C to Lightning cable (along with a support USB-C charger). With several top-quality options at the disposal, handpicking the one that can stand up to your high demand remains a simple affair. Check out which one of the following USB-C wall chargers are designed to be your pick!

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Top 10 USB-C Chargers for iPhone Xs Max, XS, and iPhone XR

#1. Anker 5-Port Charger

Anker USB C Charger for iPhone Xs Max, XS, and iPhone XR

“Anker” is popular for producing the finest chargers. So, I’m expecting this 5-port USB-C charger top-notch in all departments.

It looks pretty compact and lets you charge multiple devices with rapid speed. With the anti-scratch design, it’s able to retain its shine for long.

With the advance protection system on offer, the charger ensures your iPhone remains safeguarded against several common threats like short-circuiting and overcharging. Moreover, the wall charger comes with the standard 18-month warranty.

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USP: Highly efficient charging
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#2. ZeroLemon

ZeroLemon iPhone Xs Max, XS, and iPhone XR USB C Charger

When you talk about the most reliable USB-C chargers, you can’t keep this offering from ZeroLemon away. It comes with four ports and delivers total 75W output.

With the built-in intelligent chip, this charger provides secure charging to your iPhone by keeping hazards like overcurrent and overcharging away. The CB, ETL, CE, ROHS certifications make it one of the most trusted adapters in the market.

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As for design, ZeroLemon wall charger features a lightweight design. So, you can comfortably carry it even in your small pocket. Lastly, it comes with a 24-month warranty.

USP: Secure charging
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AUKEY iPhone Xs Max, XS, and iPhone XR USB C Charger

“AUKEY” has also been one of the leading charging accessory makers. What has called for my attention in this USB-C adapter is the efficiency with which it juices up the compatible devices.

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The charger comes with dual ports to let you juice up multiple devices simultaneously. Thanks to the built-in safeguards, it shields your smartphone against regular dangers like overcurrent to ensure your device is charged up with the needed safety.

With the foldable plug, it can easily slip into your pocket. Therefore, you can able to carry it conveniently. Besides, AUKEY wall charger comes with a 24-month warranty.

USP: Foldable plug for comfortable carrying
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#4. Anker PowerPort II

Anker PowerPort II USB C Charger for iPhone Xs Max, XS, and iPhone XR

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PowerPort II is yet another wall charger from Anker, which has deservedly walked into this lineup. Though it may not be as competent as its sibling (mentioned above), it can be worth serious consideration if you are looking for a bit more affordable option.

PowerPort II features dual ports that deliver total 49.5W output which is good enough to charge your device at a rapid speed. With the multi-project system, the charger provides uncompromised safety to your device. It’s well-built and lightweight. Moreover, this portable iPhone charger comes with an 18-month warranty.

USP: Ultra-portable design
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#5. FHT

FHT USB C Charger for iPhone Xs Max, XS, and iPhone XR

I find “FHT” up to the task on various aspects. First, it’s got the ability to offer fast and secure charging solution to your supported iOS device.

The second, it comes with dual ports for more flexibility. Times when you wish to charge up your power-hungry devices, the extra-port comes in really handy.

And the third, it offers the necessary safety guard to ensure your smartphone continues to charge without damage. The certifications from RoHS, CE & FCC make FHT a dependable charger.

USP: Pretty compact design
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CHOETECH USB C Charger for iPhone Xs Max, XS, and iPhone XR

CHOETECH may not be a big name like many of its rivals. However, when it comes to producing high-quality chargers, it can give a long run to the best in the business.

Talking about this charger; it features a single USB-C port that offers 3amp output which is quite sufficient to charge your smartphone fast. Regarding safety, it does a fairly good job of preventing the common dangers like short-circuiting at a long distance. Design wise, I think it’s quite simple and can resist minor bumps.

If you are willing to get an affordable charger with one USB-C port, this one is a better option.

USP: Built-in safeguards
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LENTION USB-C Charger for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR

LENTION brings a perfect travel companion for globetrotters, who fly across the continents. Keep this USB-C charger for your iPhone with you and you can charge your iOS devices anywhere. Its foldable plug allows you to put this charger easily in your travel bag.

Apart from USB-C charging, this wall charger also provides you two USB-A charging ports to power up other devices you carry during travels. You can use all the three ports simultaneously to charge your laptop/Mac, iPhone, and iPad. With its built-in intelligent shunt, this charger can control temperature and protects your device from short-circuit and other damages.

USP: Multi-functional charging
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#8. Youway

Youway USB C Charger for iPhone Xs Max, XS, and iPhone XR

Looking for a wall charger that can be a bit easier to carry during travel? You should give “Youway” a chance to impress you.

It’s made of high-grade aluminum that makes it extremely durable. Another thing worth mentioning is the foldable plug that makes it more convenient to carry during the travel.

The four ports provide more flexibility especially when you want never to let your devices run out of steam. Talking about the desired shield against overcurrent and other similar dangers, Youway can be trusted to put those villains away without any issue. Beyond safety, you can choose it three attractive colors: Gold, Rose gold and Black.

USP: Durable construction
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#9. RND Power Solutions

RND USB C Charger for iPhone Xs Max, XS, and iPhone XR

Should you think of going for a simple single port charger, “RND Power Solutions” can be one of the great contenders for your requirement. Just like most of its counterparts, it’s also on the lighter side. As a result, you will find it fully suitable for your long travel.

Concerning the ability to charge the supported devices, this wall charger shouldn’t disappoint you. I mean you can get the desired efficiency and the speed to boost the battery of your smartphone with top-notch speed. Plus, RND Power Solutions charger comes with a one-year warranty.

USP: A fine affordable option
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TECHDOTY USB C Charger for iPhone Xs Max, XS, and iPhone XR

“TECHDOTY” belongs to the group of wall chargers that are designed to fit into your basic requirements ideally. This USB-C compact charger has a single port that can be sufficient for keeping one device powered up. The 3amp output is decent, if not excellent.

It’s certified by RoHS and CE agencies. So, you can expect this adapter never to let dangers harm your device when it’s on the charge. And the 18-month warranty further boosts its profile as a dependable charger.

USP: Lightweight design
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That’s all, folks!

What’s your top bet?

With so many high-quality chargers, choosing the one that can get your job done shouldn’t have been a big deal for you. Though the well-known names always come with the better options, some of the lesser-known manufacturers have come up with the flagship killers. As a prospective buyer, you would like to have more options so that picking out a more reliable one remains easy.

Look at these other accessories list as well:

Which one of the above charger have you chosen for your iPhone? It would be great to know your pick in the comments below. Make sure to download our iGB app and remain connected with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus never to miss our latest iPhone accessories.

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