AUKEY USB-C Wall Chargers: Double Your Productivity With Dynamic Detect

Day-by-day our devices are becoming more powerful, both in terms of output and energy consumption. While we would like to, we really can’t complain about the consumption as to achieve high output, higher input (energy) is required. However, even with rapidly increasing battery lives, our devices are strapped to cables to a certain extent.

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In turn, we find ourselves entangled in the mess of these wires and their respective adaptors. Well, AUKEY USB C Wall Charger offers a viable solution to sort the clutter. I have been using the charger myself for quite some time and found it to be quite liberating. It did indeed offer me some much-needed relief from charging woes. Scroll down for an in-depth review of the product.

AUKEY USB C Wall Charger for iPhone, iPad, and MacBook: A Safe, Convenient and Powerful Charging Solution

AUKEY USB-C Wall Charger for MacBook Pro and iPhone

The PA-D5 model that I have been using is a smart dual-port charging adapter with 63W output capacity. With features such as high-speed charging, dynamic detect, portability, and a wide range of compatibility across devices, the charger is definitely an excellent addition to your arsenal.

Whether you are using one or both the ports, the dynamic detect technology lets you access the full power through the USB-C port to charge your laptops, phones, and tablets. That’s right!! The wall charger has sufficient power to charge even your 15-inch MacBook Pro.

AUKEY USB-C PD Wall Charger

The AUKEY USB C wall charger supports a comprehensive list of devices that supports USB-C charging including the 15″ & 13″ MacBook Pro, 13″ & 12″ MacBook Air, compatible HP, and Dell Laptops, iPhone 11, 10 and 8 series, Google Pixel 4 and 3 series, Nintendo Switch, and much more.

Dynamic Detect To Enhance The Power Delivery

Often the power delivery (PD) of a multiple port adaptor is not that great, even if you are using just one port. This happens majorly due to the inefficient power-sharing across unused ports. AUKEY employs a dynamic detect technology that smartly manages the power directed to the ports.

To put it simply, the charger can detect when you are using a single port or both ports and intelligently adjust the power delivery options accordingly. So, when you use both the ports, the upper port delivers 18W, and the lower port offers 45W. And when just the lower port is used, the power delivery is upped to 60W. Though, if you are only using the upper port, the same 18 W power is delivered.

This smart power distribution lets you conveniently fast-charge your iPhone or iPad and laptop, at the same time, with just one adaptor. Or you can fast-charge your laptop by only using one port. Note that the adaptor doesn’t have any demarcation for ports. So you will have to remember that the upper port, which is closest to the power prongs, offers 18 W power while the below one offers 45W or 60 W.


AUKEY Portable USB-C Wall Charger

If you don’t like traveling with multiple wires and adaptors, then a multi-pin charger is your best bet. In our list of best USB-C Chargers for iPhone 11, we have covered a few of those. However, this particular charger has caught my fancy for being a great combination of power and portability.

AUKEY USB-C Fast Charger for iPhone, iPad, and MacBook

The AUKEY USB C wall charger uses a streamlined GaN power system that ensures higher charging efficiency, up to 3x faster, while maintaining a small and light charger. Additionally, the 5.22oz charger also features foldable prongs, making it compacter and easier to fit in travel bags, utility pouches, and drawers.

And not just in your bags, the charger is perfectly compatible with your home or office space as well. Along with being compact and a declutterer, the brand has also blessed the product with good looks. Designed in a minimalistic way, it is just plain black with a pop of color from the ports and a small light that indicates power supply.

Safety and Warranty 

A significant issue with any third-party charger is device safety against voltage fluctuations and other such problems. However, the AUKEY’s smart charger offers a suite of built-in safety features to keep your device safe from excessive current, overheating, and overcharging.

AUKEY is a trusted brand name that guarantees consumers a product of top-notch quality and performance. And to ensure that every user is happy and satisfied, the brand offers a 45-day money-back guarantee and 24-month product replacement warranty.

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Check Other Promising Products from AUKEY

AUKEY USB-C Charger 36WBuy Now AUKEY USB-C Charger 36W

If you are looking for a charger with a very high power capacity, then you can check out this product. Similar to the above mentioned 63 W charger, this model also employs dynamic charging. It delivers 30W power when only one port is in use and when both are in use it will have 18W Power Delivery in both of them. It also features foldable prongs and a suite of safety features. 

AUKEY USB-C Charger 30WBuy Now AUKEY USB-C Charger 30W

If not all your devices are compatible with USB-C, then you should opt for this charger. The PA-D1 model has a USB-C and standard USB port, offering you compatibility across a wider range of devices. Thanks to dynamic detect, it can offer 30W or 18W output when a single or both ports are used respectively.

AUKEY 60W USB PD Charger with GaN Power TechBuy Now AUKEY 60W USB PD Charger with GaN Power Tech & Power Delivery 3.0

Don’t like to share power, then AUKEY has a special option for you as well. This one contains only one single port, that dedicatedly serves 60W output. In-built with an advanced power integrations ‘GaN’ power chip, that allows the device to absorb full power for a fast-charge. Moreover, the chip ensures that the device stays protected against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging.

Signing Off…

Choosing a correct charger for your device is as potent as selecting the right device for yourself. No matter how smart or powerful the device is, it is practically unusable without battery. Which is why the market is brimming with charging options from wireless chargers to portable chargers.

AUKEY is a trusted name in the world of chargers, and after experiencing its power and productivity, I extend my assurance for this very product. I hope it resolves your cluttering issues and helps you in doubling your productivity.

While I give a thumbs up to AUKEY Charger, what are your thoughts about the brand and the product? Do let us know in the comment section below. I will see you next time, till then you can connect with us on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also download our iOS app to check other useful products and accessories.

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