watchOS 7 Features: Release Date, Leaks, Rumors, Beta and Supporting Devices

We and our internal, as well as associate teams, have provided leaks, rumors, possible features, hardware design for several iPhones and Apple Devices. Recently our iPhone SE 2 and 2020 iPad Pro leaks renders were mentioned in over a dozen reputed global publications. However, today, I came across a brilliant post by Matt Birchler that talks about watchOS 7 features and what he hopes.

Matt has beautifully explained and provided images in his article on Taking inspiration from his post, let us look at what watchOS 7 should bring.

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So if you have questions regarding watchOS 7 release date, watchOS 7 beta, watchOS 7 public beta, and the possible features, here is your answer. Let us start with the features we wish Apple includes with watchOS 7.

watchOS 7 Features, Release Date, and Beta

watchOS 7 Release Date

Observing the previous Apple patterns, we can conclude that Apple will most likely introduce us to watchOS 7 with Apple Watch 6 in the WWDC 2020 keynote, that will possibly happen in the first or second week of June 2020.

watchOS 7 Expected Features:

Sleep Tracking on watchOS 7

Sleep Tracking on watchOS 7 Features ConceptA real new feature on Apple Watch in 2019 was always-on display. It has its share of limitations, but it is great to have. For watchOS 7, I really hope that Apple includes inbuilt sleep tracking. There are third-party apps that do this, but having it from Apple on watchOS 7 would be an incredible addition.

Rapid Charge on watchOS 7

Suppose you get sleep tracking with watchOS 7. Now imagine a situation where you keep wearing your watch the entire night for it to track your sleep. In the morning you wear it to track your run and your exercise.

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You get a short window of hardly an hour before you leave for office. In the office, Apple Watch nicely nudges you to take a minute break and walk. Therefore ideally you wear it all day. So, where is the time to charge it?

I hope Apple brings rapid charging or faster charging that allows the Apple Watch to be juiced up to one hundred percent in less than an hour. This would allow us to charge it after morning exercise when we shower, have our breakfast, etc.

Low Power Mode with watchOS 7

Low Power Mode on iPhone is useful. It conserves battery but does not turn your iPhone into a dummy. Similarly, I wish to have Low Power Mode in watchOS 7.

Now you might say Apple Watch already has Battery Saver mode. But as Matt puts it brilliantly, “Battery saver mode effectively makes the watch useless, even as a watch since it takes about 2-5 seconds for the time to even show up after you press a button, which feels like an eternity.

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Therefore something in the middle like a low power mode that stops certain apps from hogging the tiny watch battery, but still better and more useful than Battery Saver mode, would be a welcome addition.

Allow Customization of Your Activity Rings

Allow Customization of Your Activity Rings in watchOS 7 Image Credit:

I hope in 2020, Apple allows us to customize the Activity rings as well as permit to add more rings. So if you wanted to add sleep or mindfulness, you should be able to do that.

Matt has a heading in his article titled “A Damn Day Off.” It is apt and immediately needed. People get obsessed with completing the activity ring. A one day break on Sunday is fine, but what about certain days when you are ill or traveling or simply in a situation where it is not possible to hit the target? So Apple must “allow us the ability to be human and take a day off every once in a while.

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Better Manage and Edit Workout

The Apple Watch is good, but it isn’t excellent at auto starting or auto stopping the workout. At times, you lose precious initial 5-10 minutes of your exercise as it isn’t recorded. Similarly, there may be situations when you have finished the workout, but auto-stop does not register it and wrongly logs that you have been working out for an hour.

So, the option to tell the app that you started working out X minutes ago or cut out the start and end of your workout and save only the actual time you want would be a super suitable feature.

Furthermore, Matt (and I too) hope that with watchOS 7, we get to see our activity data on I know this is a small feature, and not everyone may be interested in it. But it would be convenient to have.

See Your activity data from iCloud in watchOS 7

Image Credit:

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Export and Download Workout Data as CSV

My data, my rules! watchOS 7 should let the user export and download the workout data into a CSV. It would allow the user to run their analytics if they like and better understand their workout activities. After all, it is your data, and you should be allowed to comprehend it the way you want.

Improved Message Response Suggestions in watchOS 7

Matt’s wife texted him “my head hurts,” and the Apple Watch in its top suggested replies showed ‘Thank you, Thanks, Ok, Yes, No, Talk Later?, Hold on a sec… and BRB (Be right back)!

A time when Google Duplex is making calls and talking almost like a human with umm, ah sounds, Apple Watch is asking you to reply ‘Thank you’ if your wife is in pain! Is it shocking, idiotic, or just poorly built!

With watchOS 7, your Apple Watch should have the ability to at least understand few basic things like happiness, sadness, pain, excitement in the text message, and offer response suggestions accordingly.

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Learn and Offer Personalized Suggestions

Suppose you call your girlfriend or your wife with a nickname. Or maybe you have a personal dictionary of your own, between you two, where you write ‘babe’ as ‘babeee’ or ‘so sorry’ as ‘soooo sorry.’ Apple Watch with watchOS 7 should learn from how you usually type to a person and respond accordingly.

So if your wife texts you ‘How is your day going’ the response suggestion should be something like ‘Great babeee, U tell.’ On the other hand, if your boss or co-worker texts ‘How is your day going,’ the suggestion should be similar to ‘Good, What about you.’

I know this is too much to ask, but hey, the world is moving towards AI and Machine Learning. If companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung with oceans of user data, initially can’t, then who will?

Shortcuts on Apple watchOS 7

Apple Watch, in its current state, allows you to do little with Shortcuts. With watchOS 7 Matt (and I believe almost all Apple Watch users) wish to have actions like Silence notifications, Open a specific app, Start a particular workout, Switch off always-on display, and more.

Apple Watch to Work with iPad

I understand that Apple Watch (even the Cellular Model) is not yet ready to run entirely on its own. It needs a companion, and an iPhone provides it that. But what is stopping Apple from allowing the watch to pair with an iPad and let the users see their data on the big iPad screen? We know iPad and iPhone (and iPod Touch) are not just siblings but fraternal twins. So, why not let Apple Watch pair with an iPad.

Allow Apple Watch Pairing with Android in watchOS 7

Some features of AirPods like automatic ear detection do not work when connected to an Android device; nevertheless, you can pair them with your Samsung or Pixel or One Plus, etc. and enjoy music, movies, and calls.

Similarly, I believe Apple Watch should be able to pair with Android. There should be a Watch app for Android (like Apple Music for Android, or iTunes for Windows) that should let a user use Apple Watch with their Android Phone.

Also, do you know that Tim Cook has claimed that Apple’s wearables business is now bigger than 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies? AirPods alone is big enough to be among Fortune 500 companies. Now, if Apple Watch can work with Android, do you think it will see even enormous growth?

Other Notable Features of watchOS 7

In addition to the above features, watchOS 7 should have a persistent notification for workout on iPhone, better wireless speeds, blood pressure monitoring, QWERTY keyboard, scribble with autocomplete, and audio sharing like iOS 13.

watchOS 7 Developer Beta

The developer beta for the last version that is watchOS 6, released on 3rd June 2019. Apple will most probably follow the custom and release watchOS 7 Developer Beta at its keynote in mid-2020.

watchOS 7 Public Beta

Apple releases public beta for all its major operating systems like iOS, macOS, tvOS. However, it does not distribute public beta for watchOS. This may be because it is a bit tough and lengthy to install beta on an Apple Watch.

So, I suppose this year too, there will be no public beta. Or will Apple take a different route? We will keep you posted. Download our iGeeksBlog app to stay connected.

Signing off…

So what do you think of the watchOS 7 features mentioned above? Are you excited and hopeful about them? Mention your thoughts in the comments down below. Also, share any idea or feature request you have.

And before you go, I would ask you to read Matt’s articles as he has been beautifully writing about hopeful watchOS features since watchOS 3.

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