Learning new languages is becoming common nowadays. Almost everyone has command over more than one language. In countries like India, speaking in three different languages is no big deal. One is state language, other is national language, and last one is English.

Apple Watch lets you dictate your message under messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Messages or Slack, and the dictation language is set to the one you selected during setting up your new Apple Watch. There are times when we might want to interact with friends or family in our native language.

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How to Change Dictation Language On Apple Watch

Just for an instance, my Apple Watch is set to English language by default, and I would like to dictate a message in Spanish. Well, this is possible with Apple Watch. Here, we will explain you in an easy step-by-step method on changing dictation language in Apple Watch.

How to Change Dictation Language in Apple Watch

Step #1. Launch any messaging app that has dictation feature like: Facebook Messenger, Messages or Slack.

Step #2. Tap on the microphone icon within the app.

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Step #3. Dictation interface will come up on your Apple Watch, now press the display firmly to reveal the hidden language menu.

Step #4. Now tap on “Choose Language”.

Step #5. The language menu will display languages as you would have set on your iPhone under Settings → General → Keyboard.

Step #6. Tap on the language and start dictating.

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One thing to note here is that, languages that are enabled on iPhone will only be supported for dictation in Apple Watch. Apart from that, you can set different dictating languages in different apps. For example, you can set dictation language as English in Facebook Messenger, while Spanish in Messages app.

Watch out how to change Dictation Language in Apple Watch:

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