Dictation Not Working on iPhone? Here’s How to Fix It

iOS users are facing a new issue of dictation not working on their iPhone. Here are all possible fixes that might solve this issue. Refer to the guide given below.

Many iOS users have been complaining about dictation not working on their iPhone/iPad. The little microphone icon is grayed out, when you try to dictate something in Messages app. There are many reasons behind this issue. We have covered almost every single reason along with their solution.

The Problem

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If the dictation key is grayed out, it’s mostly because there is not enough memory in your iPhone to run that service. Dictation – simple though it seems -is actually a Siri-like service which accesses the Apple servers to transcode what you speak. Since Apple is intent on making it a very smart and accurate system, there’s a lot of resources used up when you use Dictation.

Dictation Not Working on iPhone

Now you might understand, that it require lots of resources along with internet bandwidth to use dictation feature. So, make sure you have a decent internet connection before attempting to use dictation feature.

How to Fix Dictation Not Working on iPhone

#1. Close all background app

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Double tap home button, and clear all the apps that are running in background. By doing so, your iPhone will clear the memory usage.

#2. Force restart your iPhone

Force restart your device by pressing and holding Sleep/Wake button along with home button, until you see the Apple logo. By force restarting, your device will clear all the temporary cache files, giving more resources to dictation feature.

#3. Check for dictation settings

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Sometimes, we might try every technical process, while only a simple mistake could be bothering us. Check for dictation settings before coming to any conclusion.

Make sure you have toggled on Dictation option in Settings → General → Keyboard → Scroll down and Toggle ON Dictation.

Tap on Settings Then General on iDevicesTap on Keyboard on iPhoneEnable Dictation on iPhone

#4. Refresh your internet connection

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Try toggling ON Airplane Mode and then turn it back OFF. This will reset the network connection. If there is any network problem, this might solve it.

Go to Settings toggle ON Airplane mode and turn it back OFF after few seconds.

Turn On Airplane Mode on iPhoneor

Swipe the screen up to open control center and tap on Airplane icon.

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Toggle Airplane Mode from iPhone Control Center

#5. Reset all settings

Settings app has lot of options to configure, we might have made some or the other changes; which could possibly cause dictation not working issue.

Reset all settings from Settings → General → Reset → . Don’t worry, this will just reset the settings and all your data will be untouched.

Tap on Settings Then General on iDevicesReset All Settings on iPhoneConfirm to Reset All Settings in iOS 9

#6. Check for Restrictions

Make sure you have not enabled Restriction option. Go to Settings → General → Restrictions → toggle ON Siri & Dictation.

Tap on Settings Then General on iDevicesTap on Restrictions and Enter Passode on iPhoneTurn On Dictation from Restrictions on iPhone

#7. Enter recipient number in Messages app

If you are trying to access dictation feature on Messages app, then first thing you will need to do is to enter recipient number. Unless and until you don’t do it, dictation icon will stay grayed out. Give it a try by entering recipient number.

#8. Backup and restore using iTunes

Try resetting your entire device from Settings → General → Reset → Erase All Content and Settings. Then restore your device from backup using iTunes.

Did this solve your dictation not working issue? Or if you have any other fix, do share with us on our social media pages or by commenting in the box given below.

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