iPhone Not Sending Text Messages? Try Out These Fixes

Can't Send Regular Text Message from iPhone

It’s very annoying if your iPhone is not sending text messages, thankfully, the solutions to fix this problem are easy and quick.

You may not be able to send regular text messages better known as SMS from your iPhone and see red  Exclamation mark icon due to an unusual bug or temporary glitches. Before you contact your carrier or visit an Apple Store, look at all these straightforward fixes to this issue. By the end, you will get the answer for ‘why is my iPhone not sending text messages?’

Is Your iPhone Not Sending Text Messages? Here’s How to Fix the Issue

First of all, make sure you are allowed to send SMS from your carrier’s end. If you are a prepaid user, ensure you have enough balance. And if you are on a postpaid plan, make sure there are no outstanding bills or limitations on your account.

Solution #1. Restart Your iPhone

This is a simple yet effective solution to fix iPhone won’t send messages issue on your iPhone. Turn off your device, and after one minute, turn it back ON.

Solution #2. Quit and Reopen the Messages App

On iPhone with Home Button, double press it to see all open apps. On iPhone without Home Button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause.

Now, drag the Messages app card to top to force quit it. You may also close other running apps. Reopen the Messages app and try sending a text messages.

Solution #3. Check Phone Number of the Recipient

Chances are slim, but I would advise that you check the phone number of the person whom you are sending the text. If you see a wrong country code or digits missing from the number, please correct it and try to send the text message again.

Solution #4. Delete the Conversation and Start a New Message

One easy fix is to delete a person’s whole conversation that has failed text messages and start fresh.

Step #1. Open Messages app and swipe right to left on person’s conversation. Tap on Delete and confirm.

Open Messages and Swipe Message and Tap on Delete on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on blue write icon from top right and start a new conversation with the person.

Tap on Write icon to Start a New Messages on iPhone

Solution #5. Check What You Are Sending in Text Message is Supported

Every mobile network provider does not support MMS. It may also be turned off in your iPhone settings. Therefore, if you are sending a photo, video, or anything other than text (and maybe emojis), it will fail, and you will see red  Exclamation mark icon icon.

Tap on i icon to Check Why Text Message Fail on iPhone

Solution #6. Make Sure You Have Turned ON SMS

It is a good idea to ensure that your iPhone can send a message as a regular text message when iMessage isn’t available. To turn this on, open Settings app → Messages → switch on the toggle for Send as SMS.

Tap on Messages and Turn ON the Toggle for Send as SMS

Solution #7. Correct iPhone’s Date and Time

Not only text messages, but several applications and services are affected if your iPhone is set to the wrong time zone. To make sure that your phone has the correct time and date, open Settings app → GeneralDate & Time → turn on the toggle for Set Automatically.

Tap on General and Select Date and Time and Then Enable Set Automatically on iPhone

Solution #8. Turn Off Text Message Forwarding

SMS Forwarding or SMS Relay is a part of the continuity feature introduced with iOS 8. This is handy, but in rare cases, it may cause interference with text messages sent from your iPhone. Hence, turn off Text Message Forwarding.

Step #1. Launch Settings app and tap on Messages.

Step #2. Tap on Text Message Forwarding and turn the toggle off for your other Apple devices you see here.

Tap on Text Message Forwarding and Disable Other Devices

Step #3. Reboot your iPhone. Once your iPhone restarts, launch the Messages app and start sending SMS as usual.

Once you can send messages, try turning Text Message Forwarding back on, if this feature is useful for you.

Solution #9. Turn Off LTE or Use It for Data Only on iPhone

These iPhones have VoLTE feature. If your carrier lets you then, it’s advisable to either turn off LTE or use it for data only on your iPhone. It has been noticed that LTE doesn’t work properly in certain areas.

Step #1. Launch Settings app and tap on Cellular.

Step #2. Tap on LTE → Next up, either tap on Data Only or Off.

Step #3. Once you have gone through the process, reboot your device.

Solution #10. Delete Old Messages

Delete all the old messages. It may sound a bit crazy, but it has the potential to solve iPhone not sending messages issue. Tons of unnecessary conversations might be the roadblocks in sending new ones.

Step #1. Launch Messages app → Tap on three dots and then tap on Select Messages.

You may also just swipe down with two fingers to select message conversations.

Tap on Three Dots and Select Messages on iPhone

Step #2. After you select all conversations, tap on Delete.

Tap on Delete and Remove Old Messages on iPhone

Solution #11. Update Your iPhone to Latest iOS Version

Software updates fix bugs and also introduce new features. You must always run the latest iOS version on your iPhone.

Launch Settings app → GeneralSoftware Update. If you see a pending software update, tap Download and Install.

Solution #12. Reset Network Settings

When you reset your iPhone’s network settings, your data is not erased. However, Wi-Fi passwords and other network settings are erased. This is a good method to fix the issue of text message failure on the iPhone.

Solution #13. Restore Your iPhone

If all the solutions mentioned above fail to fix the problem, you should restore your iPhone as new. Backup your device first before restoring it as all your media and data will be removed.

Text Message Issue Fixed Successfully!

I hope all the ways mentioned above successfully solved the text message glitches you were facing on your iPhone. Please share the method that worked for you. If none of the options helped, it is time to contact your carrier or Apple Support.

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