8 Reasons to use dual SIM iPhone

8 Reasons to use dual SIM iPhone

Dual SIM smartphones have become popular, allowing you to have two separate phone numbers on one device at all times. For a long time, iPhones only supported a single SIM card. But as time passed, more users began to demand multiple SIM cards. So, Apple has also joined the race and released iPhones supporting dual SIM cards. But are dual SIM iPhones a better choice than single SIM ones? Let’s find that out as we discuss the reasons to use dual SIM on iPhone.

Which iPhone models support dual SIM?

Apple has been expanding its lineup of Dual SIM iPhone models, making it the standard. There are three methods to use two SIM cards simultaneously with iPhones: two active nano-SIMs, two active eSIMs, or a combination of both. 

Which iPhone models support dual SIM

The nano-SIM is a physical SIM card put into your iPhone. Alternatively, you may get an eSIM, a digital SIM. Below is the list of all iPhones that support using multiple SIM cards.

SIM combinationSupported devices
Two nano-SIM cards
(Only in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macao)
iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11 series, iPhone 12 series, iPhone 13 series, iPhone 14 series
Two eSIMs iPhone 13, iPhone SE (3rd generation), and later
1 nano-SIM + 1 eSIMiPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone 11 series, iPhone 12 series, iPhone 13 series, iPhone SE (3rd generation), and iPhone 14 series (outside the US)
Source: Apple

Note: All iPhone 14 models sold in the US have support for e-SIM only.

But why do people want to use dual SIM? Continue reading to know the most potent reasons to use dual SIM iPhones if you’re unsure whether you need them.

8 Reasons you should get a dual SIM iPhone

  1. Maintain one iPhone
  2. Avoid network locks
  3. Better network coverage
  4. Grab amazing carrier deals
  5. Separate work and personal lives
  6. Manage contacts easily
  7. Traveling benefits
  8. More storage

It ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences. Having two phone numbers benefits both personal and professional work. Let’s discover why Dual SIM iPhone is better than a single SIM!

1. Maintain one iPhone

You no longer need to carry two phones if you have a personal and professional number. You may use a single iPhone using dual SIM technology. Also, you may just top up one number and access cellular data on your iPhone.  

2. Avoid network locks

Avoid network locks

Certain iPhones can have a carrier or region lock. Carrier lock means your phone is locked to its original carrier, preventing usage with other SIM cards. If you use a SIM card from another provider, texting and calling won’t work. The worst is Apple doesn’t have access to unlock it. 

Besides, the region lock may be enabled depending on your country and the carrier. So, it might be challenging to have a new number from other carriers. In this case, use dual SIM to keep your locked-in number while still having access to other networks. When it comes to carrier-specific disruptions, this will help. 

3. Better network coverage

Better network coverage

Staying connected during carrier outages or service gaps is another purpose of a dual SIM iPhone. Most of the time, network coverage varies by location. So, if your phone has two SIMs, you may temporarily switch to your other SIM if one carrier has technical issues or poor signal strength. You will have twice the possibilities for network coverage.

4. Grab amazing carrier deals

With so much competition, all network providers always try to hold the customer base. So, one network may provide better packs for making calls, and another might offer more significant discounts for data packs. If you use a dual SIM iPhone, you may have access to all the most excellent carrier deals.

5. Separate work and personal lives

Separate work and personal lives

It may be difficult to distinguish between phone bills for business and personal usage if you use only one number for both. Therefore, having a dual SIM iPhone is helpful to differentiate between work-related charges and getting business reimbursement. Many individuals are reluctant to give up their personal phone number when moving to a business handset. So, if your company rents you a dual SIM iPhone, you may use your personal number in it.

6. Manage contacts easily

Having two SIM cards makes it easy to manage your personal and professional contacts. Also, you can set different ringtones for both SIM cards. Therefore, you can easily distinguish between professional and personal calls. If the same contact is on both SIM’s contact lists, their ringtones will change based on which number they call.

Also, commercial apps like Microsoft Outlook may be operated independently using your business number. On the other hand, WhatsApp can only access the contacts on the private SIM when using dual SIM on your iPhone.

7. Traveling benefits

Traveling benefits

If you are going abroad, you must recharge roaming fees for the destination nation to make calls. But purchasing a local SIM card is often far more affordable. So, using an iPhone with dual SIM is better than a single SIM to significantly increase travel savings.

Besides, you may take advantage of exclusive discounts on local SIM. Contacting local companies or persons using a local SIM card is simpler and guarantees greater network strength.

8. More storage

You may use each SIM card’s storage to store contacts. There are SIM cards with up to 256 kilobytes of capacity. So, your iPhone can carry twice as many contacts, texts, etc. using dual SIM cards.

Drawbacks of dual SIM cards on iPhone

Drawbacks of dual SIM cards on iPhone

While having a dual SIM iPhone has numerous benefits, there are a few drawbacks you should be aware of.

  • It leaves a potential impact on iPhone’s battery life, providing shorter standby times. While modern iPhones have efficient battery management systems, having two SIM cards running simultaneously may drain your battery faster.
  • Dual SIM handsets often produce greater electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).
  • Also, losing a dual SIM iPhone is twice as problematic as data related to two SIMs will be lost. Maintaining your iPhone as secure as possible is critical to stay out of trouble.

To sum up, using a dual SIM iPhone may be unnecessary if you don’t travel frequently and don’t need multiple phone numbers. I’d rather suggest keeping a second backup phone.

Two or one; what would you choose?

Getting a dual-SIM iPhone depends on your needs and preferences. If you frequently travel, need multiple phone numbers, or want to consolidate your devices, a dual-SIM iPhone may be worth considering. However, a single-SIM iPhone may suffice if you don’t need multiple phone numbers. Regardless of your decision, check with your carrier and consider the potential impact on battery life before purchasing.

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