How to use Picture in Picture mode in Safari on Mac 

Use Picture in Picture mode in Safari on Mac

Do you like breaking the monotony of your work by watching videos? If yes, Picture in Picture is the perfect tool for you, if you have a single display to work on. This amazing feature lets you enjoy your favorite videos without affecting your work.

Notedly, Mac has an in-built Picture in Picture feature that works seamlessly on Safari. This saves you from the pain of installing a third-party extension on your Mac. In this article, I have covered multiple ways how to use Picture in Picture mode in Safari on Mac. 

What is Picture in Picture mode on Mac? 

Picture in Picture feature allows websites to stream videos in a small floating window while you work on some other page in Safari. Besides, the PiP window remains on your screen no matter which app you open. So, you can consume video content while working on other things.   

Though you can enable PiP mode in Safari on any website facilitating video content, the mechanism to deploy it can be different for particular websites. Therefore, you should know the different ways to use Picture in Picture mode on Mac.    

How to use YouTube Picture in Picture mode in Safari on Mac

The built-in player in YouTube carries a pop-out icon in the playback menu which is not PiP mode. It’s a mini-player that lets you watch videos while exploring other videos. But It disappears as soon as you step out of YouTube’s ecosystem.

  1. Play the video you are willing to play in PiP mode.
  2. Control-click or right-click on the video twice.
  3. Click Picture in Picture.

    Use Safari Picture in Picture mode on YouTube

The selected video will pop out of Safari and continue playing in a tiny floating window at the screen’s edge. You can play or pause the PiP video using YouTube’s playback menu.  Moreover, read this guide to learn about some fixes to use when you face issues playing YouTube videos on Safari.

How to enable Picture in Picture mode using Playback Menu on Mac

Like YouTube, few video streaming platforms make Picture in Picture mode available directly from the playback menu. So, all you need to do is tap the mini-player icon on the playback menu after playing a video. After entering the PiP mode, all other processes remain similar to the steps used in the YouTube method.   

How to use Picture in Picture in Safari from Address Bar on Mac

After learning how to turn on PiP on YouTube and using the Playback menu, let’s move to our third method. You can quickly enable Picture in Picture mode on Mac using the mute button on the Safari Address Bar.

  1. Play your video
  2. Right-click or Control-click on the Mute button on the Address Bar.
  3. Click Enter Picture in Picture.

    Use Picture in Picture in Safari from the Address Bar
  4. The video starts playing in the PiP window.  

How to use Picture in Picture via Safari Extension on Mac

A third-party Safari extension is your ultimate answer if you are looking for the quickest way to Picture in Picture mode in Safari on Mac.

  1. Launch Safari → Click Safari on the menu bar → Select Safari Extensions.

    Launch Safari, Click Safari on the menu bar, Select Safari Extensions
  2. Search your preferred extension.
    I have chosen PiPifier.
  3. Click the download icon → Verify your Touch ID.

    Click download icon
  4. Once installed, go back to Safari.
  5. You’ll see the option to enable the extension.
    Else, open the Safari menu → Settings.  

    Go to Safari and select Settings
  6. Select Extensions Tick the box beside the downloaded extension.

    Select Extensions, Tick the box beside the downloaded extension
  7. Hit Turn on.

    Hit Turn On
  8. Go to the website and play your video.
  9. Click the PiP extension beside the address bar.  

    See Picture in Picture mode in Address Bar

Wrapping up…

Going through an essential document while watching a light-hearted video in Picture in Picture mode can quickly distract you from boredom. You can use PiP to escape the Split View option or from the hassle of opening a new window. The feature is also accessible on Apple TV and iPhones using iOS 14 or above.   

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