How to Use Picture-in-Picture Mode on Mac

How to Use Picture in Picture Mode on Mac

Picture in Picture mode on Mac lets you watch your favorite video while using other apps at the same time. When you use PiP in macOS, the video floats on top of any app or window. The best thing about it is that the video will continue to play in PiP, even if you switch apps to full-screen mode. So, without further delay, let’s see how to use Picture in Picture on Mac in Safari, YouTube, iTunes, and Music/TV app.

How to Use Picture-in-picture Mode in Safari on Mac

  1. Launch Safari on your Mac and visit any site which has the support of PiP. I am using Vimeo. Search for a video that you want to use in PiP mode.Visit Website and Click on Search in Safari
  2. Now, start playing a video.Play Video in Safari on Mac
  3. Next up, click on the PiP icon on the video control bar. You can also tap on the PiP icon in the Touch Bar if you use a MacBook with Touch Bar.Click on PIP icon to Enable Picture in Picture Mode in Safari

That’s done! Now, a small video window will appear in the corner of your screen.

Video is Playing in PIP Mode in Safari on Mac

You can drag it, resize it, move it, etc.

How to Enter Picture-in-Picture for YouTube on Mac

YouTube does not natively support Picture in Picture mode by having a button for it in the video control bar. But still, you can use PiP mode on YouTube in Safari or Chrome. Here is how.

  1. Launch Safari or Google Chrome on your Mac and visit YouTube.comOpen YouTube in Safari and Search VideoPlay YouTube Video in Safari
  2. Right-click on the video that you want to detach.Right Click on Video in YouTube
  3. After a menu appears on the screen, right-click again to reveal another menu
  4. Finally, click on Enter Picture-in-Picture.Click on Enter Picture in Picture to Enable PIP Mode in YouTube

You can also use third-party extensions in most popular browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome to use PIP on YouTube. One that I use for Chrome and Firefox is Enhancer for YouTube by Maxime RF. It does much more than PiP. You can also use the official Chrome Picture-in-Picture extension from Google.

How to Enable Picture in Picture Mode in iTunes and Music/TV app

iTunes on Macs running macOS Sierra up to macOS Mojave, and Music app and TV app on macOS Catalina have native Picture in Picture support. Here is how to make use of it.

  1. Play a video in iTunes, Music app, or TV app on your Mac
  2. Click on the small Picture in Picture icon from the bottom right of the video control bar

How to Move, Resize, and Stop Picture in Picture on Mac

To move the PiP window, place your mouse pointer anywhere on it, and drag it to one of the four corners. You can also move it all the way to one of the two vertical edges of the screen to hide the PiP window.

To resize, keep the mouse pointer on the lower-left corner and drag it to increase or decrease the Picture in Picture window size.

To stop Picture in Picture, click on the PiP icon inside the floating window. The floating window will merge back to the browser or app. You can also use the cross icon in the top left corner to close PiP.

Stop Picture in Picture Mode in YouTube

The pause button inside the Picture in Picture window lets you temporarily play and pause the video.

Pause Video in Picture in Picture Mode in YouTube

That’s all!

Signing off…

This is how to use Picture in Picture on Mac. You can enable it on any site or app that supports it by clicking the small icon. Most icons for PiP look the same.

The Facebook web has its version of Picture in Picture. You can enable it by clicking the small (slightly different icon) from the video control bar. Twitter on the web does not support PiP. But the Twitter iPhone app allows you to scroll the timeline while the video plays in a corner.

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