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We all have been using YouTube either for entertainment or for knowledge. Many different video categories entertain all age groups. We mostly use our iPhone or iPad to watch YouTube videos through YouTube app.

YouTube app has a strong drawback, or rather an intentional drawback of “pausing” your video when you switch from YouTube app. This feature seems to be intentional from YouTube because the basic job of YouTube is to play videos and not to play music. But there are situations when you are listening to some information, which you may need to follow on iPhone or iPad. To overcome this issue, we have discovered a little trick that will let you play YouTube videos in the background on iPhone or iPad running iOS 9 or iOS 10.

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How to Play YouTube Video in Background on iPhone and iPad in iOS 9

This article was updated on 24-April-2017.

There's a catch with this trick as well, you won't be able to use it from YouTube app; you will have to open YouTube from Safari browser, to make this trick working.

How to Play YouTube Videos in Background on iPhone/iPad

Step #1. Open Safari browser.

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Open Safari Browser on iPhone

Step #2. Go to http://www.youtube.com and select a video you wish to play and tap on the play button. (It may ask you to open in the app, tap on cancel)

Play YouTube Videos in Safari in iOS 9

Step #3. Now press the Home button, and video will pause automatically.

Step #4. Swipe up from down to bring Control Center.

Step #5. Tap on the Play button, and your video will resume.

Play YouTube Video in Background on iPhone and iPad

The above-mentioned trick is pretty simple and works quite well in letting you play YouTube videos in the background. But just in case it's not working for you, there is another workaround you can try.

Step #1. Visit YouTube in Safari → Play the desired Video → Tap on three vertical dots.

Tap on Vertical Dots in YouTube in Safari on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on Desktop and play a song/video.

Open YouTube Desktop Site on iPhone

Step #3. Press Home button or Open another app → Swipe up the screen to access control center.

Access Control Center on iPhone

Step #4. Swipe right to left.

Swipe Right to Left in iPhone Control Center

Step #5. Tap on the Play button.

Play YouTube Video in Background on iPhone or iPad

That's it; you can now continue your video in the background. As said earlier, this trick works only in Safari browser. Apart from that, you can also control volume, next and previous option from Control Center.

We would like to give special thanks to one of our esteemed readers—RepsForTunkasila—for this smart tip.

Signing Off

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  • Asmaa

    Works fine also on iOS 8

  • Jon Lee Wilson

    For some reason this isn’t working for me. It used to, but I just got my iPhone 6 with iOS 9 and it doesn’t seem to want to do it.

    • Chs

      Here too. Any new tricks?

      • Colby

        I couldn’t figure it out until I experimented a little. Turns out, for me at least, all you have to do is double tap the play button when you scroll up to the command center.