How to fix YouTube “Something went wrong, Tap to retry” error on iPhone or iPad


While you are watching any live streaming or essential video, if YouTube shows the “Something went wrong, Tap to retry” error, it’s frustrating, right? Let’s find out why this happens and how you can fix the issue. Use the solutions mentioned in this article to get your YouTube experience back on track! 

Why does YouTube keep saying, “Something went wrong, Tap to try again”?

You may encounter that the video stops playing randomly, and a black screen appears with this error message. Also, when you again play the video, it buffers and shows the same error. It can be due to various reasons, such as:  

  1. Technical glitches: If your iPhone or the YouTube app is experiencing technical bugs, it can lead to an error message.
  2. Network connectivity issues: Weak or unstable network connections can also stop video streaming. 
  3. Incorrect account settings: If your account settings are not configured correctly, you may see the “Something went wrong, Tap to retry” error on YouTube. So, remove any outdated or incorrect email addresses or passwords.

11 Ways to fix YouTube “Something went wrong, Tap to retry” error on iPhone

Some of the common reasons behind the error are mentioned above. So, first, find the potential causes and apply these troubleshooting methods to fix the issue.

1. Force quit YouTube app

If YouTube is stuck, close the app from the background and other apps. If your iPhone has storage problems, it will release the RAM space. Then try to play videos again after a few minutes. 

Force Quit YouTube App on iPhone

2. Update the app

Try to update your apps on your iPhone or iPad regularly to avoid bugs. If you are using an outdated YouTube app, you may encounter multiple problems. 

3. Reinstall YouTube app   

It may happen that your YouTube app has a large amount of cached memory or clashes with iOS. So, in this case, you must offload the app or delete the app. Then you must install it again from the App Store. 

  1. Open App Store → search YouTube.
  2. Tap the cloud icon next to YouTube. 

Once it’s installed, try to play the videos. 

4. Refresh your network

If your network connection is slow or unstable, enable the Airplane mode for a few seconds and disable it. Doing so will refresh your networks, especially cellular data.

Turn On Airplane Mode in Control Center on iPhone

Also, you may check your Wi-Fi router to see if it’s working correctly and change the DNS server of your iPhone.  

5. Allow cellular data and background app refresh for YouTube app  

The “Something went wrong, Tap to retry” error on YouTube may also occur if you accidentally turn off cellular data for the app. So, ensure YouTube can access your cellular data correctly. Additionally, YouTube should have access to the Background App Refresh feature.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Scroll and choose YouTube.
  3. Finally, toggle on Mobile data and Background App Refresh. Also, ensure all permissions are enabled.

    Allow cellular data and background app refresh

6. Sign out and back into your YouTube account

Incorrect account settings may also cause streaming errors. Therefore, log out and then sign in to your YouTube account again. You may also use YouTube as a guest or in incognito mode.

  1. Open YouTube → tap your profile picture.
  2. Again tap your name.
  3. Tap Use YouTube signed out. 

    Sign out YouTube account
  4. Now select the profile icon.
  5. Then tap Sign in and choose the account.  

    Sign back into YouTube account

7. Check if there’s any outage

You started troubleshooting the YouTube error, but there’s no problem from your end. Actually, YouTube’s servers might be down, which is hampering the streaming.

Another possibility is that your area’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) service provider is experiencing problems. So, you must check for any outages. You may follow YouTube’s social media accounts to get updates.       

8. Restart your iPhone

Apple itself tells us to restart the iPhone to fix minor iOS bugs. So, clear all background apps and shut down your iPhone. Then wait for a few minutes and turn it on again. After that, check if you can watch videos on YouTube. 

9. Stop using VPN

Have you set up VPN on your iPhone to access YouTube videos unavailable in your country? If yes, then check if your VPN service provider is having an outage. It may cause network delays. Therefore, you won’t be able to watch YouTube content.

Additionally, it’s conceivable that YouTube has blocked the service you’re using. So, disconnect from the VPN and try to stream content using your cellular data. 

10. Reset your network settings

Your iPhone may have some network firmware problem, or your customized network choices are causing a glitch. In that case, reset the network settings of your iPhone.

  1. Open the Settings app → go to General.
  2. Choose Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  3. Tap Reset →  Reset Network Settings.

    Settings Tap on General then Tap on Reset then Tap on Reset Network Settings on iPhone
  4. Now enter your passcode.
  5. Finally, select Reset Network Settings.


11. Perform a factory reset

If nothing works, do a factory reset to convert all the settings to default. As it will delete all your customization, I suggest backing up your iPhone.

So, that’s all for today, folks!

The “Something went wrong, Tap to retry” error on YouTube can be a frustrating experience, but it’s not permanent. You can quickly fix the issue and enjoy your favorite videos on YouTube. And if you’re still encountering the error, reach out to the YouTube support team for further assistance. Happy streaming!

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