How to Use YouTube in Picture in Picture Mode on iPhone and iPad

With the iOS 14, you can watch YouTube videos in Picture-in-Picture mode on iPhone and iPad. Sounds exciting! But the catch is you need to use a browser for this. The official YouTube iOS app only supports background audio play and PIP mode, if you are a premium subscriber. Anyways, the browser method works simply-great! Let me show you the steps.

How to Use YouTube in Picture in Picture Mode in iOS 14

Note: This method works for iPhone running iOS 14 and iPad running iPadOS 14 and 13. Screenshots shown below are from an iPhone.

  1. Open any browser like Safari, Chrome, Firefox.
  2. Go to and play your desired video.
  3. Tap on the full-screen icon.tap on full screen icon in youtube video in safari on iphone
  4. Tap on the Picture-in-Picture mode icon.
  5. The video starts playing in a small window. You can swipe up or press the Home button and continue to use other apps.tap on pip mode icon to watch youtube videos in pip mode on iphone running iOS 14

You can tweak the PiP window to suit your needs.

  • Move the Video – Simply hold & drag the minimized video anywhere on the screen.move minimized youtube video on iphone screen
  • Resize the Video – Pinch the minimized window to zoom in or out.resize video playing in pip mode on iphone
  • Listen in Background – What’s great is you can also hide or tuck the video to the side. While hidden from the view, you can still enjoy its audio. Just swipe the PiP window towards the corner to minimize it and tap on the arrow to bring it back.swipe video to play in background on iphone
  • Disable PiP Mode – Tap on the PiP Mode icon on the top-right of the minimized screen to go back to fullscreen.tap on pip mode icon to go back to full screen mode in youtube video on iphone
  • Close PiP Mode – Tap on the cross from the top-left of the minimized screen.tap on x to close youtube video from pip mode on iphone
  • Disable Auto-PiP Mode in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 – PiP mode is auto-enabled in supportive apps when you navigate to Home Screen. However, you may want it to invoke only when you tap the PiP mode icon. For this, go to Settings → General → Picture in Picture → toggle off Start PiP Automatically. After this, the video will stop playing when you move out of the app, like before. For iPadOS 13: Disable Picture in Picture from the Settings app → Home Screen & Dock.

That’s all!

Signing off…

This is how you can use YouTube in Picture-in-Picture on your iPhone and iPad. For macOS, make sure you see how to use PiP mode on your Mac. Besides, iOS 14, has bought several other amazing new features. Definitely check them out as well.


How to Use YouTube in Picture in Picture Mode on iPhone and iPad

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How to Use YouTube in Picture in Picture Mode on iPhone and iPad
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