While browsing the web, the one thing I really hate is the auto-playing videos. They not just prevent the pages from loading faster but also tend to distract me. Luckily, there is a quick way to stop auto-playing videos in Safari on Mac.

When you disallow inline videos from playing automatically, you need to click on the play button to watch them. The obvious advantage of this neat feature is that you will be able to navigate through web pages with the needed peace of mind.

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How to Stop Autoplay Videos in Safari on Mac

Note: This guide is for the mac that’s not running macOS High Sierra. The newest macOS version allows you to easily disable autoplaying videos in Safari. Head over to the complete guide to ideally customize website settings on your Mac powered by High Sierra. 

How to Disable Video Autoplay in Safari on Mac

Step #1. First off, quit Safari if it is opened on your Mac.

Step #2. Next, click on FinderApplications/UtilitiesTerminal. (Or search it using Spotlight search.)

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Step #3. Now, you need to enter the following command.

defaults write com.apple.Safari IncludeInternalDebugMenu 1

Enable Debug Menu in Safari on Mac

Step #4. Next up, hit the return key.

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Step #5. Now, launch Safari and click on the newly added Debug menu.

Step #6. Up next, click on Media Flags and then select Disallow in-line video.

Stop Inline Videos from Autoplaying in Safari on Mac

That’s it!

Now, go ahead and browse the web peacefully. You need to click on the play button to play the video; if you want to.

How to Re-Enable Autoplaying Videos in Safari on Mac

If you ever happen to change your mind and wish to re-enable inline videos, follow the same steps mentioned above and then deselect Disallow inline videos in the end.

Open Safari on your Mac → Click on Debug menu → Now, click on Media Flags and click on Disallow inline video.

Enable Inline Videos Autoplay in Safari on Mac

From now onwards, videos will be auto-playing.

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Now, make the best use of this simple yet effective trick to prevent auto-running videos from letting you browse the web smoothly. As you can easily enable/disable this handy feature, use it smartly to boost your user-experience.

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