How to Quickly Unlock iPhone X Face ID After a Failed Attempt

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Agreed, Face ID is very secure and reliable. However, it’s not perfect; at least not yet. At times, the facial recognition system fails to identify me even though everything seems to be fine. And when it happens, I find it a bit tedious to trigger the second attempt.

Thankfully, I have come across a simple yet pretty effective way to unlock iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR with Face ID after a failed attempt without having to leave the Lock screen.

Earlier, whenever the Face ID refused to identify my face, I would lock the iPhone and then wake the screen to trigger another Face ID attempt. I was ready to go through this drill once in a while, but when I found the facial recognition system going for a toss a bit more frequently, I wanted to find a more convenient way to invoke the second attempt. And I just stumbled upon it…

Unlock iPhone With Face ID After Failed Attempt

After a failed attempt, you will be able to invoke the second attempt quickly. When Face ID fails to unlock your device, just slide slightly up and down on the Home Bar that’s located right at the bottom of the screen. Then, glance at your device again to unlock with Face ID.

Unlock iPhone X With Face ID After A Failed Attempt

Initially, I found it a bit inconvenient. However, after a few tries, I was able to get a good hang of it, and now I’m able to trigger a second Face ID attempt on my iPhone X comfortably.

That’s all folks! Hope this helps.

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There are several other smart hacks through which you can speed up Face ID unlock on your iPhone. Moreover, you will also be able to train the facial recognition technology to identify weird faces.

Just in case you wish to unlock your device without paying full-range of attention, turn off attention detection. It will allow you to authenticate even without looking your iPhone. Not to mention the option to quickly disable Face ID to prevent others (or your enemies) from accessing your data.

As a user, you would like to have the needed control over some of the basic things. And Apple has ensured, you can manage the biometric authentication with ease. You may also unlock iPhone with Apple Watch when wearing a mask.

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