How to unlock iPhone without typing passcode or Face ID

How to unlock iPhone without typing passcode or Face ID

Are you looking for an alternative way to unlock your iPhone without using a passcode or Face ID? Or you can’t open your iPhone anymore because you forgot your passcode? Perhaps, you’ve tried all possible means but couldn’t access your device after forgetting the password.

Look no further! I’ll show you how to unlock your iPhone without typing a passcode or using your Face ID in this post. Let’s get started.

  1. Unlock iPhone using voice control
  2. How to unlock your iPhone if you forgot passcode

1. Unlock iPhone using voice control

Some of you might want to avoid the hassles of typing a passcode or staring at your device screen each time you want to unlock it. In such cases, voice control comes in handy. Furthermore, it lets you unlock your iPhone from a distance without accessing it physically. Voice control doesn’t currently work in all countries, though.

Follow these steps to unlock your iPhone via voice control:

  1. Open iPhone Settings.
  2. Go to Accessibility.
  3. Select Voice Control → toggle on Voice Control.
  4. Tap Customize Commands.

    Turn on Voice Control on iPhone
  5. Tap Create New Command.
    Now, type a word for unlocking your iPhone in the PHRASE field. You can use “Unlock,” for instance.
  6. Next, select Action.
  7. Choose Run Custom Gesture.

    Choose Run Custom Gesture from iPhone's settings
    Keep tapping the screen to make a unique sequence. Or swipe across the screen to create a unique pattern.
  8. Tap Save at the top right.
  9. Select New Command at the top left to go back.
  10. Tap Save once more.

    Unlock iPhone using voice control without typing password

That’s it! Now, say the phrase or word (“Unlock,” in this case) the next time you want to unlock your iPhone to open it.

Voice Control typing all you say? Here’s how to fix it

Voice Control sometimes takes over your keypad and automatically writes everything you say while chatting or sending a message. To prevent Voice Control from listening to you while typing on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Accessibility => Voice Control.
  3. Tap Customise Commands.
  4. Then go to Dictation.
  5. Select <phrase>.
  6. Toggle off the Enable button.

This method requires you to unlock iPhone with a passcode or Face ID and set up Voice Control. So, what if you forgot your passcode? Read along.

2. How to unlock your iPhone if you forgot passcode

A forgotten iPhone passcode can lead to frustration. Even if you’ve set up your Face ID, sooner or later, you’ll need a passcode to unlock your device. The best solution, in this case, is to remove the forgotten password completely. While the steps below remove previous passcodes, you’ll be able to unlock your device without a passcode or Face ID.

I. Unlock iPhone when you forget passcode using Find My

Find My can be used for much more than tracking lost or stolen iPhones. It helps unlock an iPhone without a password or Face ID. However, you must’ve enabled Find My on your iPhone earlier to use it.

Now, follow the below steps on your Mac, another iPhone, iPad, or Windows device:

  1. Go to the iCloud website.
  2. Enter your Apple ID and password to log in to the Find My console.
  3. Click All Devices at the top.

    Click All Devices to To unlock your iPhone or iPad with Find My
  4. Select your iPhone from the drop down.
  5. Tap Erase iPhone.

    Tap Erase iPhone from Find my iPhone on Mac
  6. Select Erase.

    Select Erase from Find My on Mac
  7. Follow any prompt that comes next to erase all data, including your passcode or Face data.

Once done erasing, restart your iPhone. Now, set it up again from scratch and recover backed-up files from iCloud.

II. How to unlock iPhone without password using iTunes

iTunes is one of the best options for recovering your iPhone or iPad data via your Mac or Windows PC. If you’ve lost or forgotten your passcode and can’t unlock your device, there are a few tricks you can try on iTunes to open it. This option, however, requires that you’ve linked your iPhone or iPad with your Mac or Windows PC previously.

Let’s get started:

  1. Power off your iPhone or iPad:
    • On iPhone 8 or later:
      • Long-press the power button and the volume down/up buttons simultaneously.
      • Slide the power off prompt to the right.
    • On other iPhones:
      • Long-press the power button and slide the power off prompt to switch off.
  2. Put your device in recovery mode:
    • On iPhone 8 or later:
      • Plug your device into your PC while still holding the power button until the restore mode appears.
    • On iPhone 7 and 7 plus:
      • Long-press the volume down button, then plug your device into your PC while doing so.
    • On other iPhones:
      • Long-press the home button and plug it into your PC at the same time. Hold the button until you see the recovery mode.
  3. Once in recovery mode, launch the iTunes app on your PC.
  4. From the prompt, click Restore.

    Unlock iPhone without password using iTunes
    The above steps will reset your iPhone. So your device won’t be passcode-protected anymore.
  5. Once done, unplug and power on your iPhone.

You can now set up a new passcode and Face ID for your iPhone or iPad.

If iTunes doesn’t recognize your device, you can try out these iTune failure fixes to resolve it. However, restoring your device this way will erase all stored data on it, including your previous passcode or Face data. Consequently, you can’t recover files if you didn’t back them up on iCloud or your PC.

After restarting your device, you can recover backed-up files from iCloud or your PC.

What happens after unlocking your iPhone without a passcode or Face ID?

Unlocking your iPhone without a passcode or a Face ID can be painful as you may end up losing all data if you’re using iTunes or Fine My. Thankfully, as stated earlier, you won’t lose files that you’ve previously backed up on iCloud.

However, you will have to set up your device again and ensure to re-enable Find My. Next, don’t forget to reconnect your iPhone or iPad to iTunes on your computer. And ensure that you always back up important files on iCloud.

I hope this article helped you unlock your iPhone without having to punch in a passcode or use Face ID! If you have more queries, share them in the comments below!

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  1. I did the voice control steps but now there’s a little microphone just next to the time at the top left of my phone and it constantly thinks I’m dictating. Now I can’t talk and write anything at the same time because it starts writing what I’m saying

  2. You can fix that problem by disabling phrase listening in Voice Control dictation.

    To do that:
    Open Settings => Accessibility => Voice Control. Tap Customise Commands. Then go to Dictation. Tap and toggle off the Enable button.

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