Forgot Mac Admin Password? Here are the Three Ways to Reset It

In case you have forgotten Mac Password, there are three ways to recover it. Here we have detailed all of them to help you regain access to your Mac. Check it out.

Whether it is iOS or macOS, every Apple software is impeccable in terms of security. It is a curse as well as a boon; mostly a blessing. Extreme protection may haunt you if you make a mistake with your device. One of such is forgetting the Mac admin password. Fortunately, there are certain ways to reset the Mac password and regain access.

Things may be easier if you have setup unlocking Mac with Apple Watch. But if that’s not the case, then you may try different methods given below in this post. Depending on your setup, please select the appropriate way and follow instructions.

How to Reset Forgotten Mac Admin Password: Three Ways Explained

Instead of jumping directly with resetting the password, it is better to explore easy ways to gain access. Have a look at few quick fixes below, if that helps.

Method #1. Use Password hint to Recover Password

If you have enabled password hint at login while setting up, you may notice a “?” icon beside the password field at the login screen. Click it, and you’ll see the password hint. If the clue triggers your memory and recalls the original password, you are all set to get back to work. If not, keep reading.

Use Password hint to Recover Mac Password

Method #2. Reset Mac Password Using Another Admin Account

If you have set up more than one admin user on your Mac, this is the time to leverage that freedom.

Step #1. Ask your colleague who uses your Mac to enter his/her password and then go to System PreferencesUsers & Groups.

Click Users & Groups in Mac System Preferences

Step #2. Under Users & Groups, click the lock icon and enter the password to make changes.

Click the Lock icon in Mac Users & Groups Settings

Enter the Password and Click Unlock to Make Changes in Mac Users & Groups

Step #3. After that, tap on the account for which password is forgotten. Now, tap on Reset Password. 

Select the Users and Click on Reset Password in Mac Users & Groups

And then set a new password. It is recommended to set a password hint as well, even though it is an optional field.

Reset Your Mac Password Using Another Admin User

In case you don’t have any other Admin users on the Mac, you may wish to continue reading further.

Method #3. Restart Mac in Recovery Mode to Reset Password

Last and final resort is to reset the password using the Recovery Mode on Mac. Follow below steps to reset the Mac password:

Note: This method works only if you have not enabled FileVault encryption. If you have enabled FileVault encryption, you will need to enter the Recovery Key before you can reset the password. Also, if you have Firmware password enabled, make sure you remember it. Else, you won’t be able to use Recovery Mode itself.

Step #1. Shut down your Mac to restart in Recovery Mode.

Step #2. Now press the power button on your Mac and quickly press Command + R key on the keyboard. Keep it pressed until you see  Apple Logo with a loading bar.

Step #3. After you have reached the Recovery Mode, click on UtilitiesTerminal from the status bar.

Step #4. In the Terminal, type resetpassword (all one word, lower-case letters) and press Return.

Step #5. Most likely, Recovery Mode will scan and select the volume that has a user account. But if it presents you with the option, select the volume containing the account (usually this will be your primary hard drive).

Step #6. Next is to choose the account to change with Select the User Account.

Step #7. It is now time to enter a new password and confirm it. Also, make sure to enter a new password hint.

Step #8. Click on Set Password and wait till the Recovery Mode processes the request.

Step #9. Once everything is processed, you’ll land on the last screen, click on Restart Mac to get your beast back to life.

After Mac restarts, enter the new password that you just set in the Recovery Mode. You’ll quickly login to your account and see everything as it were.

Signing off

That’s all for tonight folks! I hope these methods have helped you regain access to your Mac, without losing any data. If you are facing any issue at any particular step, do let me know in the comments and we will try to resolve it to best of our efforts. Until then, have a good day.

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