How to know if someone has blocked you on iMessage?

How to know if someone has blocked you on iMessage

Few experiences sting as much as realizing someone you want to converse with has blocked your access on iMessage. Despite advances in technology, it’s hard to know for sure whether you’ve been blocked. Fortunately, Apple users have picked up on subtle cues to help you know if you are blocked on iMessage. Read on to learn how to tell if someone has blocked you on iMessage.

  1. Check the bubble color in iMessage
  2. Look at iMessage Delivery Status
  3. Send an SMS
  4. Check for Read Receipts in iMessage
  5. Try to make a phone call
  6. Mask your number
  7. Turn off caller ID
  8. Use different number or device
  9. Try FaceTiming
  10. Try to wait it out
  11. Check other social media apps

1. Check the bubble color in iMessage

Most people recognize the distinction between the green and blue bubbles in Messages.

Check iMessage Bubble Color on iPhone

If your conversations with someone previously displayed blue bubbles and suddenly shifted to green, it could be a sign that they blocked you.

Don’t jump to conclusions just yet — this can also occur for other reasons, such as when the person turns off their iMessage or if they’re temporarily offline.

2. Look at iMessage Delivery Status

Another way to see whether your message went through is to look underneath the last message you sent.

  • Remember, if your iPhone switches your iMessage to SMS and you lack a strong signal, you could see a Not Delivered error under the bubble, regardless of being blocked or not.

    Message not Delivered on iMessage

    But if you’ve been blocked, your SMS might still get delivered and show a Sent as Text message, but the person who blocked you still won’t receive your message.
  • If you don’t see a Delivered label below the text bubble and only see a message in a blue bubble without any notification or error below it, it might mean the recipient is out of service range, hasn’t gotten your message, or—the possibility we all fear—you might have been blocked.

Note: A message in a blue bubble without any label is often just a temporary status. Your iPhone will generally attempt to send it as an SMS after a few minutes.

3. Send an SMS

After seeing a green bubble instead of the usual blue bubble, the next step is to look at any error or notification.

  • If you see a Sent as Text Message notification, it could be that you or your recipient don’t have an internet connection or that iMessage is turned off on their device at the moment. 

    Sent as Text Message on iMessage
  • Conversely, this could also happen if you’ve been blocked. We tested this and found that if you get blocked by a person on iMessage, your iMessage could still be sent as a text message (in a green bubble) with a Sent as text message alert below it after a while. However, the recipient still won’t receive your text message. 

Here are some things we’ve found from our tests:

  • If someone has blocked you and your message to them doesn’t go through as an iMessage, any subsequent messages you send will be dispatched as text messages. However, they won’t get any of these messages.
  • Interestingly, even if they’ve blocked you, they can still send you messages, which will come to you as iMessages. You may also see the typing bubble whenever they’re typing their messages.
  • If you respond to their message, your iPhone might first try to send your message as an iMessage. But if that fails, it’ll automatically switch and send your reply as a regular SMS.

You may also want to try out fixes for an iPhone that doesn’t send text message.

4. Check for Read Receipts in iMessage

Read Receipts is an iMessage feature that lets you know whether the recipient has read your message. 

In addition to the Delivered status, you can see under a bubble to signify that your message was successfully sent to the recipient. If you don’t see Delivered, there are chances you have been blocked on iMessage.

Note that a user can turn Read Receipts feature off, so not seeing the word Read under the speech bubble doesn’t automatically mean that you’re blocked. 

Check for Read receipts in iMessage

5. Try to make a phone call

When a number is blocked on an iPhone, the blocked individual can still initiate or attempt a call before being directed to voicemail. Specifically, if you’re blocked, you’ll hear the phone ring momentarily before the call is abruptly cut off and you’re sent to voicemail.

So, if you attempt to call and experience a brief ring before a sudden disconnection, it’s a strong indicator that you’ve likely been blocked.

6. Mask your number

Try calling again, but mask your number by dialing *67 before their number.

If the call goes through normally, then it’s a pretty clear sign that your number was likely blocked.

7. Turn off caller ID

Another trick to get past the block is deactivating caller ID in your device’s settings

If your carrier allows it, go through Settings on your iPhone, head to Phone → Show My Caller ID, and then toggle it off.

8. Use different number or device

Trying to call from a different number or device can help verify if your suspicions of being blocked are accurate. If you still can’t connect despite changing devices or numbers, there could be an issue with the recipient’s phone. In that case, consider reaching out to them through alternative channels.

9. Try FaceTiming

If you’re asking how to know if someone blocked you on iMessage without texting them, you can try FaceTiming them since the call won’t connect if you’re really blocked.

If a person has blocked you on Messages, calling or video chatting them via FaceTime will result in an error message like “The recipient does not accept your invitation” or “Cannot reach this person right now.”

10. Try to wait it out

You might not be able to send a message or reach the receiver for several valid reasons, including network issues, a dead battery, or they might be occupied with urgent matters. It’s best to give it some time, perhaps waiting several hours or even a full day before trying again.

11. Check other social media apps

If someone intentionally blocks you, it’s likely not limited to just Messages; they might also block you on social media and other messaging platforms. Consider checking any apps where you typically engage with the person.

If you find yourself blocked across multiple channels, it’s a clear indication they’ve chosen to set boundaries, and it would be respectful to acknowledge and honor them.


Will an iMessage say Delivered if I’m blocked?

No. You won’t see Delivered under your message if someone has blocked you on Messages.

Does the moon icon mean I’m blocked?

No. The moon icon in a conversation indicates that they activated “Do Not Disturb” mode on their device. This implies that their text notifications are muted, so they may not immediately see or reply to messages.

Wrapping up…

It can be both frustrating and concerning when you’re unable to connect with someone. Whether it’s uncharacteristic for them or a recent incident might explain the behavior, it’s often wise to give it some time before reaching out again. 

If everything suggests you’ve been blocked, it’s important to respect their decision. Wait for the right moment or sign that they’re ready to re-engage in conversation, ensuring that the dialogue remains respectful and understanding.

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