Have you ever made a prank call to your friends or loved ones? It’s really fun to call someone without showing your caller ID. However there are times, hiding your phone numbers while calling to little known person or company might be the right way to go.

A number of times, you receive calls from unknown people or services and wonder how they have got the access of your number. Personally, I have had some annoying times while dealing with companies requesting to purchase some products. That’s when, I feel like never sharing my phone number to unacquainted people.

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How to Hide Caller ID on iPhoneSo, how to hide your iPhone caller ID while calling to someone you know nothing about? It’s quite simple and most folks must have discovered it. Nevertheless, if you are yet to find out how it can be made possible, let’s head over!

How To Hide Your iPhone Caller ID

Step #1. Launch Settings app → Scroll down and tap on Phone.

Phone App Settings on iPhoneStep #2. Tap on Show My Caller ID under Calls and toggle it off to disable.

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Tap on Show My Caller ID in iPhone Phone AppTurn Off Show My Caller ID on iPhoneNote: If you find Show My Caller ID greyed out, don’t be confused as it depends on carrier and doesn’t work globally.

That’s it! Hence forward, your phone number will be hidden whenever you call anyone. The person you call will get to see a popup which would suggest that the call is from unknown or blocked person. At any time, if you no longer want to keep your phone number hidden while calling, you can disable this option.

iOS has got many tricks like this. iPhone users like tweaks as they bring fascinating experience to the way they use their device. After all, everyone wants to use their device in a differently manner.

How many iOS tweaks do you know? Do write to us.

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