Stop iPhone from Auto-play Music in Car

The moment you enter your car and start it, your iPhone is connected to CarPlay, and your private list of songs becomes public, i.e. audible to others sitting in your car. You wish you could stop iPhone from Auto-play music in car. Apple doesn’t offer any handy solution on your iOS devices to prevent this auto-play in the car. However, there are some workarounds to fix the issue. Let’s take a look!

How to Stop iPhone from Auto-playing Music in Car

Are there any auto-play settings in your car you can disable?

Each car manufacturer has its auto-play Bluetooth settings; these settings may be different from your smartphone. If you don’t find any auto-play option in your car, you can locate a default volume setting, which can control the volume of auto-playing music or audiobooks.

When your iPhone gets connected to your car, your device attempts to play the last audio source. Usually, it is your music library in alphabetical order. This doesn’t happen when you play audiobooks, podcast, or other apps; in this case, your car would try to begin to play with that app.

There are some ways you can employ to disable your iPhone from automatically playing audio in your car.

Use a silent track

Your iPhone tends to play songs in alphabetical order, and you can use this habit to your advantage to trick your car’s Bluetooth stereo. Browse a silent song in your iTunes and rename it so that it appears first in your library. When you enter your car, this will play as your first silent song.

Use Siri

Siri is your obedient voice assistant, and when you speak, “Hey Siri, stop playing songs,” it will stop all noise coming out of your iPhone. This will automatically shut off your music.

Force close Apple Music or any other music app

Whether you are using Apple Music or any other music app to listen to songs, you can always force quit the app. Simply double-tap the home button (or AssistiveTouch) and swipe up the card from app switcher. If you are using iPhone X, there is a slightly different method to force close apps.

Turn off CarPlay

You can use Restrictions from the Settings of your iPhone to disable or turn off CarPlay. But this trick works when you are using a Bluetooth stereo that doesn’t support official CarPlay. If you have the official CarPlay system, this method may not work. You can try this method and check the results. Jump to this post to enable Restrictions on your iPhone.

Step #1. Launch Settings on iPhone → Now tap on Screen Time.

Tap on Settings then Screen Time on iPhone

Step #2. Next, tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Tap on Content & Privacy in Screen Time Settings

If you are using this for the first time, you need to set up a Screen Time passcode here. It will not take more than five seconds to set up a passcode.

Step #3. Then enter your Screen Time Passcode → You need to tap on Allowed Apps.

Enter iPhone Passcode then Tap on Allowed Apps on iPhone in iOS 12

Step #4. Finally, turn off the CarPlay switch.

Stop iPhone from Auto-playing Music in Car

Send your Feedback to Apple

Why don’t send your feedback to Apple to disable auto-playing music on iPhone in the car? The solutions listed above may or may not work in your favor. Ask Apple to add a switch in Settings to stop iPhone from auto-playing music in the car.

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