Best Car Stereos With Apple CarPlay of 2023

Best Apple CarPlay Stereo

Apple’s CarPlay is your reliable copilot as it allows you to use your iPhone in your car. But not all cars come equipped with a default feature. Although there are more than 500 car models that support CarPlay feature, some older models need a third-party car stereo with Apple CarPlay. If your car doesn’t have CarPlay, you can explore this list of best Apple CarPlay stereos. Your CarPlay can perform multiple tasks you would have done on your iPhone while not driving. When in the car, you can immediately connect your iPhone to the CarPlay and enjoy using iMessage, Siri, Maps, Music apps, Phone app, and others. You can control your iPhone with your voice, a touch, or a twist.

1. Pioneer AVH-1300NEX

Pioneer AVH-1300NEX Apple Carplay Stereo

Pioneer is undoubtedly the best Apple CarPlay stereo in the world. This multimedia DVD receiver with WVGA display and Apple CarPlay has built-in Bluetooth. Quickly connect your iPhone and enjoy your favorite music on Apple Music, Pandora, and Spotify.

Pioneer has made this stereo more advanced than ever with NFX feature, which respond to your touches. A powerful and intuitive touchscreen user interface is extremely easy to use; you can customize this user interface.

USP: Enhanced user interface
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2. ATOTO SA102

ATOTO SA102 Apple Carplay Stereo

ATOTO’s digital media car stereo seamlessly integrates your iPhone with the built-in display and controls. You can easily make calls, access your choice of music, send and receive messages, navigate, and more – all this while you are driving on the road.

To make your driving more comfortable, ATOTO offers you a facility to connect more and more apps installed on your iPhone. One of the striking features ATOTO SA102 is you can check your phone signal level and phone battery.

USP: Steering wheel controls (SWC) compatible
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3. JVC KW-M740BT

JVC KW-M740BT Apple CarPlay Stereo

You can connect this JVC CarPlay stereo via USB cable. A new feature is WebLink compatibility, which is easy-to-use and gives you in-dash control of apps.

To use this stereo, you need a compatible JVC multimedia receiver, your iPhone, and an app that works with WebLink. It is your fastest and easiest way to enjoy your in-vehicle iPhone experience.

USP: Easy-to-use
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4. Alpine iLX-W650

Alpine iLX-W650 Apple CarPlay Stereo

Alpine Apple CarPlay stereo is known for its shallow-mount chassis design. This digital media receiver boasts touchscreen swipe controls. It is designed to work smoothly with Apple CarPlay with its built-in Bluetooth connectivity.

Its hands-free control allows you to access your iPhone apps using your voice. You can access your music apps like Pandora and Spotify, apart from the default Apple Music on iOS devices.

USP: Shallow-mount chassis designed
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5. Planet Audio PCP9800A

Planet Audio PCP9800A Apple CarPlay Stereo

It is a double-din mech-less multimedia player from Planet Audio. You can connect your iPhone via USB or Bluetooth, and then control your smartphone via the touchscreen of Planet Audio CarPlay stereo. Apart from your iPhone, you can also connect your MP3 player with the audio output via Aux input.

Rear camera input helps you park your car safely in a congested parking lot. When you shift your car into reverse gear, the unit turns on automatically and switches the display to show what the camera sees.

USP: Aux input
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That’s all friends!

Wrapping up…

A CarPlay stereo helps you stay focused while you are driving your vehicle. There are three ways you can control your iPhone: Siri, Touch, and knobs & controls.

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