How to Send a PDF File Using WhatsApp on iPhone

The updated version of WhatsApp now enables users to send a PDF file as an attachment from their iPhone and iPad. We have mentioned the process, have a look.

A new version of WhatsApp has been released before a couple of days and it has brought a new feature that enables users to send a PDF file as an attachment. Earlier, WhatsApp supported sending audio, video, and images as part of an attachment, but sending document was missing.

This new feature is surely of great use. At some point in time, almost every WhatsApp user needs to send a PDF file to some or the other person. Sending a PDF is almost similar to sending an image or video. Even then, we have detailed down the process; so do have a look how things work in the latest version of WhatsApp on iPhone.

How to Send PDF Files on WhatsApp on iPhone

Note: Before moving ahead, please make sure to have updated version of WhatsApp on your iDevice and recipient’s iDevice as well.

How to Send a PDF File from WhatsApp on iPhone or iPad

Step #1. If you haven’t done already, then first head to the App Store and download the latest version of WhatsApp.

Step #2. Now open the WhatsApp messenger from your iPhone/iPad Home Screen and select any conversation.

Step #3. Tap on the “Up Arrow” located at the bottom-left corner, near the text box.

Tap on Up Arrow in WhatsApp on iPhone

Step #4. Here you’ll have a new option called “Share Document“, tap on that.

Tap on Share Document in WhatsApp on iPhone

Step #5. Select the source of PDF file from the options like iCloud drive, Google Drive or DropBox.

Select Source to Upload PDF in WhatsApp

Step #6. Now select the PDF file you wish to forward and tap on Send.

Send PDF File on WhatsApp on iPhone

You can also share a PDF file from third-party apps like Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive. After you send a PDF as an attachment to anyone, he / she will get an inline text preview and after the receiver downloads it, he/she can view the entire file. Apart from this feature, the new version has also made some under the hood enhancement for better functionality.

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