Here’s How to Connect Your AirPods Pro to Android Phone

There’s always a debate on whether Apple’s AirPods Pro can be paired with an Android phone or not. Many claim that they don’t work with Android but we always knew there’s a way out of it. The previous AirPods were used by Android users successfully and the same will be the case with AirPods Pro as well. But with the force sensor controls of AirPods Pro, many have a doubt whether AirPods Pro are compatible with Android phone or not.

Well, to make it easy, you need to follow our quick guide to connect AirPods Pro to Android phones. It’s not similar to what you do to connect it with your iPhone, this process is a bit different. Trash all those reports who say they cannot connect AirPods Pro with Android smartphones and share this guide with them.

How to Pair Your AirPods Pro with Android Phone

Here’s a simple step-by-step procedure to connect Apple AirPods Pro with your Android phone.

Step #1. Open the Lid of the AirPods Pro box and leave as it is. Do not take the earbuds out of the box.

Step #2. Now, press the round button on the back of the battery box until you see the LED light turning into white and it must also flicker!

Step #3. Next, Turn on the Bluetooth on your Android phone.

Step #4. Search for the Bluetooth devices around you and connect with AirPods Pro once you find it from the search.

This is how simple it is to connect the AirPods Pro to your Android phone.

Now if you own an Android phone and an iPhone/iPad both and want to use AirPods Pro with both the devices simultaneously, it’s now possible as well.

How to Use AirPods Pro with iPhone and Android Phone Simultaneously

Yes, you heard that right! You can now switch your AirPods Pro between the iPad/iPhone and Android smartphone/tablet. Here’s how you can do it!

Step #1. To start with, open the lid of the AirPods Pro box and don’t take out the earbuds out of the box.

Step #2. If the AirPods are already connected to iPhone/iPad, turn on the Bluetooth on your Android phone and tap on AirPods Pro to connect it to Android phone.

Step #3. And if the AirPods Pro is connected to Android phone, turn on the Bluetooth on your iPhone/iPad and search for the devices and tap on AirPods Pro to connect it to your iOS device.

I hope now you’ve got an idea of switching AirPods between iOS and Android devices.

Just in case if you’re wondering, what options or features are compatible with Android devices, check out the below points.

What Doesn’t Work with Android phones 

  • It won’t be able to display power state and wearing status
  • It won’t be able to automatically pause tracks.
  • Unable to switch noise reduction mode through operating system
  • It won’t be able to perform fit test on your Android phone.
  • You won’t be able to customize the function of pressing the headset handle
  • Initial connection does not pop up the instructions

So, that’s it for today, folks!

Wrapping Up!

So did you try pairing your Android phone with AirPods Pro? If not, try it now! If you face any issues while connecting both the devices, let us know in the comment section right away!

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