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How to Reset AirPods Max to Factory Settings: Fix All Problems

Apple’s latest AirPods Max are among the most premium headphones you can get. But technical glitches can affect any device, especially when trying to connect to different devices. In such instances, the first thing you should do is reset your AirPods Max and see if it resolves the problem. If it doesn’t, you could go a step further and restore them to factory settings or even return them to Apple. This step unlinks the headphones from your iCloud account too. Let’s learn how to reset it. 

How to Reset Your AirPods Max

  1. Before you reset your ‌AirPods Max‌, charge them a bit using the included USC-C to Lightning cable. 
  2. When your headphones have got a bit of charge, press and hold both the Digital Crown and Noise Control button until the LED status light at the bottom of the right earcup flashes amber.
Learn How to Reset AirPods Max
Credit: Apple

Check if the issue you were facing is fixed. If not, proceed to factory reset your AirPods Max. 

How to Reset AirPods Max to Factory Settings

  1. Ensure that your headphones have some charge by plugging them into a charging point using the provided USB-C to Lightning Cable.
  2. Press and hold both the Digital Crown and the Noise Control button for 15 seconds until the LED light at the bottom of the right earcup flashes amber and then white. 

This will unlink your AirPods Max from your iCloud account too. So, you should perform a factory reset when you want to return your headphones to Apple or pass them to a different user.  

Signing Off

If you continue to face issues with your AirPods Max even after doing a reset or factory reset, you should contact Apple Support for assistance.

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