How to fix AirPods Max battery drain issue

How to stop AirPods Max battery drain issue

Recent reports have indicated that AirPods Max are facing a battery drain issue wherein the power is running out overnight. This is obviously concerning and inconvenient. Moreover, there’s currently no clear way to fix the issue. But don’t worry because we’ve got some tips that can help you prevent your AirPods Max battery from draining out. Here’s what you can try. 

Tips to stop AirPods Max overnight battery drain

  • Force restart your AirPods Max by pressing and holding down the Digital Crown and Noise Control button until you see the amber LED flash at the bottom of the right earcup. Make sure your headphones have some charge in them before doing this.  
  • Restore or reset your AirPods Max to factory settings by pressing and holding down the Digital Crown and the Noise Control button for 15 seconds until the indicator light at the base of the right earcup flashes amber, then white. 
  • Manually disconnect the AirPods Max from your device by going into the Bluetooth settings. It’s also advisable to use your headphones with only one device at a time if facing the battery drain issue. 
  • You can check for a firmware update as Apple will most likely fix the AirPods Max battery drain issue through an update.

Fixed your AirPods Max overnight battery drain yet? 

Did you have any luck with the tips mentioned above to prevent your AirPods Max battery from draining unexpectedly?

What makes this issue particularly tricky is that the premium headphones don’t have a physical power-off switch. Instead, Apple claims that they automatically go into low power mode when stored in their case or when you place them down and leave them stationary for about 5 minutes.

Nonetheless, we’re pretty sure Apple will be fixing this soon and will keep you posted on all the latest updates about this. 

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