How to fix AirPods Max condensation issue (4 Tips to prevent)

How to fix Apple AirPods Max condensation issue

If you’re alarmed to find condensation or water droplets on your Apple AirPods Max, you’re not alone. Several users on Reddit and Apple’s discussion forum have reported this issue. The problem seemed to occur after several hours of use, regardless of the temperature. Besides, the issue might also disrupt the experience during the Active Noise Cancellation or Transparency mode. Check the below tweet by a Twitterati on the same.

Since these headphones aren’t water-resistant, it’s causing even more panic. Although I have not personally experienced this, I did some digging and found some workarounds to help you out. I’ll explain the possible causes and show you how to check for water in the ear cups, along with how to fix and precautions to prevent this. Keep scrolling!

What causes the condensation in AirPods Max and how to check it?

While Apple hasn’t officially responded to the issue, it could possibly be a design flaw.

Condensation or water droplets appear on cold surfaces when exposed to warm or humid air, for instance, on the outside of a glass full of a cold drink. So, if your AirPods Max are exposed to temperature or humidity changes, they may collect condensation in the ear cups. This is exacerbated because they are primarily made of aluminum, more prone to getting cold or warm than other materials.

To check if there’s condensation in your AirPods Max, just pop off the magnetic ear cushions and see if there’s any moisture inside the ear cup. If yes, here’s how you can fix the condensation issue and prevent it from recurring.

How to fix AirPods Max condensation problem?

This is straightforward. Use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth to wipe off the water droplets from the drivers gently. Leave the ear cups exposed in a ventilated room for a few minutes to dry them out entirely. Then, pop the cushions back in and follow the below tips to reduce moisture forming in your AirPods Max again.

Tips to prevent AirPods Max condensation or water in the ear cups 

1. Try to avoid sudden temperature changes

For instance, if you’re using them outside on a cold day and then step into a heated room, water droplets might form due to the temperature change. So, try to take them off and give them time to acclimatize to the warmer environment before using them again.

2. Avoid wearing your AirPods Max in humid conditions

Humidity in the environment causes condensation, so try not to wear your headphones on a foggy day, in the bathroom, or in other humid places.

3. Avoid long hours of continuous use

It’s good to give your headphones periodic breaks to give them time to air out after using them.  For instance, take them off for a few minutes throughout the workday to give them a rest and reduce the risk of moisture buildup.

4. Know when to use the AirPods Max case

You should keep your headphones in their case when not in use to protect against extreme cold and reduce the risk of condensation. However, in warm environments, it’s advisable to keep them outside the case for sometime after each use to let the ear cushions air out. Apart from their original case, you also try some other AirPods Max cases.

Are you seeing condensation in your AirPods Max?

I know it can be incredibly frustrating and inconvenient to experience this moisture buildup on your premium Apple headphones. But with a little care, you can avoid it and prevent any damage to your premium headphones.

Let me know in the comments below how you’re dealing with this problem or any other questions that I can help you out with. You might also like to check out some AirPods Max tips and tricks to make the most of them.

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  1. Hi Mehak, thanks so much for posting these tips! I recently purchased a pair and am quickly learning that while they sound amazing, they are a sensitive piece of equipment. Within a week of owning them I am struggling with this condensation issue.
    Have you heard any other strategies to removing the water inside them? I want to make sure I soak it all out every time to avoid repeated exposure of moisture and damage internal components. I’m considering a wooden box of salt or rice for them each night…is that crazy?
    Thanks again,

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. I thought I was going insane.

    I only use my AirPods Maxes while working and on airplanes. Never when exercising and always when freshly showered (I swear I have excellent hygiene). I’ve been noticing the condensation issue a lot more recently. More importantly, my AirPods Max have started to smell absolutely RANCID, not only in the fabric ear cups, but also inside the actual guts of the headphones after the ear cups are removed.

    I’ve been fighting with Apple about this and they don’t want to take any responsibility or acknowledge the issue. I’ve gotten in several fights both with phone support and in-store after jumping through many, many hoops.

    I love these headphones, but this design flaw is MAJOR.

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