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Best AirPods Max cases to protect over-ear headphones (2021)

Best AirPods Max cases

Besides price and features, Apple’s new over-ear headphones were the talk of the town for their uniquely weird case. Overlooking the troll fest it turned into on Twitter, the headphones were off the chart within a few days of their launch. As of writing this article, they are sold out till March 2021. If you are lucky enough to own them, chances are you are looking for a new, more aesthetic case to carry them in.

I feel you! If I owned them, I wouldn’t walk out the door with their default case; not only for how they look but also for their not-so-secured grip. Hence, I took the liberty to hand-pick some of the best AirPods Max cases.

What to look for while buying a case for AirPods Max?

  1. Price: The first thing on the list was this. I wanted to have the best case for AirPods Max but didn’t want to spend a fortune on it.
  2. Durability: Another key reason behind looking for an AirPods Max case is I needed 360-degree protection. The default case lacks protection for the canopy spanning the headband.
  3. Design: The case undoubtedly looks out of the box and, as claimed, serves few other purposes in enhancing the AirPods Max experience. However, it doesn’t fit my likes, and I would not prefer carrying it in hand all the time.
  4. Waterproof: This one’s a plus to have. Apple’s first-ever over-the-ear headphones are a pricey affair, and I wouldn’t want any external element to damage them even accidentally.

List of best AirPods Max cases

  1. WaterField shield case
  2. KT-CASE waterproof PU leather case
  3. Geekria ultra shell case
  4. Fromsky waterproof case
  5. IMSHIE travel carrying bag case
  6. Chirano hard shell case
  7. Linkidea protective travel case

1. WaterField shield case

WaterField AirPods Max Case

This one holds the appreciation of being the first third-party case for AirPods Max. The San Francisco-based bag manufacturing company left no stone unturned to craft a case that fits as the best alternative for the default AirPods Max Case.

It renders your headphones over-all protection. Inside, it has a magnetic leather butterfly to keep them in low power mode, just like the default case. Also, you get space to store your charging adapter and cable, which further makes it handier.

Price: $99.00

Buy it from WaterField

2. KT-CASE waterproof PU leather case

KT-CASE Travel Case for Airpods Max

The storage case for AirPods Max is made using EVA hard shell and waterproof PU leather. The combination makes the case dustproof and shockproof for added security. Having been designed specifically for AirPods Max, it elegantly houses your new purchase with the default case that comes with it.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about missing the default smart case attributes designed by Apple. You also get additional space to keep the adapter and charging cable.

Price: $22.74

Check out on Amazon

3. Geekria ultra shell case

Geekria UltraShell Case for AirPods Max

This one carries all the required traits to be a durable, spacious, and affordable case for AirPods Max. At the exterior, you can notice the hard shell that protects your headphones from any impact, water, or crushes. Inside, it comes with mesh pockets to keep your charger, adapter, and other accessories. Also, there’s an elastic band running horizontally on the other side to ensure your headphones remain secured all the time.

Price: $24.49

Check out on Amazon

4. Fromsky waterproof case

Fromsky Case for AirPods Max

The protective AirPods Max case comes with a carabiner to hold them securely. It is elegantly designed using Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and features an inner cotton layer for that smooth touch. Also, it has a removable mesh pocket that houses your adapter and charging cable. While the material used gives you a smooth touch, it is durable to protect your accessory from scratches, water, and dust.

Price: $16.99

Check out on Amazon

5. IMSHIE travel carrying bag case

IMSHIE Hard Case for Airpods Max Headphones

You might dislike the original case due to its design aesthetics, but you can’t deny the tech traits it carries. This hard headphone case lets you store the headphones with the original case without compromising on the aesthetics. It carries an eye-grabbing design and features an inner mesh pocket to keep your charging cable, adapter, and other accessories.

What’s more? It is waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and scratch-resistant.

Price: $23.99

Check out on Amazon

6. Chirano hard shell case

Chirano Travel Case for AirPods Max

You might have a tough time finding a reason to avoid this AirPods Max travel case. It’s smart, durable, and easy to carry. It is designed to house your luxurious headphones with the default case you received with it. Having said this, you can have both tech and quality benefits.

On one side, it has a large mesh pocket to keep your accessories. On another, it has a stretchable band to keep your headphones placed at one spot securely.

And yes, it will surely fall into your budget.

Price: $13.99

Check out on Amazon

7. Linkidea protective travel case

Linkidea Hard Shell Case for AirPod Max Headphones

This designer case is made using premium quality materials and offers sufficient space inside to keep your accessories. Designed by experienced artisans, it is crafted using crush resistant, anti-shock, weather-resistant EVA. This ensures that your precious possession will remain secure even in the harshest circumstances. It also features an inner pocket to keep your accessories and a low integrated power/sleep mode switch flap to preserve your headphone’s battery.

Price: $16.12

Check out on Amazon

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Best rated protective AirPods Max cases specially gathered for you!

Considering that the AirPods Max is newly launched and there will be more third-party manufacturers joining the list in the coming days, it will be tough to decide.

However, out of the available options, I personally liked the WaterField case and the Linkidea hard case.

Despite a hefty price tag, I liked the WaterField case as it has all the features of the original one and ensures you save the AirPods Max battery when not in use. However, if the price is a concern, I found the Linkidea hard case a great fit. Though it might not match the quality, it still serves the purpose while saving battery for you.

What’s your take?


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