Move to iOS not working? Quick fixes to help you out

How to fix Move to iOS not working

Shifting is always hectic, especially when moving to a totally different environment. Leaping from Android to iOS is one such similar experience. Thankfully, Apple has introduced the Move to iOS feature to deal with that. But what if the solution becomes the query?

In simpler words, what If the Move to iOS is not working or not being able to transfer data? There are several reasons behind it, errors like app freezing, failure after preparing, the lost connection during transfer, etc. Here are some fixes to make the Move to iOS app work again.

  1. Restart the phone to resolve any bugs
  2. Check WiFi on your Android device
  3. Turn mobile data off
  4. Check for pending updates

1. Restart the phone to resolve any bugs

As simple as that, sometimes a simple restart can resolve the issue. When phones are restarted, it clears out the caches and bugs that might have been stuck in the system logs.

  • To restart your iPhone
    • With Home Button – Simply press and hold the power button
    • With Face ID – Press the volume down + Power button

Now, in the power menu, slide to power off. When iPhone has completely turned off again, press and hold just the power button to turn it on.

  • To restart your Android device – Hold the power button until the power menu pops up. When the power menu appears, just press the Restart option and wait till your phone shuts down and starts again automatically.

Once both devices restart, try once again. But if the Move to iOS app isn’t still working, hop on to the next step.

2. Check WiFi on your Android device

Move to iOS app creates its own private WiFi network and transfers data through the connection. For that, the Android device should be connected to your iPhone’s hotspot (the WiFi used by your iPhone is converted). But if it’s connected to some other network, the transfer won’t work.

So check which WiFi network is connected to the Android device. Swipe down your notification panel and check the WiFi tab. Disconnect and correct the issue if it is not connected to the iPhone’s hotspot.

Note: If your phone keeps switching to a different WiFi network, it’s time to forget the saved network. Go to Settings → Network And Internet → Internet → Select the WiFi tap Forget.

3. Turn mobile data off

While we have resolved the WiFi issue, what about cellular data? If the iPhone Hotspot is spotty, there is a possibility that the Android is shifting to the cellular network, breaking the connection.

To turn off cellular data on your Android app, tap the data toggle in quick settings or turn it off from Settings App. Go to Settings → Network And Internet → Internet → Toggle cellular data off.

Turn Data off on your phone

4. Check for pending updates

Keeping your device up-to-date is always a smart move. It helps to improve the compatibility of the apps. Some apps might cause trouble if your device software is not up-to-date. To check updates on your Android Device Settings → System → System Update.

Check updates on your Android Device


Q. How long does it take for Move to iOS to work?

We can not determine the amount of time it takes for data transfer. It depends on how much data the user has on his phone to transfer.

Q. Is there an alternative to Move to iOS?

Yes, there are many great alternatives in the market, one of which you can check here.

Q. Does the Move to iOS app need WiFi?

Yes, the Move to iOS app heavily relies on a WiFi network, just that it is diverted via iPhone.

Q. Is it hard to switch from Android to iPhone?

No, it is not hard. But it is a time-consuming process that requires patience.

Q. Can I transfer my WhatsApp to my iPhone?

Yes, and thankfully it is very easy to transfer your WhatsApp data from Android to iOS. We have a great guide to help you out: How to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone.

That will be it.

Hopefully, one of these solutions will fix Move to iOS app. If they didn’t work and you are facing a different problem, do let us know in the comments below, and if it worked, do let me know how was your experience!

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