With the growing popularity of WhatsApp worldwide, the app developers have introduced some updates that users can explore on their iPhones. Though there is more than one update, we would like to deal with each separately so that our readers can better use this cool app.

In this update, WhatsApp users can mark the chats as Read and Unread on their iPhones. Isn’t it cool? Like your mailbox, where you can easily mark some of your mails as Read and Unread, on your WhatsApp too, you can perform the similar function.

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How to Mark Read-Unread WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

This feature will help you classify some messages that you want to read again later. So here is how you can read and unread WhatsApp chats on iPhone.

How to Mark WhatsApp Messages As Read/Unread on iPhone:

Step #1. First, update the latest version of WhatsApp from the AppStore

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Step #2. To mark any unread chat as read or any read chat as unread, just swipe it gently from left to right.

Step #3. A square box will appear on the left asking you to “Mark as Read” or “Mark as Unread.”

Step #4. Tap on that box and the chat will be marked as read or unread.Mark Read-Unread WhatsApp Chats on iPhoneThere is another way to mark any chat as read or unread; all you need to do is to use long swipe gesture from left to right and the chat will be marked as read or unread automatically.

Please note that when you receive any chat, a number of messages will be shown next to that chat. Once you open the chat, the numbers will never reappear on the screen even after you unread the chat. However, as an indication, all unread chats will show a blue dot next to them.

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Watch out how to mark WhatsApp chats as read or unread on iPhone:

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