Google Pixel 4 Leaks: Exclusive 360 Renders

Pixel 4 Render

Google’s Pixel 4 release is slated for this fall, and Android users are all excited to take a peek of their favorite device. iGeeksBlog has joined hands with OnLeaks to bring exclusive renders of the flagship smartphone from the Mountain-view giant.

The leaked images highlight the physical features of the upcoming Google Pixel 4. Even though OnLeaks is a reputed render leaker with high accuracy in predictions, one should treat the images as renders only.

Exclusive leaked renders of Google Pixel 4 New Design and Features

OnLeaks enjoys a superior status and high accuracy rate when it comes to leaks and rumors about smart device renders.

So here is what is in store for Google Pixel 4. First, its dimension and display. As per the leaks, Pixel 4 is roughly 5.6 inch and its dimensions are approximately 147.0 x 68.9 x 8.2 mm (9.3 including rear camera bump.)

PIXEL4-5K2 Onleaks iGeeksBlog

Unlike other rumors, Pixel 4 may flaunt large forehead and chin as its elder sibling Pixel 4 XL. You can see two lenses on the forehead and two small sensors vertically arranged.

PIXEL4-5K1 iGeeksBlog OnLeaks

Since we don’t see any fingerprint sensor on the back, it is most likely that the vertically arranged sensors could be for Face ID.

Pixel 4, like its predecessor, doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack. It is still a mystery that Google wants to place on that ample blank space at the right side of the forehead. Google may have plans to utilize this space for Soli Radar components for touchless gestures.

PIXEL4-5K3 Pixel4 Leaked
PIXEL4-VS-Pixel 4 Render Image
PIXEL4-VS-Pixel 4 Leaked Image

The camera is one of the significant attractions of Pixel devices. Last year, Google integrated the most powerful camera in its Pixel phones. And everybody went gaga over the stunning photographs taken on Pixel 3. It seems that Google wants to repeat history.

This year, Pixel 4 has a slightly bulkier camera bump, which houses two lenses, a ToF sensor, and an LED flash. On the front, we can see two lenses; one for facial recognition and another for portrait selfie.

ToF sensor is a camera itself, which identifies the object and calculates the distance between the camera and the object. While capturing the object, ToF will blur other elements in real-time; this was earlier done by software once the photo was captured.

About the speakers, the leaks suggest the absence of front-firing dual speakers, which are found on Pixel 3. Instead, Google is planning for a noise-canceling speaker on the top. And there could be a speaker next to USB-C port at the bottom.

That’s all folks!

Signing off…

From all its features and specifications, it seems that the upcoming Pixel 4 is a smaller variant of Pixel 4 XL. Since these are leaks, readers should take this with a pinch of skepticism. Until Google releases its upcoming devices, enjoy the renders.

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