Best Leather Cases for iPhone 11 Pro in 2020: Unique Style and Robust Protection

iPhone 11 Pro is the latest sensation in the mobile market. And many Apple enthusiasts would like to buy or upgrade to this premium device. While the phone is known for its elegance, it also calls for protection. Leather covers are the best companions as they not only add style but also protect your latest device from damage. Take a peek at these best iPhone 11 Pro leather cases.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Leather Cases in 2020


#1. Pad & Quill Leather Case With New Elastic Straps

Bella Fino iPhone 11 Pro Leather Case

Pad & Quill leather cases can impress you with their craftsmanship, enduring qualities, and elegance. This iPhone case is taken from its Bella Fino edition, which is known for its handcrafted leather cases. To give its cases an enduring quality, artists at Pad & Quill handcrafted this case from genuine leather. The brand has used luxurious, full-grain, American leather to craft a case for iPhone.

There are two unique features of this case: interchangeable elastic strap and wireless charging support. The elastic strap provides security to your iPhone when it is wrapped in the case. And the wireless charging support allows you to charge your device without removing it from the case.

USP: Interchangeable elastic strap
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#2. Bellroy – Environmentally Certified Leather

Bellroy Leather Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Bellroy is known for manufacturing premium cases for iPhones. This caramel leather case for your iPhone has countless extraordinary features. SIM card slot, magnetic closure, environmentally certified leather and polymer, soft microfiber lining, and chamfered edges. But there is something more to Bellroy cases that make them different from others. The overall design, material, craftsmanship – these things are more prominent in Bellroy cases.

The selection of colors matters the most here. Bellroy has shown its artistry on black, caramel, graphite, and coral cases. The process of manufacturing leather cases at Bellroy is also unique. The brand uses premium hides tanned under gold-rated Leather Working Group environmental protocols.

USP: Chamfered edges
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#3. Kulor Slim Leather Case

Kulor iPhone 11 Pro Leather Case

Peacock blue and ocean blue – Kulor has combined two beautiful colors in a single case to make it the most eye-catching in this list. This slim case is made of two pieces of tanned top-grain leather. The case exudes luxurious feel as the leather is hand wrapped in the four corners. This gives maximum durability to the case.

This ultralight case has a polycarbonate frame and nano leather protection coating. Protection and accessibility are seamlessly blended to make it the most useful case. You can charge your device wirelessly even without removing the case.

USP: Slimmest profile
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#4. TENDLIN Premium Leather Case

TENDLIN iPhone 11 Pro Case Premium Leather

TENDLIN has crafted a one-piece case from PU leather and TPU; the two materials are combined to create a premium leather case for your iPhone. This slim-fit case has a shock-absorbent TPU inside to protect your iPhone against scratches and shocks. You will love to hold your iPhone as this case offers a good grip and comfort. The outside leather finish is a visual treat to your eyes.

For touchscreen protection, TENDLIN has raised lips of the case. This will elevate the touchscreen off the surface and avoid scratches. Moreover, camera cutout is also left deep to safeguard camera lenses of your iPhone 11 Pro.

USP: One-piece case
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#5. KIHUWEY High-Quality PU Leather Case

KIHUWEY Premium Leather Case for iPhone 11 Pro

KIHUWEY sources premium leather to craft a brilliant kickstand and wallet case for your iPhone 11 Pro. The case is multipurpose as you can watch your favorite visual contents, read books, and carry plastic money as well. The high-quality PU leather is comfortable and feels softer.

The case is not all beauty and no functionality. On the back, KIHUWEY offers a kickstand case and wallet. Both these functionalities are seamlessly blended into a single flap. You can adjust the flap to any angle to watch visual content on your device. Moreover, there is a card slot on the flap; you can store your credit/debit cards. The same card slot is also available on the back of the case. The hidden magnetic closure securely protects your plastic money.

USP: Hidden magnetic closure
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#6. ESR Premium Real Leather Case

ESR Leather Case for iPhone 11 Pro

ESR is an upmarket brand that manufactures high-quality iPhone accessories. This iPhone case is made of a premium real leather. The scratch-resistant protective case gives you a soft touch feeling. Since the case is made of genuine leather, you can see a unique pattern, which forms natural variations in the leather.

When the leather ages, it develops a natural patina over time. The case is lightweight and ultra-thin; hence, it will not add any bulk to your device. Inside the case, you will find a soft microfiber lining, which makes your phone pristine.

USP: Unique pattern
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#7. SUTENI PU Leather Wallet Case

SUTENI iPhone 11 Pro Leather Case

A slim leather case quickly grabs the attention of all. Suteni has crafted this case from PU leather, which keeps your phone’s profile non-bulky. This multi-functional wallet case can accommodate three credit/debit cards. Since the card slots are on the back of this case, you can use your iPhone 11 Pro without any interruption from the plastic cards.

Your phone’s screen will never touch the surface as the case can cover the edges of both sides and protects all corners. TPU material inside the case will protect your iPhone. Overall, the case looks beautiful, stylish, and durable.

USP: Full-frame protection
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#8. KAVAJ Leather Case with Card Slots

KAVAJ Leather Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Manufacturing a leather case with card slots on the back is arguably the most daunting task. Kavaj has done this job effortlessly. With a bigger camera bump, a cardholder case has to be designed precisely, so that cards may not hamper the camera lenses. Kavaj has taken special care of all details to craft a high-quality ultra-thin iPhone leather case.

The ‘book-style’ leather case protects the front and back of your iPhone. Design and protection go hand-in-hand in this leather case; Kavaj has put a magnetic closure in the lid to keep the hinged cover closed. On the back, you will find two card slots to store banknotes, cards, business cards, or driving license.

USP: Design and protection
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#9. TENDLIN Real Leather Case in Bookstyle

TENDLIN iPhone 11 Pro Leather Case

TENDLIN brings a creative design in this leather case, which looks like a bumper case. However, it is a wallet case that boasts a slim profile. Unlike traditional wallet cases with folio, TENDLIN has stitched two slots on the back of this case allowing you to store your credit cards. Once you insert your credit/debit cards, the card slots protect them securely. And you can take them out quickly when needed.

Raised lip and camera bump protect your phone’s touchscreen and triple-lens camera from scratches or drops. Enjoy superior grip and comfort as the leather imparts a sleek profile to this case.

USP: Easy grip
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#10. OCASE Leather Wallet Case

OCASE iPhone 11 Pro Leather Case

OCASE is a typical wallet case made from durable leather. It is a folio case, which protects your iPhone with a flip. Moreover, your financial life is secure and easy with three card slots and a dedicated pocket to store banknotes. This shockproof case can accommodate three credit/debit cards and some currency notes.

This multi-functional leather case comes with a magnetic closure, which offers a secure and reliable lock. The entire case is firmly locked, and inside the case, your iPhone is fully protected. Although it is a leather case, it supports wireless charging.

USP: Magnetic closure
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Summing up…

Leather has the ability to add style and strength to your devices. For your iPhone 11 Pro, there cannot be an any better option than a leather case. Style and strength are the two most significant factors users consider before buying any case. Our collection of leather cases fulfills your requirements of the best leather cases for iPhone 11 Pro.

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