Best Bumper Cases for iPhone 11 Pro in 2020

The iPhone 11 Pro is made of lightweight aluminum that makes it vulnerable to serious damage from drops. So it’s crucial to get a good protective cover for it. While there are many cases available, a bumper case is especially useful when you want to give maximum protection to the edges of your phone. Many options also support wireless charging, which adds to the functionality. So let’s check out the best iPhone 11 Pro bumper cases.

#1. Temdan Bumper Case Support Wireless Charging

Temdan iPhone 11 Pro Bumper Case

If getting a bumper case for iPhone 11 Pro if you’re only asking, you’ll be surprised to see what Temdan has to offer. It comes with a built-in screen protector along with the raised edges that protect your screen. And it doesn’t affect the screen responsiveness or clarity. It even protects your screen from scratches and smudges. 

Coming to the back cover, the essential part of the case, is made hard and durable PC along with shock-absorbent TPU material. It gives all-round protection for your iPhone 11 Pro. Overall, it’s lightweight and thin and hence it doesn’t add any bulky factor to your iPhone. And the best part is it protects your phone from accidental drops and bumps! 

Temdan’s case supports wireless charging and has easy access to all the buttons and ports of the device. This case is already in our iPhone 11 Pro cases list and that’s the reason it’s #1 in today’s lineup! 

USP: All Round Protection.
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#2. RhinoShield Slim Bumper Case

RhinoShield Slim Bumper Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Get unparalleled shock protection with this bumper case for iPhone 11 Pro. It’s 20% thinner than other cases that offer a similar level of protection. At the same time, the Inner honeycomb structure helps absorb 10% more impact.

Rest assured with safety that surpasses military-grade standards, providing impact protection of 11 feet (3.4m)! It’s durable and available in 10 attractive color options.

USP: Thinner than other bumper cases
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#3. Weycolor Clear Back Bumper Case

Weycolor iPhone 11 Pro Bumper Case

I don’t know why but Weycolor is the brand which I love the most be it any case! The reason may be the color combination and protection offered. This case is slim, lightweight, and has a hardback panel but makes you feel soft when you get your hands on it.

The back cover is made of clear polycarbonate material and it’s fused with TPU bumpers all around the edges and corners. It protects your iPhone 11 Pro from sudden drops and prevents scratches as well. The unique design lets you access the buttons and the ports easily.

And the best thing I love about this case is, it keeps your iPhone to original and doesn’t lose its beauty. It’s available in clear black and clear red color variants! And oh boy, I just love that clear red color!

USP: Slim and Clear
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#4. Ranvoo Metal Frame Bumper Case

Ranvoo Slim Bumper Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Protecting edges and corners is the most essential part of a bumper case and that’s where Ranvoo comes out to rescue your iPhone 11 Pro. It’s just a metal bumper case protecting the corners and edges of your iPhone without any back cover! Yes, you heard that right, it doesn’t have a back cover. 

This case is suitable for those who are capable of taking care of their iPhone in terms of scratches, fingerprints, dust, etc as it doesn’t have a back cover. The shock-absorbing inner frame protects from sudden shocks and the aluminum metal-reinforced bumper protects your iPhone from accidental drops.

The raised silicone lip near to camera protects the lenses with precision and makes it anti-slip. With Ranvoo, you can showcase your iPhone in style besides giving it maximum protection with a bumper case.

USP: No Compromise with Original Look of 11 Pro
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#5. Tozo Bumper Slim Fit Case

Tozo iPhone 11 Pro Transparent Bumper Case

The perfect slim fit and the raised edge (square-shaped) near the camera, protect your iPhone 11 Pro at its best! Tozo case’s grip and feel are simply amazing! The back panel is made of clear PC and the corners, edges are protected by TPU material.

Tozo comes in Matte Black giving it a perfect look for your iPhone 11 Pro and it’s slim! It is compatible with most of the screen protectors as it has a precise cutout near the screen and it supports wireless charging as well.

USP: Matte Black Color
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#6. Myjojo Bumper Case with 360° Stylish Dual Layer

Myjojo iPhone 11 Pro Bumper Case

Myjojo is specially made for your iPhone 11 Pro which fits your device perfectly without compromising the slim and sleek design! The case can be divided into 2 parts technically. One is the inner layer which is made of soft TPU which ensures a tight body and the outer layer is made of hard PC which protects your iPhone from accidental drops and sudden bumps.

This dual-layer protection is hardly seen in any bumper case as most of them go for slim and sleek design only leaving the protection behind. But with Myjojo, you get both the things in a single case, protection & sleek design! It supports wireless charging as well.

USP: Strong Protection with Sleek Design.
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#7. JETech HD Clear Bumper Case

JETech Bumper Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Cushion your iPhone 11 Pro with this bumper case made of durable TPU and polycarbonate. It also has tiny inner dots that help avoid the formation of watermarks against the phone back and sides.

Further, the slim design is ultra-transparent which preserves the look of your phone. The scratch-resistant back and raised bezels keep your device pristine. It’s a sturdy and dependable choice.

USP: Dotted inner design to prevent moisture marks
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#8. Surphy TPU Bumper Hybrid Case

Surphy iPhone 11 Pro Bumper Case

TPE material is what that got my attention when I started reviewing Surphy. I have hardly seen any case that uses this material for framing the outer part of the back cover. The non-toxic TPU material on the back glass makes it soft and easy to grip. And the 1mm raised lip around the edges gives maximum protection that you expect from a bumper case for iPhone 11 Pro.

The case is shockproof, anti-scratch, slim, and easy to grip overall. Its resistance to yellowing makes it crystal clear for a long time and this is what makes it stand apart from the rest in today’s list! This case is available in black, pink, red, and yellow colors. The red color isn’t that impressive but the pink and black are for sure.

USP: Resistant to Yellowing.
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#9. ORDTBY Bumper Case with Built-in Screen Protector

ORDTBY Bumper Case for iPhone 11 Pro

The shock-absorbing design of this iPhone 11 Pro bumper case provides full-body and heavy-duty protection against drops, bumps, and shock. The curved edge of the corner reduces the impact and offer stronger protection from sudden dropping.

All in all, it provides ultimate drop protection with military-level anti-fall security. It can withstand drops from up to 2 meters high. Enjoy peace of mind with this case.

USP: Military-grade protection
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#10. ESR Bumper Case with Metal Frame

ESR Bumper Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Extensive testing and research backs the design of this bumper case for iPhone 11 Pro to ensure that it never interferes with signal strength. The shockproof outer layer helps keep your phone safe from external damage, while the inner TPU lining cushions the sides.

Further, the four raised corners effectively protect your camera lens and screen from scratches caused by rubbing against flat surfaces. It’s available in 3 unique colors, namely dark green, gold, and silver.

USP: Signal Strength remains unaffected
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So there were some of the best bumper cases for iPhone 11 Pro. 

Summing Up…

On any given day I would go with the RhinoShield bumper case as it provides military-grade protection. Which one of these bumper cases would you choose for your iPhone 11 Pro? Do let us know in the comments section now!

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