Best iPhone 11 Pro Bumper Cases of 2020: Secure Your iPhone from Bumps & Drops

iPhone has come a long way ever since the first iPhone release back in 2007! Be it a camera or battery life, it has improvised a lot in every segment. And the same can be seen in iPhone 11 Pro as well. This iPhone is made of aluminum making it lightweight and the accidental drops can do serious damage your valuable iPhone. To safeguard your iPhone 11 Pro, you’ll need a bumper case.

Today, we’ve got some of the best iPhone 11 Pro bumper cases that keep your valuable iPhone safe from sudden bumps and accidental drops. Let’s see some of the top rated bumper cases of all time.

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10 Best Bumper Cases for iPhone 11 Pro in 2020

To choose the best, ensure that the bumper case is made of soft TPU material and has raised edges near camera and corners. Moreover, if you’re looking for a wireless charging feature in the case, there are few in this list! Here we go! 

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#1. Temdan

Temdan iPhone 11 Pro Bumper Case

If getting a bumper case for iPhone 11 Pro if your only ask, you’ll be surprised to see what Temdan has to offer. It comes with a built-in screen protector along with the raised edges that protect your screen. And it doesn’t affect the screen responsiveness or clarity. It even protects your screen from scratches and smudges. 

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Coming to the back cover, the essential part of the case, is made hard and durable PC along with shock-absorbent TPU material. It gives all round protection for your iPhone 11 Pro. Overall, it’s lightweight and thin and hence it doesn’t add any bulky factor to your iPhone. And the best part is it protects your phone from accidental drops and bumps! 

Temdan’s case supports wireless charging and has easy access to all the buttons and ports of the device. This case is already in our iPhone 11 Pro cases list and that’s the reason it’s #1 in today’s lineup! 

USP: All Round Protection.
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#2. Floveme

Floveme Bumper Case for iPhone 11 Pro

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Looking for a clear case yet want protection that is offered like a bumper case? Well, Floveme has got you covered! This looks more like a clear case but doesn’t go with the looks as it has much more to offer in terms of protection. The back cover is made of hard PC and soft silicone which is considered the best combination of materials for this case.

The lightweight, crystal clear look, thin, hybrid material, classy look and bumper protection, all these features only make it the best case to choose for your iPhone 11 Pro. Besides having precise cutouts (raised edges) on the camera and near the screen, it gives easy access to all ports and buttons. Moreover, Floveme’s case also supports wireless charging as well. 

USP: Crystal Clear Case with Bumper Protection.
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#3. Weycolor

Weycolor iPhone 11 Pro Bumper Case

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I don’t know why but Weycolor is the brand which I love the most be it any case! The reason may be the color combination and protection offered. This case is slim, lightweight and has a hard back panel but makes you feel soft when you get your hands on it.

The back cover is made of clear polycarbonate material and it’s fused with TPU bumpers all around the edges and corners. It protects your iPhone 11 Pro from sudden drops and prevents scratches as well. The unique design lets you access the buttons and the ports easily.

And the best thing I love about this case is, it keeps your iPhone to original and doesn’t lose its beauty. It’s available in clear black and clear red color variants! And oh boy, I just love that clear red color!

USP: Slim and Clear.
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#4. Ranvoo

Ranvoo Slim Bumper Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Protecting edges and the corners is the most essential part of a bumper case and that’s where Ranvoo comes out to rescue your iPhone 11 Pro. It’s just a metal bumper case protecting the corners and edges of your iPhone without any back cover! Yes, you heard that right, it doesn’t have a back cover. 

This case is suitable for those who are capable of taking care of their iPhone in terms of scratches, fingerprints, dust, etc as it doesn’t have a back cover. The shock-absorbing inner frame protects from sudden shocks and the aluminum metal-reinforced bumper protects your iPhone from accidental drops.

The raised silicone lip near to camera protects the lenses with precision and makes it anti-slip. With Ranvoo, you can showcase your iPhone in style besides giving it maximum protection with a bumper case.

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USP: No Compromise with Original Look of iPhone 11 Pro.
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#5. Tozo

Tozo iPhone 11 Pro Transparent Bumper Case

The perfect slim fit and the raised edge (square-shaped) near the camera, protect your iPhone 11 Pro at its best! Tozo case’s grip and feel are simply amazing! The back panel is made of clear PC and the corners, edges are protected by TPU material.

Tozo comes in Matte Black giving it a perfect look for your iPhone 11 Pro and it’s slim! It is compatible with most of the screen protectors as it has a precise cutout near the screen and it supports wireless charging as well.

USP: Matte Black Color.
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#6. Myjojo

Myjojo iPhone 11 Pro Bumper Case

Myjojo is specially made for your iPhone 11 Pro which fits your device perfectly without compromising the slim and sleek design! The case can be divided into 2 parts technically. One is the inner layer which is made of soft TPU which ensures a tight body and the outer layer is made of hard PC which protects your iPhone from accidental drops and sudden bumps.

This dual-layer protection is hardly seen in any bumper case as most of them go for slim and sleek design only leaving the protection behind. But with Myjojo, you get both the things in a single case, protection & sleek design! It supports wireless charging as well.

USP: Strong Protection with Sleek Design.
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#7. Red2Fire

Red2Fire Bumper Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Red2Fire is one the most loved bumper case, at least for me! The reason being is, it comes with a screen protector and with an anti-scratch clear panel and a bumper case which is military-grade compliance. Red2Fire case can protect your iPhone 11 Pro even if it drops from 5 feet height. Now that’s amazing!

The back panel comes with a built-in reinforcement frame along with soft TPU frame and anti-skid technology. It doesn’t let the scratches, dust, dirt, smudges, etc settle on the screen or back panel. This case supports wireless charging and provides 360-degree military-grade protection. 

USP: Military Grade Protection.
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#8. Surphy

Surphy iPhone 11 Pro Bumper Case

TPE material is what that got my attention when I started reviewing Surphy. I have hardly seen any case that uses this material for framing the outer part of the back cover. The non-toxic TPU material on the back glass makes it soft and easy to grip. And the 1mm raised lip around the edges gives maximum protection that you expect from a bumper case for iPhone 11 Pro.

The case is shockproof, anti-scratch, slim and easy to grip overall. Its resistance to yellowing makes it crystal clear for a long time and this is what makes it stand apart from the rest in today’s list! This case is available in black, pink, red and yellow colors. The red color isn’t that impressive but the pink and black are for sure.

USP: Resistant to Yellowing.
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#9. Justcool

Justcool Bumper Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Just like the brand name, the case is really cool. It doesn’t make your iPhone 11 Pro feel bulky in terms of weight and looks. This is the first case in which I have seen Acrylic material is used on the back cover. And that’s the uniqueness of this case as this material is considered to be the best when it comes to protection.

The outer frame is made from TPU material as usual. It protects the camera with raised edges and keeps the back flat. The raised edges on the corners too can be noted from the images which give your iPhone 360 degree protection all time. It’s lightweight, slim, sleek in design and it supports wireless charging too.

USP: Made of Strong and Elastic Acrylic.
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#10. Singdo

Singdo iPhone 11 Pro Bumper Case

It might not give the best of looks for your iPhone 11 Pro but don’t take the protection for granted too. Of course, it may lose the charm of an iPhone but it provides all round protection with an enclosed chamber kind of case which comes with a built-in screen protector as well.

The built-in protector comes with an anti-slip slide giving a perfect grip and the back case comes with a transparent cover along with back panel protector as well. It’s slim, transparent and made of high quality PC material. The look might not be at its best but the protection against the bumps, shocks, and drops is what you must look for.

USP: Transparent Bumper Case with Screen Protector.
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So there were some of the best bumper cases for iPhone 11 Pro. 

Summing Up…

On any given day I would go with Red2Fire bumper case as it provides military-grade protection. Which one of these bumper cases would you choose for your iPhone 11 Pro? Do let us know in the comments section now!

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