Best Military-Grade Cases for iPhone 11 Pro in 2020

iPhone 11 Pro is now one of the flagship devices Apple launched during its special event. Front/back glass and stainless steel frame make this smartphone all the more adorable. And many would have made up their minds to buy this iPhone. Before you get this premium device, think of its protection. A military-grade case is the best option to safeguard the beauty of this iPhone. For your convenience, I’ve listed some of the best iPhone 11 Pro military-grade cases.

Apart from the heavy duty military grade cases, you should also be worried about its screen. Make sure, the screen guards are compatible with your iPhone 11 Pro as some can hinder the case from covering the bezels of your device. Note that military grade cases are as robust as bumper and wallet cases. Now check the list and buy a perfect case for your iPhone.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Military-Grade Cases in 2020

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PITAKA iPhone 11 Pro Military grade case

PITAKA has crafted a slim case for your 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro. Aramid fibres are normally used in aerospace and military applications. PITAKA has used this fibre to produce a strong and durable case for your iPhone. The brand has used 100% aramid fibre with metal plates; you can charge your iPhone magnetically on PITAKA’s in-vehicle holder. This case is as thin as a wafer, but it is strong like iron.

Three-layer coating of the case is manually polished to add brilliance and sophistication. The case is lightweight and still, it can protect your iPhone against dirt, scratches, and dust. Hold the phone and experience the softness and smoothness of a baby skin.

USP: Stylish and simple
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#2. ArmadilloTek

ArmadilloTek Military Grade Case for iPhone 11 Pro

What if you accidentally drop your iPhone from the height of 21 feet? You may get your phone back in pieces. Before this imagination turns into a nightmare, you should grab this military-grade case made by ArmadilloTek. For your iPhone 11 Pro, this is arguably the best protection as ArmadilloTek has manufactured a solid body of this case to guard your device from all sides and corners. It is a rugged design but looks elegant when you install your phone.

ArmadilloTek has drop-tested this case for 20 times from the height of 21 feet. You may rest assured about the security of your premium device. Multi-layer protection of this case gives you peace of mind, and the built-in screen guard prevents scratches from damaging your iPhone screen.

USP: Rugged yet sleek
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#3. Futanwei

Futanwei iPhone 11 Pro Armor Military Grade Case

Futanwei has manufactured a dual-layer case. The upper layer is a rigid texture with soft coating. This provides you a strong grip and smooth touch-feeling when you hold your iPhone in hands. And the lower layer is TPU material, which absorbs shocks. Both layers come together to make the case durable as it endures scratches, dust, and other damages.

Triangle grid provides a non-slip texture to the case, which can be handled effectively. This feature also prevents hand sweat residue, which might cause from continuous handling of the device.

USP: Triangle grid
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#4. ZIZO

ZIZO Military Grade Case for iPhone 11 Pro

ZIZO has crafted a lightweight and heavy-duty case for your iPhone. The dual-layer protection comes with a kickstand to help you watch and read your favorite contents on 5.8-inch iPhone. Since you are the owner of a premium smartphone, you deserve more than just a case. A military-grade drop protection case guards your phone from bumps, drops, and shocks.

There is a mark of perfection in this case as each aspect of the product is carefully designed, checked, and tested. When you get this case, you can experience that perfection, which was achieved in factory.

USP: Adventure-friendly
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#5. Simicoo

Simicoo iPhone 11 Pro Heavy Duty Military Grade Case

Simicoo has used three different layers to manufacture a single case: TPU bumper, aluminum frame, and PC back. When the three combined, you get a perfect military-grade case. This heavy-duty case has a multi-layer shock-resistant design to protect your phone. The case can endure drops from the height of two meters.

At the two sides, you can see anti-slip stripes, which give you a solid grip. This feature helps you when you are walking through crowded areas in your city. Since the case is drop-tested, you can rely on its strength when you are out for adventures. Last but not the least, the case is compatible with wireless charging.

USP: Stylish design
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#6. Futanwei Slim Fit Lightweight

Futanwei Military Grade Case for iPhone 11 Pro

This is a slim-fit lightweight case from Futanwei. The brand can impress you with different designs and materials for your iPhone cases. After manufacturing a rugged case (see above), Futanwei has come up with a slim case. However, the case is made of a transparent hard armor with four reinforced corners. Once you install this case on your iPhone, stay relax as this shock-proof case will protect your phone from multiple damages.

Futanwei has blended hard PC and TPU soft rubber to create a perfect defensive case for your iPhone. Drop damage is a thing of past as PC silicone rubber combination offers double protection to your iPhone. The case is available in five vibrant colors: blue, clear, green, red, and grey.

USP: Double protection
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MIUOLV iPhone 11 Pro Heavy Duty Military Grade Case

Arguably the most refined and elegant case in this list. MIUOLV has nicely crafted this military-grade case, which is compatible with wireless charging. The rugged case is precisely cut out, so that you can quickly access buttons, controls, and ports on your iPhone. The brand has used premium materials like soft silicone and hard PC; both form the bumper and outer-shell of this case.

Raised front edge and elevated lens lips protect your iPhone’s touchscreen and camera lenses. Retain the original beauty of your iPhone for a long time by using this high-quality protective case.

USP: Premium materials
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#8. Sahara Case

Sahara iPhone 11 Pro Military Grade Case

An ergonomic design improves your working conditions and helps you work more efficiently. Sahara Case knows this, and therefore, the brand has come up with the idea of an ergonomically designed case. The shockproof, crystal clear case is military-grade drop tested from the height of 3 meters (approximately 9.8 feet).

Sahara Case is Mil-Grade SGS certified, which is known for its durability and can endure drops. Raised bezels guard your screen and camera from scratches. You can place your iPhone face down on any flat surface.

USP: Air-cushion technology
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#9. Futanwei [Rugged Shield Series]

Futanwei Rugged Military Grade Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Futanwei has manufactured a lot of cases for the latest Apple smartphones. This military-grade case is taken from the Rugged Shield series of the brand. Futanwei uses high-quality silicone soft shell to keep your iPhone safer when you are involved in an adventure sport. While you are out of home, the anti-skid design of this case gives a better grip on your iPhone; it reduces the chance of slipping, scratches, and fingerprints.

To protect the touchscreen and camera lenses of your iPhone, engineers at Futanwei have raised edges of the case; you can place your iPhone on any flat surface without having to worry about touchscreen and camera.

USP: Anti-skid design
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#10. X-Doria

X-Doria iPhone 11 Pro Military Grade Case

Taken from Defense Lux Series of X-Doria, this military-grade case is drop tested from the height of three meters. X-Doria has used anodized aluminum, TPU, and polycarbonate materials. The engineers at X-Doria have elevated lips of the case to protect touchscreen and camera lenses.

This luxurious case is compatible with wireless charging. The soft rubber bubble pattern takes and deflects shocks, thus provides full protection to your iPhone. Additionally, X-Doria has used hard polycarbonate shell for extra protection.

USP: Functional design
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Wrapping up…

Your first case for the newest iPhone should be a military-grade case as it can protect your device from all possible damages. Take better care of your iPhone with high-quality cases and forge a long-term partnership with this iPhone 11 Pro.

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