Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Bumper Cases in 2020: Protect and flaunt your iPhone with style

The preorders for iPhone 11 series have started, and we can’t wait to get our hands on one of these beastly new iPhones. With powerful features and a new look, this year’s iPhone line up is as promising as always. All of us would want to flaunt our new iPhones but wouldn’t want to let any physical damage come to it. So, in order to fulfill both these requirements, you can buy a bumper case. Today’s line up for iPhone 11 Pro Max bumper cases are stylish and practical, that will keep your latest iPhone from harm’s way. 

Fundamentally, a bumper case was made to protect the edges of your smartphones, but with the evolution of the glass back iPhones, it became indispensable to protect the back of your iPhones as well. Thus, most cases come with a clear back so that you can flaunt your device while the case protects it from all the possible angles and avoids any hardware damage to your iPhone 11 Pro Max. 

Best Bumper Cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max in 2020

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#1. Spigen

Spigen iPhone 11 Pro Max Bumper Case

Spigen is one of my most favorite brands when it comes to purchasing iPhone cases and it would have been a shame had I not included this case in the list of best iPhone 11 Pro Max bumper cases. With great design and high-quality build, this case is a worthy pick for your iPhone.

The case is made from hybrid technology that is a perfect blend of TPU bumper and durable PC back. You can flaunt the original phone design with crystal clear transparency of this case. And not to forget that it has raised bezels to secure your screen and camera from scratched when placed on a flat surface.

USP: Hybrid Defense
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#2. Moko

Moko Bumper Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

The Moko Bumper Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max is made from soft and flexible TPU bumper edges along with hard PC back cover offers extra protection and comfortable grip to the beastly iPhone. The reinforced corners and raised bezel edges keep the screen and camera safe from scratching when placed face down or lets any damage come to your iPhone even when dropped or bumped.

The precise cutouts provide you with easy access to all ports, speakers, camera, along with volume buttons. The ultra-slim and lightweight design, support wireless charging. The microdot patterns design is resistant to water stains and smudges, and what I really love about this case is that the case is anti-yellow transparent to make sure that you can flaunt your iPhone without any hindrance.

USP: Anti-Yellow Transparent Case.
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#3. Timovo

Timovo Bumper Shockproof Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Specially designed for the magnificent iPhone 11 Pro Max, this bumper case protects your iPhone along with effortlessly flaunting it. This very beautiful case is designed so that it provides great protection to your iPhone without compromising on the style and design.

The cover sports hard and durable PC material along with great grip that will resist dropping or falling. Soft TPU effectively absorbs shock in case of fall or a bump. The cover also allows easy access to all the speakers, cameras, buttons, and all other controls.

USP: Life Time Replacement Warranty.
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#4. Ouba

Ouba Bumper Case Compatible with iPhome 11 Pro Max

With great fit and transparency, this bumper case of iPhone11 Pro Max sits seamlessly on the latest new iPhone. The slim design of this case protects your iPhone prominently all the while making it difficult to judge whether there is a case on the iPhone, giving it an edge. 

The unique design of this form fitted bumper case provides a lightweight and slim solution to protect your iPhone making the case feel like a part of it. Ouba case is easy to grip and slides easily in and out of your pocket, and is also easy to snap on and off with precise cutouts for easy access to all ports and controls.
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#5. Thinkart

Thinkart iPhome 11 Pro Max Bumper Case

Perfectly designed for iPhone11 Pro Max, the Thinkart bumper case is made of high-quality environmentally friendly materials that are odorless and harmless to your health. The case allows a comfortable and safe grip for your hand or surface, providing more grip and less slip to your iPhone.

The beautiful pattern is printed on the hard crystal transparent acrylic back panel with a soft TPU frame gives the case a very fresh feel and artistic touch. It also protects your phone as the case is shockproof so that it will minimize and avoid the damage to your iPhone from fall or bump.

USP: Intricate Lace Design.
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#6. 8 Hiller

8 Hiller Bumper Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

The 8 Hiller bumper case is made from soft silicone material is an anti-drop back case and provides great anti-scratch and shock resistance with 360-degree full-body protection for your iPhone 11 Pro Max. The case allows easy access to all buttons, controls, and ports.

It is easy to put the drop-resistant case with simple and ultra-thin shell also support wireless charging while this iPhone 11 Pro Max anti-scratch case is on. The case also offers 3 color variants Black, Blue and Red to suit your preferences. 

USP: Anti-slip matte textured surface.
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#7. Toysea

Toysea Clear Bumper Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Dustproof, shockproof and scratch-resistant are some of the most desirable features of this bumper case. The built-in screen protector is suitable to the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max screen perfectly and provides anti-scratch and clear sight for your iPhone without sacrificing its touch sensitivity. The clear back cover reveals the original beauty of your phone.

The case is tested in the direst military drop to test the durability of this case. It also has dual-layer provides 360° full full-body protection. And with premium hybrid hard Polycarbonate (PC) and Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) materials provides solid texture which ensures clear sound and perfect grip to your iPhone 11 Pro Max.

USP: Military Drop Tested.
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#8. Fingic

Fingic Bumper Shockproof Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

A powerful phone requires an equally sturdy case and the Fingic Bumper Case perfectly fits this requirement. Perfectly suitable and compatible with the newly launched iPhone 11 Pro Max this case is the best fit for your new beast. The case has 4 rubber corners that provide good cushion support against fall, it also provides perfect full-body protection to your phone.

The advanced dual layer designed case combined of polycarbonate outer shell and soft flexible inner silicone that will protect your iPhone11 Pro Max from fingerprints, scratches or dust. It also has a very slim and light-weight design that it doesn’t add any added bulk to your iPhone.

USP: Slim and Light-Weight.
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#9. Oleaders

Oleaders Bumper Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Oleaders iPhone 11 Pro Max bumper case will protect your phone all the while flaunting your new acquisition. The backplane adopts 1.5mm thickness, which makes your iPhone11 Pro Max more durable and scratch-resistant. It also has a silicone bumper frame provides effective anti-fall and easy disassembly.

The hole position on the case is accurately positioned with the full-coverage design of keys, and sensitive touch response. The accurate cutting ensures the normal use of various functions of mobile phones.

USP: Silicone Bumper Frame.
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#10. Ranyi

Ranyi iPhone 11 Pro Max Bumper Case

One of the most sturdy and strong bumper cases on this list, the Ranyi case is perfectly compatible with the newly launched iPhone 11 Pro Max. This rugged armor case comes with ring holder and is made of resilient TPU rubber material and is easy to carry.

The case also has a hidden magnet plate inside the ring that fits the magnetic car mount stand perfectly to help you navigate you through your trips without any danger. The metal ring holder design offers kickstand feature for the hands-free movie, videos and pictures streaming.  

USP: Ring Holder.
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11. Weycolor

Weycolor iPhone 11 Pro Max Bumper Case

With a plethora of covers and cases available for iPhone 11 series, bumper cases are my all-time favorites, and the one by Weycolor is one of the most promising cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max, that I have come across. Anti-scratch shockproof cover with hardback panel protects your iPhone all the while not blocking this wonderful iPhone’s beautiful back panel.

The hardback panel that protects the back of the 11Pro Max is made from ultra-clear polycarbonate to offers a clear view of the back panel of the phone. The border of this case is made from semi-flexible TPU, which allows easy access to all buttons, controls, and ports without having to remove your phone.

USP: Ultra-Clear Polycarbonate Back.
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Signing Off… 

If you have already pre-ordered your iPhone 11 Pro Max, then it seems fitting to get your new iPhone a bumper case to protect your phone from falls and other damages but also flaunting it very well. Mention in the comments below, which amongst these cases is your favorite and which are inclined to buy.

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