Best Slim Cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max in 2019: Protect and Stylize Your Premium Device

Slim cases for your iPhone 11 Pro Max add style and strength to your premium device. For this reason, thin cases are more in demand when Apple announces new smartphones. If you are planning to buy the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max, check this collection of high-quality slim cases.

Since 2018, Apple has manufactured 6.5-inch iPhone, which is a beast in your pocket. When you slip this smartphone in your pocket, it bulges out like anything. Given the large size of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, any other case would add some bulk to the phone. Therefore, a slim case for this phone is the best choice. Online space is brimming with countless options for thin cases. A better way is to explore this list of best iPhone 11 Pro Max slim cases.

Thin cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max keep the profile of your phone sleek and refined. The cases listed here precisely fit over the elegant stainless steel frame of your phone. None of the cases will touch the screen protectors you have installed on the screen. Unlike wallet cases, slim cases may not offer you a feature to store your credit/debit cards or cash. This can be one of the downsides of a slim profile of such cases.

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10 Best Thinnest Cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max in 2019

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#1. Spigen

Spigen iPhone 11 Pro Max Thin Case

Spigen is one of the most reputed brands of iPhone accessories. It has already manufactured bumper cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max, and now it has come up with high-quality slim cases. This thin case supports magnetic car mounts; however, QNMP metal plate may disrupt wireless charging. Hence, you may need to remove the case before you charge your iPhone wirelessly.

To keep your iPhone lightweight and pocket-friendly, Spigen has used scratch-resistant polycarbonate. You won’t even feel you have a 226-gram piece in your hands. All the buttons, controls, and ports on your phone are opened even after installing this case; this makes it easy for you to operate your device.

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USP: Magnetic car mount support
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PITAKA iPhone 11 Pro Max Slim Case

PITAKA has made a slim case that is five times stronger than steel. You can blindly trust this case for its strength. Although the case is robust in profile, PITAKA has maintained minimal design in this case. It is perhaps the most durable minimalist case in our list. This case is made of 100% aramid fiber, which is usually used in aerospace and military materials.

This case is equipped with metal plates; if you are using PITAKA’s in-vehicle holder, you can place your iPhone to charge it magnetically. The ultra-thin and lightweight case is actually as strong as iron. The surface of this case has a softness of a baby; hence, you would love to keep your iPhone in hands always.

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USP: Strongest minimalist case
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#3. i-Blason

i-Blason Slim Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

i-Blason is known for manufacturing high-quality cases for iPhone. This slim case is taken from Cosmo Series of the brand. Earlier, i-Blason cases were available in simple designs; now, this marble pattern of this case makes the case unique and different. i-Blason has left its beaten track and begun to introduce designer cases for iPhones.

This case comes with a touch-sensitive screen protector, which guards the OLED screen of your iPhone. Thus, you are not supposed to pay any extra bucks for a screen guard. TPU of this case is flexible and can resist impacts effectively. Keep your phone miles away from scratches, scrapes, bumps, and sudden falls.

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USP: Marble pattern
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MKOAWA iPhone 11 Pro Max Slim Fit Case

It is stylish and strong. MKOAWA has achieved this dual feat in a single case for iPhone 11 Max Pro. This case is available in five different colors, and it is arguably the most fashionable in this list. If you love to accentuate your unique style, you can buy this product and install it on your iPhone 11 Pro Max. Apart from style, the case also has muscles.

This slim and lightweight case is made of matte non-glossy material. This drop-tested case has a shockproof cover, which is made of translucent matte PC back panel. Sensitive buttons on the phone are prominent even after this slime case is installed. Non-bulky design of this case keeps the profile of your phone slim and attractive.

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USP: Sensitive & Responsive buttons
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CASEKOO Slim Bumper Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

CASEKOO brings a fully transparent case for your iPhone. This clear, protective, and ultra hybrid case has hardback and flexible TPU bumper. The material keeps the case lightweight, and therefore, you can use your phone for a long time without any fatigue. One of the merits of this case is you can showcase the real beauty of your latest device. An extra coating increases transmittance and reflection.

To protect your phone screen and camera, CASEKOO has raised bezels on the front and lips on the corners. When you check this case with a microscope, you will find 360 air cushion at four corners, which can absorb 95% of the drop impact. Your iPhone is completely protected inside this slim case.

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USP: Fully transparent
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#6. ESR

ESR Slim Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Sometimes elegance lies in moderate size. Your iPhone 11 Pro Max is 6.5-inch in size. Here, the elegance of the phone is eclipsed by its large size. To avoid this situation, ESR presents a sleek case, which has a marble pattern. The case has soft and flexible TPU, which allows you to install and remove the case quickly.

The marble case gives you a smooth touch feel without making it a slippery surface. Enjoy an ergonomic grip on the scratch-resistant surface. For screen and camera protection, ESR has elevated edges; this will prevent your phone’s touchscreen and camera from damaging when you place your iPhone face down.

USP: Ergonomic grip
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#7. Hovik

Hovik iPhone 11 Pro Max Ultra Thin Case

Hovik’s ultra-thin case tightly hugs your iPhone and provides excellent protection without adding any bulk. If you have deep pockets (pun not intended), you can slip your phone in pockets or purse. This case has an anti-fingerprint soft surface along with extraordinary grip and soft touch.

To protect your premium device, Hovik has used advanced hard plastic in this case, which can endure drops. Its 0.5mm raised edges around the camera lens protect the lenses of your iPhone. This case is compatible with other iPhone accessories like screen protectors, wireless headphones, earbuds, and wireless chargers.

USP: Advanced hard plastic
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#8. TOZO

TOZO Slim Fit Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

TOZO has used liquid silicone gel rubber material to make this case shockproof. The slim case has four-side full protection cover for your iPhone. Enjoy comfortable grip, resistance to shocks and scratches. Since the case is designed precisely, you can install and remove it quickly. The lightweight and ultra-slim case looks good without bulky feel.

To provide full protection to your iPhone, TOZO has covered all the corners and raised the edges. Your iPhone touchscreen is protected even if you place it face down. A perfect fit case does not leave any bubble and allows you full access to charging ports, sound buttons, power button, and other controls on your iPhone.

USP: Liquid silicone gel
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#9. Speck

Speck iPhone 11 Pro Max Slim Case

When a company makes tall claims of its products and services, people would hardly believe. But when a third person appreciates the company’s efforts, users would give their ears. Speck has roped in a laboratory to drop-test its iPhone 11 Pro Max slim case. Speck’s Presidio case is drop-tested from a height of 13 feet. This test has proved its extreme durability to protect your iPhone’s touchscreen.

This case has a soft-touch and matte finish, which adds to its elegance. The scratch-resistant body is made with antimicrobial protection. Enjoy wireless charging and listen to your favorite music while the phone is being charged.

USP: 13-foot drop-tested
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TORRAS Slim Fit iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

TORRAS has designed an incredibly thin case for your iPhone. This ultra-thin case is only 0.03 inch; your iPhone won’t look bulky after the installation of this case. Hard plastic and matte finish of this case make it protective and elegant at the same time. Once you wrap this case on your iPhone, you can access all the phone’s features, ports, buttons, and controls smoothly.

The case is made of DE imported matte finish, which provides exclusive silky feel. When you touch the phone, you can feel a unique soft touch of the matte exterior. This case is available in three beautiful colors: red, navy blue, and space black.

USP: Silky feel
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Signing off…

Thin or slim cases are the most adorable accessories for your iPhone. There is everything a consumer is looking for: style, strength, and reliability. You can explore this list and choose any one or more for your iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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